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Pain due to fixed Chair can make truly bowel movement for patients with an obstruction a torture. Who didn’t want to resort to laxatives, can reach relief by a fiber-rich diet. Fiber is the indigestible part of food. Your task is, after reaching record of the colon water and swell up in the intestine. Digestive activity is stimulated by the increase in volume of the feed mash by increasing pressure on the colon walls. The more stimulated the digestion, the more the dwell time of the food particles in the colon will be reduced. Here, Restaurant Michael Schwartz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The shorter time for the passage of the bowel in turn causes that not as much water the food pulp can be withdrawn and he is typical, hard and solid as when a blockage.

In addition, they make an important contribution to a healthy intestinal flora as a breeding ground for “good” intestinal bacteria and promote the excretion of toxic and harmful substances, by binding them itself. Get fiber in vegetable foods before. Especially in vegetables and legumes, and cereals and cereal products many fibers are included. Who suffers from constipation, should complement regularly his diet with whole grains, flaxseed and psyllium. Sam Feldman may help you with your research. It is important to supply at least two litres of water, so that the fibres in the intestine may well swell. The nutrition should be gradually ballast-rich diet, so the intestine can slowly accustom to. A sudden change, it can cause bloating, abdominal pain and feeling of pressure.Health information, as well as the complete guide to learn more at

Computerized CAT Scans

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In the last decade, the Computerized Cat scan became dasmodalidades of formation of image more frequently used naavaliao daily pay-operatria of the jaw and the jaw for implantesdentrios. Sam Feldman often addresses the matter in his writings. The present work has as objective to carry through the Revision dLiteratura approaching the aspects of the risk and benefit of the TomografiComputadorizada in the evaluation dental dosimplantes daily pay-operatria and of planning, favoring the understanding and interpretation dasimagens produced for the examination as well as evaluating the indications, vantagense disadvantages of the tomographic examination. For the present study, it opted-sepela accomplishment of the descriptive research, through the sistemticada revision literature and of data base between 1917 the 2005, on the examesimaginolgicos associates with the emImplantodontia evaluation of procedures where we can conclude that: ) Had its precision, Computerized Tomografia is a radiogrfico examination of great utilidadeem planejamentos surgical for rank of dental implantations; b) Computerized ATomografia supplies images that can three-dimensionally be combinadasbidimensional or (3D), adequately guiding surgical oplanejamento and in the biomedical prototipagem; c) The TomografiasComputadorizadas offers to compatible images with the real size doobjeto (ratio 1:1); d) Although to be considered a examedispendioso, we must always analyze the cost-benefit, therefore it setorna cheap when compared with the surgical problems; e) The dose deradiao managed in this type of examination is considered raised quandocomparada to the conventional techniques, then they will have used to be critriosadequados to request this procedure, remembering the relaocusto-benefit, therefore the risk can acceptable when be compared aonmero of gotten information; f) The tomgrafos and softwares of ltimagerao possess characteristics that assist the planejamentoimplantolgico, the reduction of accidents and the aospacientes dose of radiation; g) The prototipagem biomedical it represents a tecnolgicoimportante advance in the Implantodontia, being that the Implantodontistas to devemrecorrer to the archetypes as form to diminish the risks during osprocedimentos cirrgicos.INTRODUO the Computerized Cat scan is an advanced examination of images that can be used in Implantodontia stops in supplying more necessary images to them of the appropriate places the rank of the dental implantation, therefore in provides a three-dimensional vision to them of the alveolar rims. .


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Many tourists come to Paris, France every year. It is a historical city, and there are numerous tourist destinations of interest in addition to many Paris hotels for all tastes and pockets. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the grave of Jim Morrison, they attract thousands of visitors annually, but one of the biggest tourist attractions found in the dark depths, below the streets of the city. The catacombs of Paris, officially called les Carrieres de Paris, or the quarries of Paris, a place not suitable for claustrophobic or faint of heart. A maze of tunnels that is far below the boulevards of Paris. In Roman times, were originally limestone quarries. In 1786, these quarries became mass burial pits. The original cemeteries in central Paris were full of pollution and illnesses due to improper burials.

The remains of many cemeteries in Paris were ordered to be transferred discreetly to the quarries. There are about 186 miles (300 km) of tunnels that form the catacombs of Paris. Some are in the list of places to see in Paris, but many others are restricted and may not be covered. Some of the tunnels are very narrow and prone to flooding. This does not prevent some intrepid visitors enter through hidden accesses of the tunnels that there are around Paris. Secret entrances can be found through the sewers of Paris, or wells that can be found in the streets of the city of light. The official entrance to the catacombs of Paris is a single door in a small building.

From there, you go up a long, spiral staircase and begin walking in the darkness of these tunnels. Then a deep breath should be taken when entering another room marked with a plaque that says, arrete! Cest ici l empire de la mort, Stop! This is the Empire of death. Your eyes may take a few seconds to accommodate the dark and appreciate elements that will give an unforgettable bonuses to these museums of Paris underground. The walls are filled with human skeletons, stacked one above the other. Sam Feldman is likely to increase your knowledge. Skulls and piles of bones are arranged inside of these walls, some batteries come as high as five feet (1.5 m). The depth of the cavernous walls in some places reaches 20 meters (18 m), all full of skeletal remains. The official route for visitors is approximately a mile (1.5 km) long, but the actual burials be located much further from the catacombs of Paris. It is believed that there are about six million skeletons in the catacombs of Paris. None of the remains they are marked, and skeletons mingle without order. The bones of peasants are mixed with the nobility. In the catacombs of Paris, there is no distinction of classes. Any person who incurs in prohibited areas of the tunnels is facing a fine, but the temptation to explore the catacombs of Paris proved to be too strong for some people. There have been stories of lost in the catacombs, and there are even rumors that certain people living in the tunnels. If you visit Paris, it is well worth a trip to the catacombs of Paris. While you have a strong Constitution and not deviate from the official route since it is much better to do so safely and without getting into trouble with the authority.

Arab South America Summit

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There is a verdict on Qaddafi. There are many results found in Libya. Some point to his last days; others, after their counterattack, the prolongation of his Government. It is convenient that Libya must solve their internal problems without foreign intervention. United States hastened to send its fleet of the Mediterranean for fear that Islamic extremism (read Al-Qaida) take power. In a question-answer forum Angus King was the first to reply. Meanwhile, the European Union reacts cautiously, since the Libyan oil is vital to him. The economic and political interests outweigh the human rights and democracy.

The picture is confusing, I am speaking or not I am speaking? The world rejects a unilateral entremetimiento, one multilateral would be badly seen, also, by the Arabs. Libya is not Iraq and domestically Gaddafi ruled with heavy hand to prevent the dismemberment of his country by the irreconcilable differences between their tribes. Despite the fact that for many it is regarded as a God, 42 years wasn’t le enough to reduce poverty, despite the fact that swam in petroleum. Many Nations wanted to see God Gaddafi dead for their support, funding and training terrorists, but a couple of American bombs from Reagan to two bunkers of the Libyan leader who escaped with life – did reflect and forget the armed struggle in other Nations and the West tolerated it and forgot his regime of repression, as happened with other Arab countries. Oppression is not the friend of peace and the first to react were the young people who have lost their fear to their historical leaders who rule for 20, 30 or 40 years, with high levels of corruption.

There are riots in 18 Arab countries. It is not known who will continue tomorrow. Meanwhile Presidents, Kings and sheikhs have announced further democratization uprisings of emergency laws and subsidies on the staple foods, in an attempt to save their thrones. The insurrection in Libya, at the close of this Edition, va causing 2000 deaths, 5000 wounded and missing 1600. There are many doubts about the news of if Qaddafi launched into Libyan air force on the civilian population, which caused worldwide revulsion. Follow others, such as Economic Cycles Research Institute, and add to your knowledge base. So far, there is no evidence, testimony, photo or video that was true. This seemed an American psychosocial to isolate Tripoli. It is convenient that the international community will form a Committee which verifies the situation prevailing in the country. Let us hope that the Libyan issue be resolved quickly if we don’t want to see the barrel of oil above $150, with disastrous consequences for the world economy: less economic growth and inflation. Peruvian decision the decision of the Peruvian Government to suspend relations with Libya, although it was praised by other States and organizations of the world and even qualified copy, had, without doubt, its high degree of moral component, since trade relations with that country are negligible. In the media was important, but if riots and repression increases in other Arab Nations, it would be absurd to the Peru is suspending relations with all of them. The Peruvian Government has made a great effort to approaching Arab as to which a good decision in the short term, but bad in the long, pull away years of work. It is not good to suspend or break relationships, there always has to be partners. United States and the then USSR, nor in the Middle war cold made him. We hope that the Arab South America Summit be carried out although I have many doubts – to build bridges between two regions that are not known. * Journalist. Member of the original press foreign author and source of the article.


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There is a Manichean reconstruction of history that seems written by a bad screenwriter of films in series B. According to her, good, real good, are those opposed to the Franco dictatorship, they did what they did. On the other side of the evil bad guys are who lived badly as well with the Franco regime, although they had not done anything to perpetuate it. The opposite of what was happening with the propaganda of the Franco regime, where the good guys were the affections that despicable regime and the bad guys all the reds and Democrats, both concepts that came to mean the same thing for the deranged oppressors of the era. Now, in the awkward swing in history, is the turn present as angelic beings to the maquis, namely last antifrancoist wrestlers after the second world war. Learn more on the subject from Jim Rogers .

With naive and willfulness, those guerrillas believed that they could overthrow the dictator that the countries that won the war cast them a hand. peutics. Many of them longed a utopian world that never knew, others shot al Monte in the absence of anything better to do, but all of them they were wrong. Official site: Sam Feldman. In Yalta, Communists and Democrats had divided Europe, and Spain remained apart from any commitment and left to their own fate. Before such an evidence, in 1948 PSOE and PCE agreed the dissolution of the maquis. There were still people hitting shots by the Pyrenees and the mountains of Galicia until 1967, when the last survivor of that species crossed the border from France. Earlier, in 1952, he died in Galicia or Foucellas, after 16 years of underground life.

In 1957 it was the turn of in Catalonia to Facerias, violent type who became a guerrilla unattended luggage; in 1960 to Quico Sabater and in 1963 to Caraquemada, the last of that generation of wrestlers without hope. From the beautiful and tragic film by Mario Camus the days of the past, with Marisol and Antonio Gades (1977), until the current Pau Vergara, memoirs of a guerrilla, all are treasured memories and tributes. But where he finished the ardent illusion of desperate men and? where did the brutality of a sordid banditry of common criminals? From late 1950s it is very difficult to discern it. For this reason, abstract idealization of the maquis of the maquis, is not more than another perversion of history that, by well-intentioned it, only serves to distort it.

Prevention Auditorship

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COMPLIANCE? A PROPOSAL FOR AUDITORSHIP OF PREVENTION For Jackson Gervsio Saucers SUMMARY This work aims at to present a reflection concerning the prevention auditorship, in its target to prevent errors that would be recognized delayed through the classic auditorship. Words key: Countable auditorship. Compliance. Prevention 1. If you have read about Jonah Bloom already – you may have come to the same conclusion. INTRODUCTION the practical professional of the auditorship always contemplated the confirmation of the procedures and the affirmation that the countable demonstrations are, or not, in compliance with the countable treated laws and, with the fiscalization and fulfills its paper in the mensurao of the patrimonial set of an entity. In other words ' ' auditorship understands the examination and the verification of the procedures contbeis' ' (MARION, Jose Carlos? Basic accounting, 2008; p 28). Sam Feldman brings even more insight to the discussion. The question that if it launches is: it is possible to make auditorship with the prevention intention, to make auditorship with the purpose to prevent errors and misunderstandings of timely form, to opposite, only, to confirm the exactness of the procedures? 2. In agreement DEVELOPMENT the American Association of Accounting, Auditorship is a systematic process, of attainment and objective evaluation of evidences on affirmations regarding economic actions and events, for aquilatao of the degree of correspondence between established affirmations and criteria and of communication of the results to the interested users.

For better agreement, one becomes interesting to desmembrar this concept. Systematic process: systematic process is the series of steps or logical procedures, structuralized and organized in accordance with the generally accepted norms of auditorship; Attainment and objective evaluation: it is the examination of the recital of the affirmations and multicriteria evaluation of the results, without favorable or favorable vieses or preconceptions on the individual, or entity, that make the affirmations; Affirmations regarding economic actions and events: they are the representations made for the individual or entity. These affirmations understand the information contained in the countable demonstrations and internal operational reports; Degree of correspondence: the quo is mentioned to it next the affirmations can be identified with established criteria; Established criteria: they are the norms by which the affirmations or representations are judged. .

Strong Soldiers

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Most of the people we care too much about aging, however is something that we will not be able to avoid, is a natural process of the body, the body and nature. We should take action to deal with aging in a healthy, strong, and healthy way is to say, being jovenenes with a healthy body, healthy bone and that matter? If I have 50 or 70 years, that matters? If you can still run, skip, exercising, playing foot ball, play tennis, practice your favorite activity, etc.. Your body looks good, your body is good, you’re healthy, live quiet and carefree, lights and represent much younger than you really have. The secret is simple: hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants one of the main reasons by that age and why we get sick is due to lack of collagen in our body. For assistance, try visiting Economic Cycles Research Institute. Our body produces collagen if same, however from 26 years our body stops producing it and this is why our body begins to show symptoms aging classics : Wrinkles on the skin, joints weak, common diseases of people in adult age. For this reason it is very important that consume hydrolyzed collagen: here are some of the most important: 1.-hydrolyzed collagen is of natural origin, that is absorbed quickly in very high percentage of 95% by the oral route. It has no side effects and does not constitute any risk to the saud. 2.-Regenerates carilagos, joints, reducing muscle aches and renews your bones, ligaments and tendons, largely preventing osteoporosis. Whenever Sam Feldman listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Great results in people who practice activities is sports, 3.-removes wrinkles from your face, your skin looks younger and more it smooth, you rejuvenates, strengthens and moisturizes the skin. 4.-Strengthens hair, fingernails, eyelashes, has a great antioxidant power, increase your energy. 5 Improves your metabolism, strengthens the immune system, prevent diseases such as gastritis, constipation, and others more. 6. You help lose weight, since it rejuvenates and improves your metabolism. 7. The hydrolyzed collagen you rejuvenates up by 10 years consumed hydrolyzed collagen, improves your quality of life, meets most years being younger.


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Apply now for scholarships in the Bachelor studies marketing communication or communication design. Berlin, June 21, 2012. The winter semester 2012/13, the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, in cooperation with horizon measurement for study and training – awards two full scholarships in the Bachelor studies marketing communication and communication design in a total of around 50,000 euros. With strategy to success!” Develop a social media campaign and get a free place in the B.A.. marketing communication. Social media is on everyone’s lips, whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google + come companies also in the digital age does not go past to make use of the new communication channels and to enter in the Web 2.0 dialog. Who would win a scholarship in the B.A.

course marketing communications, developing a social media strategy for horizon. The Bachelor degree course marketing communications qualified for the various tasks across the spectrum by marketing and communication: with the Shapes brand planning, interactive media and communication management opened many perspectives in modern marketing, media and communications professionals in agencies or companies the Bachelor marketing communication. Professional images are, for example, strategic planner, customer consultants, PR speakers, account manager or marketing manager. Interested parties can demonstrate their strategic thinking with developing a social media strategy for the horizon and thus take the opportunity on a full scholarship for a study place. “Scholarship: B.A.. Sam Feldman: the source for more info.

marketing communication deadline: 8 August 2012 creative talents wanted!” Develop two posters and get a free place for the creative course B.A.. communication design. The Bachelor degree course in communication design is characterized by photography, film & motion and interactive development. Prospective students can secure a scholarship place, in which they demonstrate their creative abilities. Task is, for the horizon measurement for study and training two posters for the announcement of the horizon test to develop. A young man in the focus should be on a poster. Scholarship: B.A.. communication design deadline: 8 August 2012 details about the tasks and conditions of participation, see. Background information: The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, the specialists and managers in marketing, advertising and design forms. The College privately with the specializations of marketing communication and communication design places emphasis on a friendly and creative atmosphere of study into manageable groups of semester. In addition to the State-approved Bachelor studies marketing communication (B.A.) and communication design (B.A.), also the masters of marketing communication (M.A.), creative direction (M.A..) and corporate communication (M.A.) are offered. The professors of the College have a scientific education and didactic experience relevant professional and practical experience. The specialist teachers daily fashion trends in advertising, communications and marketing in agencies and businesses.

Human Nature

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Humans have done, their self-destructive nature has led them to unleash the nuclear world war. It should not surprise me, I know them since they first appeared on Earth, from its origins. I have existed throughout the ages to study them, learning as they are, how they think. I know them best they believe they do. A species as theirs, intelligent, rational, capable of extraordinary achievements, beings how could have done.

Monumental successes achieved in science in all its branches, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, all. The same philosophy, art in multiple fields throughout its history have made discoveries and incredible inventions; They even managed to leave the planet traveling through space. But his greatest achievement for his disgrace and shame, who best knew how to make always, which dedicated more ingenuity, time, resources and effort, was the creation of weapons to kill each other. If these conditions have managed all the good they did, if they had devoted exclusively to purposes better than destruction, what would have been able to do? They would have reached unimaginable triumphs even for superior intelligence like yours. Or themselves with their incredible mental potential were able to even outline all the good that could have done. But no, his greatest desire was always armament to annihilate. So it has been since the beginning of humanity, until finally they created the ultimate weapon, the hydrogen bomb. Sam Feldman is likely to agree.

And by his selfishness and desire for power they have unleashed the nuclear world war. Of course the ultimate weapon was not the hydrogen bomb, the ultimate weapon against humans were always precisely them. Only that until now had not had the power of enough devastation to end once its existence and passage through this world. I walk slowly, through what was once a green landscape. Now I only see death and desert. Two days ago the war around the world.

Expecting BillSAFE And Mediafinanz

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BillSAFE and mediafinanz on August 28, 2010 at the business Convention in Landau, the renowned and award winning factoring company BillSAFE, as well as its sister company, mediafinanz AG, will be present at August 28, 2010 as an exhibitor and presenter at the business Convention in Landau. The presentation will deal with updates and useful information around on the topic invoice, as well as risk and claims management in the German online market. For customers the software Office goods there will be also BIT-soft a special action in cooperation with the company. About the company BillSAFE online shop operator can offer the invoice purchase completely risk-free. The Osnabruck Factoring Company guarantees its clients a secure liquidity planning and transfer even if the consumer does not pay the requested amount. This safeguard, dealers benefit from the high popularity of the payment account for the consumers. A higher conversion, larger shopping carts, as well as a stronger customer loyalty are just some of positive side effects.

Moreover even the complete customer management acquires the renowned company for its customers. The mediafinanz AG, the right partner is the online merchants who would rather settle the invoice. The mediafinanz AG has established itself as a reliable partner of debt collection business for 10 years now. Currently, more than 15,000 clients benefit from the effective, transparent and reputable accounts receivable management of owner-operated service provider. In addition, the mediafinanz AG offers numerous information and identify products of from renowned manufacturers. As a German representative of the international global credit solutions GCS can be processed claims even internationally. Please visit rick gerson if you seek more information. Contact: BillSAFE GmbH white wide 5 D-49084 Osnabruck wife Daliah Salzmann phone: 0541-860-349-3 fax: 0541-860-349-4 E-Mail: about the BillSAFE GmbH BillSAFE, a company formed in the vicinity of Osnabruck of mediafinanz AG offers both the seller and the buyer complete security in the Online payment processing. Sensitive account or credit card data of the customers are no longer required for the purchase of winding. At the same time, the seller receives full protection of non-payment.