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FARC Fronts

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 December, 2013

For 1978, overcomes the barrier of a thousand, adding then 1165 troops and growing during the last 4 years in a 51%, being additionally 12 fronts and creating your first mobile column. In the Government of Turbay Ayala this pool reaches the 1840 (58% of growth) combatants and wide to 15 the number of fronts. During the administration of Belisario Betancur and despite the process of peace that same impulse, the FARC are growing at an amazing rate, i.e. that of 1840 men passed to 5159 (180% increase) and distributed in 33 fronts. In the next four years this insurgent group focuses on the expansion of its presence at the national level, which does increase the number of fronts and having 6778 troops in 46. The national presence of the FARC in the Government of President Cesar Gaviria increases because they have 68 included fronts 9324 men and 7 mobile columns. This growth is accelerated during the quadrennium of Ernesto Samper, because by the end of this period 12545 combatants compose it being distributed in 99 fronts including 5 columns, 23 companies and a mobile block. The frustrated peace process ahead by the Andres Pastrana administration stimulus growth of this grouping because at the end of the year 2002 the FARC had 17000 men and 108 fronts included 29 Mobile columns and a new mobile block (8). The administration of Uribe Velez after eight years and through the implementation of the policy of democratic security forced this organization replegara strategically, which resulted in a high level of casualties and desertions and the inability to renew with the same ease his paintings of command and combat, moving towards the end of the year 2008 to 11000 mendisappearing 5 of their fronts to be dismantled by the armed forces, having been heavily beaten other 33 and losing 7 of their 20 mobile structures.

Russian Federation

Posted by on Tuesday, 24 December, 2013

So, in 2008, the number of graduates exceeds the demand for them in 9770 people in 2015 – to 6865. It is obvious that under the current system of training professionals, such forecast employment of graduates is not favorable. Trouble finding work in Vladivostok have graduates from all universities, without exception, and virtually all specialties, even demanded. According to our surveys and research, the desire of employers to attract professionals with higher education because high school diploma guarantees the existence of a potential employer employee primarily minimal cultural level. Today rely solely on the labor market is not necessary, especially since the legislation of the Russian Federation guarantees for higher education on a competitive based on any chosen field, regardless of its relevance. – At all levels – from ministers to parents of schoolchildren – not subside debate what to expect from the higher education system: high-quality professional training or basic knowledge on a wide range of disciplines. If simple – high school graduate should be broadly educated and cultured man or first professional? And who are easier to find a job? – Wrong, speaking about the problem of graduate employment, basic pay claims only to the education system.

Can we expect a significant change from just upgrading this area? Hardly. The labor market can not be a measure of quality of higher education, particularly in circumstances where the economic effect of economic activity depends not only on staff but on the competition in the market. Higher education institutions should give the young a person of fundamental education, which will serve as a base for him for life.

Online Dating Business

Posted by on Tuesday, 17 December, 2013

Now our country has become very popular to meet with foreigners and marry abroad. I think no one will object if I say that international dating marriage agencies are in first place on popularity among the possible methods to search for her future husband from another country. Although, lately appeared on the Internet a lot of criticism towards such sites. Called into question their effectiveness, service quality, as well as the opportunity to actually get married or find a friend abroad. Sometimes even the results statistics, which, unfortunately, does not speak in favor of international dating sites.

Therefore, I propose to try to understand this issue. Who is right: those who believe such sites are ideal for finding a husband abroad, or those who consider them ineffective? First, we should nevertheless note that international dating sites are very convenient. You, sitting in comfort and the comfort of your own home and carrying a very small cost, you can search for a husband on the other end of the world. In the web you can find hundreds of such online dating sites and they can meet thousands of single men. This, certainly a huge plus in favor of internet dating and agencies. Secondly, I would like to know who counted the pair who created marriage, thanks to such sites, or those who are not lucky. Generally taken from such statistics? and whether it is authentic? Some of the lead figures of 15-20% success rate, ie marriage.

Even this percentage is worthy. But, again, how the data is correct? Thirdly, learning via the Internet not only significantly broadens your perspective and field of activity, but also gives you the opportunity, so to speak, to take the bull by the horns. Ie take their destiny into their own hands and not rely on such a beautiful, romantic and long-awaited, but not always come true random encounter. Unfortunately, we must recognize that not all so lucky and not every woman can meet the man of her dreams in their immediate environment. And some simply do not have the time and effort. Therefore, like dating just the way out. Of course there are some disadvantages or perceived disadvantages. Some ladies are out of luck, and they share their negative experiences. Some simply gave up on Internet dating, and can even angry. But, not always to blame this kind of dating. After all, as in everything else here, as they say, is not easy to catch fish from the pond. Although, luck is also not in last place. Sometimes women think that among such huge number of foreigners living alone, which is available on the Internet, they simply can not find her future husband a charged within a few months, if not days. But alas, it is not. Not everyone knows it, but women can not leave one year on the fact that such searches were unsuccessful. Although, if you compare it to the years past and gone, many waiting for a chance meeting with her future husband, the last two years does not seem like an eternity. In addition, Internet dating requires certain amount of time. Need to place your portfolio on sites that make and maintain correspondence, etc. Give a hint, it is worth first spend a little time trying to find information on how to successfully marry through international dating sites, and only then take up the case. This will help to further save time, effort and protect yourself from disappointment. Here, perhaps, and everything on the topic of international dating sites.

Roman Germanic

Posted by on Wednesday, 11 December, 2013

Comparative law comparative law consists in the application of the comparative method to the right, thus doing comparative law studies the comparative method, which by the way is not only application to the law but also to other areas of knowledge such as accounting, medicine, administration, economy, sociology, among others. Comparative law is divided into two parts which are general part and special part, therefore, the part to which we now refer is not the general part and special part. However, we are obliged to put on record that the law firms can be enriched when we make comparative law. Legal families is a topic studied by comparative law, by which we can assert that they are the following: Roman Germanic family, family legal the common Socialist law, legal family of the law and legal family of philosophical systems. However, it is clear that this is only one of the classifications of the legal families in which that stand out are the legal family Roman Germanic and the common law.

By which then will discuss the law of two States which belong to the legal family Roman Germanic such as Mexico and Argentina. Compared with these States law because in those States the legislation was until recently most advanced in terms of divisions of companies. The right of Mexico and Argentina regulate the Division of societies, which may be the subject of study, however the regulation is not the same. 9 Classes Division currently has two generic classes, which are the following: 9. (1).

SPLIT itself also known with the names of total excision and division of societies. This kind of split is It is characterized, because originally existing society is extinguished. For example, it is an assumption of own division when the Saga company splits into two companies that are A and B and disappears existing primeval society.


Posted by on Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

Mining regions are the most polluted by toxic products in Quebec. Some mining companies not hesitate to prosecute citizens and groups that attack in Canada, which is considered as strategic persecution against public participation SLAPP in English. 171 Companies cited in the report, which analyzes 171 incidents or conflicts of social or environmental nature that occurred between 1999 and 2009, 34% are Canadian mining companies. These are at the center of the larger conflicts. 63% of the incidents highlighted in this study are from mining companies from five countries. Canadian companies only, are responsible for 33% of conflicts, i.e.

four times more than the attributed to the companies of the India and Australia (8%), followed by the American and British mining companies (6%). Globally, Canadian mining companies monopolize 75% of all social venues of this industry in the world. We added in the analysis, all the incidents attributed to Canadian mining companies, 60% are conflicts with members of local communities and 40% play various forms of deterioration of the environment. Finally, 30% of these incidents are the fact of attitudes contrary to ethics, often involving private security agencies. Only 13% of cases, are related to labour dispute. Incidents analyzed in this study come from public denunciations from humanitarian groups (65%) of local organizations (25%), Governments (national (22%), of social protests of the affected area (21%), of means of communication (21%), international government agencies (15%), courts (13%) and sources (University (8%).

The authors of the study rejected all cases where the information can not be corroborated by various sources. 124 Societies analysed who publish their annual reports on the Internet, 78% stick in various ways to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) companies. By virtue of this concept, the companies integrate social and environmental concerns and economic activities with the population, but on a voluntary basis. In short, it is a form of implementation of sustainable development principles particularly useful in countries that have no or few social or environmental standards or where the rotten regimes not applied them very interesting and significant information indicating us over than the authors of the report when it says: that of all evidence, Canadian mining companies and exploration companies must change strategy if they want to improve their relations with the communities, Governments, civil society and the attenuation of the risks caused by their activities.