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Administrative Code

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 January, 2017

If the inspector is to prevent DPS in taking a picture, and under any false pretext to ban pictures of themselves and the terrain is immediately to ask him a question (included under recorder of course) on what basis it prohibits photography. Clear answer to this question you are unlikely to get. However, in rare exceptions to some of the inspector cite the fact that the prohibition of conduct videos and photos without permission is enshrined in Part 3. 24.3. Administrative Code.

In such cases (under the included voice recorder) should be read to them the text of the rule, which states: "Take pictures, video, broadcast the opening of the case an administrative offense on radio and television are allowed with the permission of a judge, body or official considering administrative proceedings. " As you can see we are talking about trying the case officials, rather than exciting. On any ban on a photo or video and audio with initiation of proceedings on administrative violations not specified in any of the existing laws and other regulations. To reinforce the evidence base is desirable to make the act of not one, but possibly in the presence of 2 witnesses. Then, in a case in court to state a written application for the admission of it as evidence. Call witnesses at the design of the case, it is your right, which the inspector DPS has no right to prevent.

According to Part 1. Art. 25.6. Administrative Code "as a witness in the case of administrative Offence may be caused by a person who may be aware of the circumstances of the case, subject to the establishment, "and by virtue of Art.