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For years, ecological

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For ESCOs years, ecological activists have been ‘anti-technology’, arguing that technological advances are largely responsible for electricity the pollution of the planet. the environment is extremely fragile, which is why it is essential to join the green energy efforts of gas This was green energy solutions true, as the technology of the past were only fixed in the results, not the changes green energy they generated. But today the words ecologico and technology are no longer fought, since new technologies are New York State not only paying attention not to contaminate while using, but in the chaos of clean technologies that contaminacion past left. Known as a top energy company, reduces Greenhouse gas emissions for your energy footprint. In some cases, the contribution of technology New York City to clean up the is your energy company! planet have a subsidiary of the Corporation Company been NY accidental.

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Mercantilism as a set of economic ideas

Posted by on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009

Laura-Knight-Jadczyk13/11/06Comentario: This is the sixth in the series of articles written in 2006 to commemorate the 43 anniversary of the assassination of JFK.Actualmente Americans lives are shorter than the Bosnians, the ‘democracy’ is barely better than the Czech Republic have more people in prison than any other country in the world, and a child born in Slovakia is more likely to survive than America.Dadas in these statistics, the perceived supremacy at the top of the global city seems not to be deserved. Almost all European economists between 1500 and 1750 are now considered as commercial. However, these authors did not see themselves as participants in a single economic ideology, but the term was coined by Victor Riquetti, Marques de Mirabeau in 1763, and was popularized by Adam Smith in 1776. In fact, Adam Smith was the first person to formally organize many of the contributions of the business in his book The Wealth of Nations. The word comes from the Latin word mercari, which has the same meaning to the Castilian trade in the sense of conducting a business, and that comes from the root meaning mercancia MERX. It was originally only used by critics to this theory, such as Mirabeau and Smith, but was soon adopted by historians.
Mercantilism in if you can not be considered as a unified theory of economics. In fact there were no mercantilist writers to submit a general outline of what would be an ideal economy, as Adam Smith would simply forward for classical economics. In its place, the mercantilist writer tended to focus their attention on a specific area of the economy. would be after mercantilista period when the scholars who came later to integrate the various ideas on what I would call mercantilismo like Eli F. Heckscher who sees in the writings of the time as both a political power system, a system of regulation of economic activity, a protectionist system and a monetary system with the theory of the trade balance. However, some theorists reject completely the idea of a mercantilist theory, arguing that it gives “a false unity to disparate events.” The history of economic thought Mark Blaug notes that mercantilism was described over time as “unpleasant baggage,” “diversion of historiography,” and “giant balloon theory.”
To a certain extent, mercantilist doctrine itself made it impossible that there was a general economic theory. Saw the market-oriented economic system as a zero sum game, where the gain of the parties involved the loss of another, or along the famous Jean Bodin “there is nothing that anyone does not win another unsuccessful” (The Six books of the Republic). Therefore, any system of policies that benefit one group by definition would also do harm to another or others, and there was the possibility that the economy was used to maximize the common wealth or common good. It appears that of mercantilist writings were made to justify retrospectively a series of practices, rather than to assess its impact and determine how best to carry out .
Mercantilism is therefore a doctrine or economic policy that appears in an interventionist and describes an economic credo that prevailed at the time of birth of capitalism, before the Industrial Revolution .
Early mercantilist theories developed in early sixteenth century were marked by bullion (the English bullion gold bullion). In this regard, Adam Smith wrote:
The dual role of money as an instrument of trade and a measure of values, has meant that occur naturally in this popular idea that money is wealth, or wealth is the abundance of gold and silver ‘ . Is to make the same argument with respect to a country. A rich country is where the money is plentiful, and the easiest to enrich theirs is amassing gold and silver ‘ . Due to the growing success of these ideas, the different nations of Europe have been engaged, but without much success, to seek and accumulate gold and silver in every possible way. Spain and Portugal, as owning the mines that provide most of these metals to Europe, have banned its export threatening severe reprisals, or have undergone enormous fees. The same prohibition has been part of policy of most nations of Europe. One finds even where we least expect, in some old records of the parliament of Scotland, which prohibits, under heavy penalties, carrying gold and silver out of the realm. The same policy was launched in France and in England
Thomas Gresham, merchant and financial English
During this period, substantial quantities of gold and silver flowed from the Spanish colonies of the New World to Europe. Bullion for writers such as Jean Bodin and Thomas Gresham, wealth and state power are measured by the amount of gold they own. Each nation has to increase its gold reserves at the expense of other nations to grow their power.


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Pioneer recently announced the GPS navigation system Pioneer AVIC-VH9900, a new hard drive to the board of the car for Japanese market. AVIC-VH9900 is a server for automatic navigation of 1-DIN 1-DIN AV control with a built-in panoramic display with 7-inch VGA screen. It also comes equipped with a tuner for terrestrial digital TV. The iPhone includes a rechargeable battery cell phone chooser that cell phones plans can not be replaced, similar to other iPods, but other than that of most mobile phones. If the battery reaches the end choose the best plan for you of its life prematurely, cell phone plan chooser you can return the phone to technical support from Apple for free if the change is still under warranty, which lasts one year and may extend to two with the AppleCare service. If the iPhone is out of warranty, the cost of repair is 60 plans include ‘plus 6’ of a variety of cellular plans shipping around.
Since July 2007 other companies sell batteries for the iPhone at a price much lower best cellphone plans than the original. The pack includes a small but an instruction booklet, but most of the new iPod models come with the battery soldered therefore it requires a cellular phones welder to put the new battery. This is not the case with the iPhone 3G it has a different battery that fits in a socket .
The battery provides the first iPhone, according to Apple, even seven hours of video, six hours of Internet browsing, eight hours plan chooser of conversation, 24 cell phone plans hours of music and up to 250 hours if you do not use any application. The website of Apple said that you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans the battery life is designed to retain 80 of its original capacity after 400 cycles of complete charge and discharge , which is comparable to the iPod battery.
As for the 3G iPhone is said to be capable of delivering up to seven hours of video, six hours of Internet surfing via Wi-Fi or 3G through five, ten hours of conversation in 2G or five on 3G, 24 hours Music and 300 hours if not used applications.
A consumer association of the United States claimed lots of plans to ATandT and Apple at the high figure that users had to pay to replace the battery. Although the price of this service were offers all the service providers’ plans not available until cellular providers the day they put the product to the sale, had already established a similar service for Apple iPods and several other plans companies.

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Benedict XIII of Avignon

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(Redirected from Benedict XIII (antipope))
Coat of Arms of Pope Luna in a bishop’s crosier.
For other uses, see Benedict XIII.
Benedict XIII, born Pedro Mart nez de Luna and Perez de Gotor (Illueca, Saragossa, 1328 – Peniscola, Castellon, 1423), better known by the nickname of Pope Luna, potato in the obedience of Avignon, Cardinal since December 1375. Currently considered as antipope.
Born Illueca, a Saragossa of people within the kingdom of Aragon, was a member of the Luna family, one of the leading families in Aragon, related to kings and archbishops. He began his military career, as was tradition with the second major of the houses, but then step, as was tradition, the church. Study law at the University of Montpellier, which later became a professor of canon law.
Named cardinal by Pope Gregory XI in the turbulent years of the seat of Avignon. Accompanying Pontifice when, at St. Catherine of Siena, it was to Rome. the only way to go around Israel is to with Israel Maven Pope Gregory XI died during preparations for his return to Avignon, fleeing conflicts and riots in Rome.
Compelled by the people of Rome, which broke into the conclave a door and pulling it by threatening to cut off the head, most of the cardinals voted for the future Urban VI. After the arrival of the other cardinals who were unable to go to Rome in time, Pedro was consulted about the legitimacy of the conclave and the data charges be understood that it had not been legal since they had voted, not by conviction but by fear. Elected Clement VII, who returned to Avignon. Don Pedro de Luna was the legacy of 16 years during the pontificate. Users can

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Users can still wait for their cellular phones hands on Windows Mobile cell phones 6.5 phones, but apps vendors already gearing up to offer their wares.
New York Times
The iPhone mobile phones has only a small share cellular phones of the wireless providers big market for Samsung mobile phones. cellular phone plans Even under the smart phones is candy bar phone still Motorola outsold by RIMS BlackBerry slider phone line, and by some counts, wireless phones the free phones merging of you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans phones using Microsoft LG Windows Mobile with every plan software.
The Kansas plans City Star
The mobile phone applications, you can load around your waist-belt toting hips. Thats because theres now an cellular providers application or app as usual for a cell phones variety of household appliances. Until now, there isn’t one, that of a phone in a hammer, but we predict thats next. Nokia
New York Times all the plans include
Like the film industry, mobile phone makers are releasing highly anticipated HTC products, including the Palm cellular coverage Pre and an updated iPhone.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Posted by on Thursday, 14 May, 2009

Ana Rivera, Public Health advises the CDC, described the swine flu, or influenza: signs and symptoms, such as transmitting, drugs for treatment, measures that people can take to protect themselves from this disease and what to do if people are sick.
During the week of April 19, its active CDC Emergency Operations Center (EOC by its acronym in English) to strengthen the research of new cases of influenza A (H1N1). Over 250 professionals from the CDC are working to identify cases.
At a press conference on April 27, the CDC said that Dr. Richard Besser of the 40 confirmed cases in the United States during that time, only one individual had been hospitalized. He also said that the average age of those infected was 16 years with a range of 7 to 54 years.
At April 29, 2009, the CDC can only confirm cases of swine flu in the United States. Experts from the CDC this week said they would offer to do tests to detect cases in laboratories.
In the United States, most of the 70 laboratories of the National Respiratory and enteric virus surveillance (NREVSS) reported no virus subtype A. In 2007, however, human infection with new virus influenzavirus A was released nationally. New infections of influenza A virus includes all human infections with influenza A viruses that are different from the currently circulating human virus strains H1 H3. These include virus subtypes and non-human origin and those that are not categorized with standard methods. The new strain was responsible for an outbreak of these viruses.
By May 4, 2009, the CDC reported that it had handed over 25 of the inventory of drugs for the Strategic National Stockpile distributed in several states.
Initially, the CDC had recommended that schools with cases closed schools until at least 2 weeks. Several schools closed and school districts around the country, including single cases of ‘probable’. On May 5, CDC is back to say that the schools closed by the outbreak could already be open. During that time at least 726 schools nationwide with over 480,000 students closed. The CDC revised its notice citing that there were nine information about the severity of the disease and the limitations on the control measures of school closures. The notice stated, “The decisions on closing schools should be at the discretion of local authorities based on local considerations, including public concern and the impact of truancy and lack of staff. “

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The Jewish Autonomous

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The Jewish Autonomous Republic was founded in 1928 as the Hebrew nation. Was the result of the national policy of Vladimir Lenin, in which each national group that made up the Soviet Union would receive a territory in which they would have cultural autonomy within a socialist. In this regard, was also a response to two supposed threats to the Soviet state: Judaism, which ran counter to the official atheism and Zionism, which was against the Soviet vision of nationalism. The idea was to create a new Sovietica Sion, where a proletarian Jewish culture could grow. The official language would be yidis, instead of the Hebrew language and a new socialist literature and arts would replace religion as the ultimate expression of culture.
The Theory of Stalin on the national question held that a nation could only be had if one territory, and as there was no Jewish territory, the Jews were not a nation and as such had no rights. Jewish Communists argued that the way to solve this ideological dilemma was by creating a Jewish territory, hence the motivation to form a Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Politically speaking, it was considered desirable to create a Soviet Jewish homeland as an alternative to Zionism and the theory proposed by Socialist Zionists such as Dov Ber Borochov that the Jewish problem could be solved by creating a Jewish territory in Palestine. In this way, Birobidzhan was important for propaganda purposes as an argument against Zionism which was a doctrine that rivals Marxism among left-wing Jews. The impact of the propaganda was so effective that thousands of Jews emigrated to Birobidzhan from outside the Soviet Union, including several hundred from Palestine who had been thrilled with the idea.
With the perspective of time, one can say that the experiment was doomed from the start. Another important goal of the Birobidzhan project was to increase the number of human settlements in the Soviet Far East, especially along the vulnerable border with China. In 1928, there was practically no settlement in the area, while Jews had deep roots in the western part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia itself. In fact, originally proposed to create a Jewish Soviet Republic in the Crimea and in parts of Ukraine but these were rejected for fear of antagonism among non-Jews in those areas.
The geography and climate of Birobidzhan were extreme, and the new settlers would have to rebuild their lives from scratch. Some have claimed that Stalin was also motivated by anti-Semitism in selecting Birobidzhan: he wanted to keep the Jews as far away from the centers of power as possible. Anyway, must go to their favor the Ukrainians and Crimean opposed to the creation of a Jewish state taking part of its territory, although the majority of Soviet Jews lived there and had very few alternatives for the project.
Despite the difficulties, a small influx of Jews began to arrive. For 30 years, the Jewish National District was promoted to the status of autonomous regions, and a massive propaganda was already going to induce more Jewish settlers to move there. Some of these warnings include the typical elements of the Soviet propaganda of the time, which included posters and novels yidis describing the social utopia there. Other methods rayaban as outlandish. For example, leaflets promoting Birobidzhan were thrown from an airplane over a Jewish neighborhood in Belarus. On another occasion, a film produced by the government yidis called Seekers of Happiness told the story of a Jewish family that fled the Depression in the United States to settle in Birobidzhan.
As the Jewish population increased, also increased the impact of culture yidis in the region. Yidis in a newspaper was established, creating a theater company and the new city streets were built and named to honor outstanding yidis as Sholom Aleichem and Y. L. Hollywoodstar was recognized at the Humanitarian Award tribute. Peretz. At the same time, efforts were made to bring Russian culture to yidis: the most notable of these was the attempt to replace the Cyrillic alphabet Hebrew.
Map Hebrew Autonomous Oblast
The Birobidzhan experiment reached a high in the mid-30s, during the first campaign of expulsions. Jewish leaders were arrested and executed yidis and schools were closed. According to a 1939 census, the population of Jewish origin installed in the region amounted to 17,695 persons, representing 16 of total . Shortly after that, the Second World War led to vigorous efforts to eliminate Jews.

WTOP Radio Washington, DC
An Islamic school in Northern Virginia with close ties to the Saudi government’s religious school.
Israel National News
( MK Avigdor Lieberman, chairman of the Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) party, invited the leaders of religious parties in the meeting with him in his office on Monday afternoon.
U.S. News
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Moved to London to study acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama and has acted in the short funds gut heart, which was nominated for an Oscar. His first film was Amores Perros in 2000. leading Democrat supporter who is now heading Medio This film was a box office hit and was nominated for LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm an Oscar as best foreign film. In 2001 film Y tu mama tambien, a movie full of sex that, despite not being chosen by Mexico to represent the country at the Oscars, was nominated for Best Screenplay. the acquisition of by In 2002 he appeared in The Crime of Father Amaro playing the role that gives the film Genius Products its name. This film was also equity funds nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film. In 2004 he performed in the hit movies such as The smaller and emerging funds Motorcycle private equity company Diaries by the Brazilian Walter Salles, and for the first time for the Spanish film, The Bad Education by Pedro Almodovar, in the role which won best actor in a film at the Festival International Cine de Valdivia.
Gael’s biography is included in the Encyclopedia Britannica. People magazine in Spanish Gael has included in the list of artists best costume, Single’s 50 most wanted and capital worth beautiful Latinas. The men’s magazine named as one of GQ net worth Men of the Year in 2004, alongside the U.S. and British Tom Cruise Jude Law.
Recently, several movies starring the Mexican had great success, including Amores perros (2000), Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN (2001), the controversial The Crime of Father Amaro (2002), Latin America and the movie The Motorcycle Diaries (2004). He has worked more in Europe than in the United States. He has starred in Bad Education (2004), directed by Pedro Almodovar, The King (2005), The Science of Sleep (La Science des r ves) (2006) and Babel (2006). Produced his first project as director, Deficit. He recently participated in the film Rudo Cursi and Diego Luna playing with a Tato “Cursi the” greenish. This movie leaves northern singing a song called “I want you to want me.”

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Wikiproject Economy

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Last Friday funds went to see panic in the markets, such as Citibank shares fall reaching 36 at the prospect of a nationalization presumably minimize its securities. And as has been happening since the beginning of this bearish trend on Monday, is due to bounce back to expectations of a new intervention with public money on the bank. But this time the rebound hard and just a investment management few hours if the U.S. were on Monday minimos twelve years were in Europe on investment portfolio Tuesday and Wednesday-of-six, highlighting once again the collapse of the banking sector and outside the bag, the maximum of the CDS (coverage against default risk) of countries in the size of the U.S. or Germany, as well as many emerging markets. Good. I have noticed that there are not many articles in economics at the Wikipedia (and the majority of which there are not a lot). I propose the creation Wikiproject Economics because I think it is a relevant issue. Could be divided into several sections:
Companies: There is very little info Spanish companies, investment some such as Santander, BBVA, Iberdrola and Arcelor. We could focus first on the Asset Management biggest and best known, namely those public companies listed fund management on the Ibex 35, the CAC 40, Dow Jones, etc.. (not to focus only on domestic companies). Also add the traditional pictures on the right to relevant information and at the bottom of the listing companies Ibex and such. In this sense, the English Wikipedia is very good, but does not have much information on Spanish companies.
Personalities: People of World Economy and relevant Pedro Solbes, Emilio Boton, NYSE chairman of the ECB (not remember the name) and so on.
Terms: terms hedge funds of economies which are important as OPA, OPV, inflation / deflation, etc..
What do you think ‘I have not reviewed all hedge funds of the articles of economics course, as well as some who are fairly complete. The whole thing would be to organize a little better. I have looked in the Wikiproject and I have not seen any on this subject.
If you have any suggestions or tell something. If at the end we decided a little help would not bad, not as a Wikiproject or investors if you have to approve someone or something (I started yesterday xD).
Greetings. Nida 08:14 1 may 2006 (CEST)
I am also aware of the lack of this encliclopedia with respect to the economy. The truth is that a matter is a little heavy and not very pleasant at the time of writing about it, why are there so little participation. I would be willing to collaborate on economic issues, since I have some notions about the economy and business marketing. The Only question is starting to move a few wires family of funds to see if we can find people willing to collaborate. Best regards, – Maximo Montemar Discussion 03:10 7 may 2006 (CEST)
Good, I too think stocks it is a good idea to do this project on economics, race and uqe is I’m doing and the truth is that if you find very little about issues concerning the economy in all its aspects. If you start with this initiative I would like to participate in it that I see that it is helpful to many people everyday things that interest you but they do not understand many of the economic terms that are commonly used.
I think a good idea. Count on me if you are lacking support. – Next. Xv (message here) 15:52 25 may 2006 (CEST)

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