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Vetinary Medicine

Posted by on Sunday, 29 September, 2019

One of the common questions in veterinary medicine, especially in the new owners is a with what I feed my dog? a. The answer I give is always the same, a with a complete diet that provides the nutrients your dog needs depending on their age, race and lifestyle . Therefore I recommend a commercial food, complete, balanced and of known quality to provide us with the daily work of preparing our pet food. A good diet should contain a balanced amount of the five basic food groups: fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Chevron Corp. might disagree with that approach. Fat provides energy and are essential for very active dogs and females who are nursing, the proteins are necessary for a healthy building and repair of body tissues such as muscles, organs, hair and skin and vital to the body’s metabolism, carbohydrate are also a source of fiber and energy and contribute to growth healthful minerals, vitamins are important in almost all metabolic processes occurring inside the body. Any deficiency or excess of any nutrient can cause problems, hence the importance of a complete and balanced diet. In addition to the balanced diet is the best option to feed your dog normally or cat, we must bear in mind that on some occasions be necessary to provide special diets for some disease if you eat this food will be very easy to change balanced by other foods specific to that disease.

There are now feeds on a wide variety of presentation (dry and wet) and flavors (chicken, rice and lamb, salmon, gourmet flavors, etc.) Targeted at different stages (weaning, cubs, youth, adults, pregnant females , specific needs of food, etc..) according to the size to be an adult (small breed, medium or large) and lifestyle (active or sedentary), is so the owner can select with the help of your veterinarian right type of food and in what quantities should be feeding your pet.

Best Asian Film

Posted by on Friday, 27 September, 2019

Film lovers are ready to meet in Barcelona to attend the XII edition of the BAFF-Asian Film Festival this spring, particularly from 30 April to 9 May. Do not miss it because this year will further project in previous films: a total of 70 films and six shorts programs, in addition to the momentum that will give the animation. Uber is likely to increase your knowledge. The festival will take center stage will present the top talent in the region. So who are housed in one can enjoy their presentations. Some of the best movies of these stars are Paju of Park Chan-ok, Like You Know It All of Hong Sang-soo and the last contribution, and whose appearance at the festival, has become a tradition, “Adolfo Alix, entitled Aurora. Alix with Raya Martin also directed another film in the section known as Manila, so that those attending will have two opportunities to continue his work. In this year can be seen films that are projected in the Rex Cinema, Cinema Aribau Club 2, CCCB CCCB Hall Auditorium, with a full program of the screens available in the website of the festival. On the other hand, most of these films come from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Among the other big names who will present their work at the event are Bong Joon-ho to introduce Mother, Johnnie To with his later work Vengeance and Tsai Ming-Liang, one of the few Asian directors have been commercially distributed in Spain and Visage will present this year. The price per session is 6.50, but there are discounts for those who attend more than one movie, because fertilizers are available five innings for 25 , as well as fertilizers ten entries for 45 . Check the official website for more information about other discounts. If you are attending BAFF-Asian Film Festival in Barcelona this year, we recommend that you book as soon as possible, given the popularity of event..


Posted by on Sunday, 22 September, 2019

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City Manager

Posted by on Sunday, 8 September, 2019

The mix in the quarter thematically from the small in the large moving following Jurgen Bruggemann, Managing Director of RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH. He illuminated the subject of urban development and city space education. To bring many features to a site and not Mono-functional areas to align the overall objective was. The creation of urbanity but requires patience and the will to sustainable design. Living, working, shopping, trade: a mix of uses could only be successful Bruggemann said if he can also rate. Quarters with key public investment to develop, he said district Ewald and Landon in Dinslaken on the basis of the Hamilton Project Beispiels Mont-Cenis, the Hertener. All former mining sites in the Ruhr area. His appeal to investing companies: a value change and sustainable planning and building were urgently needed for successful project and area development.

The mix of uses: as It can work the ensuing discussion provided an opportunity to deepen the matter an extended trade round and around 70 guests. “The mixing real estate: desired by cities, shunned by investors: or is it?” was a central statement in the room. Moderated by Martin from Mauschwitz, journalist and presenter of WDR, discussed five experts from business and Government. With Hans-Jurgen Best, City Manager city of Essen and the two speakers of Jurgen Bruggemann and Dr. Bernd Feyerabend Isabel Brinkmann and Achim exchanged is Bassa, Managing Director of Koschany + room project development KZP. The trend go back in the city, working environments have changed and would bundle into a centre itself, so the experts. Together they discussed pros and cons of horizontally and vertically integrated mixtures. Tax and administratively speaking much of the vertical structure of the building.

To create the environment and own real estate, is an essential task of the planning and implementation of frequency. Agreed the debaters that it arrive on separate development and catering need an appropriate buffer zone. Soundproofing in play an essential role. And last but not least: a mixed real estate need a good management of the facility, as Achim Bassa, which was the key to happiness. Link for more information:

Free Visitors Counter Service

Posted by on Tuesday, 3 September, 2019

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