Human Nature

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Humans have done, their self-destructive nature has led them to unleash the nuclear world war. It should not surprise me, I know them since they first appeared on Earth, from its origins. I have existed throughout the ages to study them, learning as they are, how they think. I know them best they believe they do. A species as theirs, intelligent, rational, capable of extraordinary achievements, beings how could have done.

Monumental successes achieved in science in all its branches, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, all. The same philosophy, art in multiple fields throughout its history have made discoveries and incredible inventions; They even managed to leave the planet traveling through space. But his greatest achievement for his disgrace and shame, who best knew how to make always, which dedicated more ingenuity, time, resources and effort, was the creation of weapons to kill each other. If these conditions have managed all the good they did, if they had devoted exclusively to purposes better than destruction, what would have been able to do? They would have reached unimaginable triumphs even for superior intelligence like yours. Or themselves with their incredible mental potential were able to even outline all the good that could have done. But no, his greatest desire was always armament to annihilate. So it has been since the beginning of humanity, until finally they created the ultimate weapon, the hydrogen bomb. Sam Feldman is likely to agree.

And by his selfishness and desire for power they have unleashed the nuclear world war. Of course the ultimate weapon was not the hydrogen bomb, the ultimate weapon against humans were always precisely them. Only that until now had not had the power of enough devastation to end once its existence and passage through this world. I walk slowly, through what was once a green landscape. Now I only see death and desert. Two days ago the war around the world.

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