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Posted by on Friday, 18 May, 2012

The company it needs to learn that the real sector of Management of People has a great responsibility in the formation of the professional who the institution desires, has objectives and traces goals, and therefore, if it directs to the development and growth of the institution as of the proper employee, had as collaborating to acquire the results waited and for this, it is essential to acquire knowledge this collaborator of whom its action endorsed in the principles responsible and ethical development of its activities; in a good and authentic capacity of performance based on the principles of the enterprising management; in the capacity of accomplishment of tasks that incorporate innovations and thus development of future actions; in the capacity to not only work in team and in group, that is, in a net; in the urgency to act of flexible form; in the knowledge of the mission and the institucional objectives of the organizations where they act. To dominate only the content of the area of business of the organization now not it is more the sufficient, it is indispensable the capacity to act as consulting intern of the organizations where they work, it is to consider the vertical and horizontal growth of its collaborators, so that these work more and better. Therefore, for a company to develop itself with effectiveness is necessary that the manager must always have innovative, dynamic and critical a spirit, a proper opinion and a great capacity of flexibilizao, in view of that the great and fast social transformations that occur in the world, as the case of the globalization is a reality in fact. Thus, the solutions and procedures of problems and conflicts will more start to be gifts in the reality of the company.