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The Pan American and its trunk route linking the cities of Prudhoe Bay, in the State of Alaska, USA, in Ushuaia, Argentina.
The Pan American Highway, or Route Pan “is a collective system of roads, approximately 48,000 km long, linking nearly all countries in the Western hemisphere of the Americas with a combined stretch of road. Was conceived in the V International Conference of American States in 1923, celebrated the first Pan American Highway Congress in Buenos Aires in 1925, followed the 1929 and 1939.
The Pan American Highway is almost complete, and extends from Alaska in North America to Patagonia in South America. The remarkable stretch that prevents the road is completely connect a stretch of 87 km of mountainous jungle hard, located between the east end of Panama and northwestern Colombia called plug Darien. Has emerged as an alternative construction of an elevated viaduct that runs parallel to the coast.
There is opposition, particularly from Panama to complete the portion of the road Darien for various reasons, including the desire to protect the rainforest (as this area constitutes a Biosphere Reserve – known in Colombia as the Choco biogeographic -) contain diseases, protect the culture of the indigenous peoples of the area and to prevent the disease from entering North America.
The Pan American Highway passes through different climates and ecosystems, from dense jungles to the frozen mountains. Is patchy, some sections are not passable during the rainy season in many regions and travel by car is a risk. The parties include the famous Alaska Highway and the Interamerican Highway. The Inter-American Highway between the United States and the Panama Canal, and is popular with American tourists who drive to Mexico. In all, the Pan American Highway passes through the following 13 countries:

andgt, The Presidents of Venezuela and Argentina on Thursday at a dozen agreements to cooperate on energy, industry and agriculture, including a joint venture to develop oil fields in eastern Venezuela. AP via Yahoo! News
The presidents of Venezuela and Argentina on Thursday at a dozen agreements to cooperate on energy, industry and agriculture, including a joint venture to develop oil fields in eastern Venezuela.
style “width: 591px andgt South America’s sexiest beaches If you are looking for boiling hot beach culture, barely-there bikinis and distribution landscape, you’ve come to the right place National Post
If you are looking for boiling hot beach culture, barely-there bikinis and distribution landscape, you’ve come to the right place
style “width: 591px andgt UNESCO deplores murder of journalists in Russia The head of the United Nations agency entrusted with the maintenance of the press condemned the killings of journalists and a lawyer in Russia and Venezuela, and underlined that these killings are a violation of human
The head of the United Nations agency entrusted with the maintenance of the press condemned the killings of journalists and a lawyer in Russia and Venezuela, and underlined that these killings are a violation of human rights.
style “width: 591px andgt Leaders in Latin America extend terms Remember the old stereotype of the cigar-chomping, camouflage-clad Latin American dictator, “USA Today
Remember the old stereotype of the cigar-chomping, camouflage-clad Latin American dictator ‘

CNG in Argentina

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the improvements that have been afforded the general household by has changed the face of gas consumption In Argentina the use of this fuel is widely disseminated, to join more than 20 of the total vehicle fleet. Its wide electricity ESCO distribution is largely due to the high availability of natural gas as a natural resource in the country and the high prices of liquid fuels. the energy market has been greatly improved by a top private energy company There is a development of moderately high technology related energy to the implementation of such conversions, as the engine of many of the cars sold in the country are manufactured for use with traditional fuels, the conversion must take place later the purchase of the unit.
CNG is used in Argentina began in the mid-80s gas through the implementation of a national liquid fuel, the government of Ra l Alfons n.

(RTTNews) – Natural gas fell to its lowest level in more than two years on Energy Wednesday amid continuing demand concerns amid the global economic crisis. Traders looked ahead to tomorrow weekly inventory report from the Energy energy costs Information Administration.
New York Times
The natural gas crisis in Europe, the deadlock between Russia and Ukraine to leave millions of households without heating fuel for another day.
Jan 15 (Bloomberg) – The governments of Ukraine and Russia household meet on January 17 in Moscow in an attempt to gas dispute which has disrupted supply of fuel for the European Union for nine days.

Clearing the air: innovative pollution control natural gas technology allows CMPC’s Talagante tissue mill to replace natural gas with cheaper fuel.(ENERGY SWITCHING): An article from: Paper 360

Approach of the bubble

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Billions of dollars have evaporated in the price of the shares. … The banks have already announced losses of 120,000 million dollars due to …
During the 80s Japan had a large trade surplus, which was used by banks asset Management for land purchase and actions. The prices of these assets began to grow dramatically. The real estate market to grow the market, and these in turn led to the growth of real estate assets. The mechanics of the process consisted of upgrading the shares of a particular company from its real estate, Ernst and this revaluation is used to buy more property. During the period of euphoria, the money supply grew at a rate of 9 year.
The data that reflect the rising prices of real estate and stock market are so dramatic that some analysts insist it must be true to the disbelief of the reader:
The scholar who comes to the phenomenon of the Japanese bubble (…) is normal to have two feelings. The first, in disbelief (…) the second, which is difficult to understand how the markets themselves did not put a stop to the excesses of hard to justify a contribution by the core businesses. (…) The main lesson to be obtained from the analysis of such a phenomenon is the ease with which society accepts the ascent phase, because it boosts economic growth and benefit to politicians, businessmen, bankers and most daring part of the population, reservoirs economic and social costs Ernst that undermine the very foundations and social cohesion of society. andlt pandgt LIMA (Reuters) – The Lima Stock Exchange rose on Monday, boosted by mining shares, due to a rise in international prices of me …
… betting more than 1 trillion to the collapse of stock prices … -628000 million dollars euros to a collapse in prices of …
… the relationship between the prices of raw materials and the shares is weak. … that oil prices average 92.50 dollars per barrel …


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… Weekly, Slim up in the kitchen, buying 15 of Gas Natural Mexico, newspaper business and economy … Natural Gas today informed the Commission Nacional del Mercado de …
Tubes for the extraction of sap
In North America, maple syrup and its artificial imitations are the preferred toppings for pancakes, waffles and French toast. The production is concentrated in February or March, depending on weather conditions. To make the syrup are made holes in the trunks of maples and inserted pipes called spiles. these make the sap drips and is contained in buckets or plastic tubing. The sap is immediately transferred through a valve from the recipient to a stainless steel pot, where the kitchen until it is so sweet syrup. The syrup flows deflectors from pan gradually becoming more dense, and it is automatically removed when you have the proper thickness. During the reduction process adds a small portion of fat (usually butter) so that the sap does not make much froth on the boil. The process is slow, because most have to boil water to achieve desired consistency. It requires approximately 40 liters of sap to make 1 liter of maple syrup, and a mature maple produces some of that amount during the last 4-6 weeks that the season of production, although this varies according to the tree and the weather. Generally the trees are not used for the extraction of sap to have a diameter of 25 centimeters at its media ‘in New England this means that the tree must be at least 40 years.
Traditionally used as fuel wood for cooking, but now is used in natural gas or carafes to better control the fire. Excessive heat can damage the syrup, and a pot boiling dry could explode.
Early productions are of higher quality. Cloudy weather is the best to produce syrup, the days with temperatures above zero and nights with temperatures below zero, with snow covering the ground, are ideal. The syrup produced to season (frost-free night) is dark and said that the taste is not very good, which diminishes its value.
The process must be done as soon as possible: Store the syrup for a long time can cause the sap to ferment (see fermentation), and too much cooking can also reduce the quality of the product. Usually, the process ends in just a few hours. However, some maple syrup is cooked more than usual to make maple sugar. This is often marketed in the form of blocks and candy.
Most of the maple syrup-flavored currently sold in the U.S. market are imitation syrups, and usually have a small piece of real syrup (for advertising) or are entirely artificial. In addition, they are cheaper and in most cases are much thicker than real maple syrup. The real maple syrup is considered superior by almost everyone, although some of the people who are accustomed to consume the substance with maple syrup and they usually do not prefer to consume the genuine imitations. The people of Quebec call these cheap imitations of sirop POTEAU ( ‘postea syrup, syrup produced allegedly sucking syrup telephone poles). want to build kitchen ‘and Kitchen, Home, Stove, Refrigerator, Home Gas … The conversion of natural gas to liquid propane gas (LP) is also available …
The consumption of natural gas for cooking in the country increased, rising from 0.7 to 2.5 per … because “they have no money to remodel your kitchen LPG to natural gas” …
Offer Cooking gas for only 1477.73 … gas boiler plate gas hob gas stoves industrial natural gas boilers. …

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Aid in the capture of other Pokemon

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… We have harnessed the wind to create electricity, something much more use … Many hot air: Using the wind to create electricity …
At the time of capturing the various Pokemon, Pokemon the skills that are electricity in our eqipo be used to capture the new properties acquired to facilitate the capture of Pokemon. For example, slow down or stop attacking Pokemon for a few moments, capture the energy to recharge or decrease the number of circles to draw to capture Pokemon.
These are different discs capture:
Bug: You can create a swarm that anger toward the opponent. Siniestro: doubling the length of the line but you will lose one quarter of the energy that you stay. Download: Minun or Pusle unloaded his rival in the energy leaving paralyzed for a few seconds. Electrico: All Pokemon household Minun except electric power and Pusle complete the capture. Fight: Divide by two the number of turns should be done about any rival. Fire creates fire lines, if the rival touch slow and not attack. Flying: You create eddies that paralyze the opponent if touched. Phantom: immobilize prey that within the circles you create. Floor: You create barriers that may not rival the cross. Earth: You create barriers that can not cross the rival ideal against rivals flight. Ice: Freezes andalusia leaving rival paralyzed. Poison: Create adormecedor gas. Moral: stun and energy costs rose to rival the ground. household energy bills are reduced by that has been at the forefront of the energy supply market Rock: throw stones to stop the opposition. Water: You can create bubbles to catch prey. Something that may sound crazy to the worst, it is said that if someone wants to create tornadoes to use as energy sources and generate electricity, Do not, ‘Well,
… emerging that uses the movement of waves ocean to create electricity. … series produced by the gas production of electricity from fossil sources. …
She could also create and throw balls of electricity and then use your … Peter creates electricity energy that is conducted in the sword of Hiro. in New York Energy (Truth andamp Consequences) …

Alternate scenarios

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OPEC Posted by Maria Celia on December 30, 2008 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization whose purpose, since its creation, is to coordinate oil production policies in order to lead the manufacturer to have a price and a profitable return on earnings and ensure adequate supply of consumer countries. The urgency of creating an institution of these characteristics emerged after the big drop in the price of oil produced in 1960 under the agreements that then carried out unilaterally in the major oil distributors. The retailer of goods Raymond Learsy, author of Over a Barrel: Breaking the Middle East Oil Cartel, contends that consumers have been trained to believe that the OPEC oil is a much more limited than it actually is. To support his Quadrant Asset Management argument, said old and an apparent false alarm manufacturing them. We believe that peak oil analysts are conspiring with OPEC and oil companies to create a “fabricated drama of peak oil” to increase oil prices and profits. Businessman It is worth noting that by that time oil prices had already risen to over 30 dollars per barrel (the end of May 2008 prices had risen to a record figure of more than 100 dollars per barrel). A counter-argument was published in the Huffington Post newspaper after Raymond Learsy and Steve Forbes Andrews, co-founder of ASPO, had a debate on the economic information channel CNBC (NBC affiliate) in June 2007.

marathon training

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Boston Globe
At 6 o’clock every New Year’s Day, Gary Allen toes a faded starting line in Hopkinton left in the darkness, the holy Boston Marathon course silently stretching for him and him alone. A beep from his watch, he is off, the first runner in the new year begin on the long road to Boston, where a new brand …
Park Hills Daily Journal
Joplin, MO (AP) The first Route 66 Mother Road Marathon is scheduled for October 3, 2009, from Miami, Okla. to Joplin.
The Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News
HERO CAMP, Afghanistan – An Afghan National Army officer will bring in the New Year with a half marathon at Kandahar Airfield.
Elko Daily Free Press
Elko – In October, after its first day training for the Southern California Half Marathon, Stephanie Herr wondered what she was not.

The Competitive Runner’s Handbook: The Bestselling Guide to Running 5Ks through Marathons by Bob Glover and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover (Paperback – April 1, 1999)

Abduction in old age

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The State Agency of Meteorology (AEMET), announced today a weak precipitation in the Basque Country and the Mediterranean coast and ranges cloud in the far …
From the argument that since the remote past, mankind has tried to express what he saw in accordance with your understanding, linking the different events with known objects, thus keeping the similarity with what is observed, there are believers who postulated that whether these aircraft could have been manned, causing contact with any comments and submitted various teachings. Well indicate that it is possible that they could have called these “ships” … Car of the Gods, fire trucks, vimanas, solar discs, clouds, clouds of fire, Resplandeciente Borax, clouds with angels (in the Koran). Cart Pushpaka, Maruts (the Hindu Ramayana), coat flying, lights cosmic Pearl Bright, solar disk, Flechas igneous, Serpent of the Clouds, recumbent Coat, transparent sphere, and hundreds of other names in various cultures worldwide, as a possible example of the different aircraft to the skies in time, way over time.
Thus, there are believers in the wake of the abduction, which also allege that various characters in the old age I like some characters mentioned in biblical and pre-Biblical assumptions have been abducted “clouds” or chariot of fire through which “ascended to heaven.” The case of the prophet Ezekiel, and Elias (ascended to heaven through a chariot of fire came from heaven), or even the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ himself (both up to the Kingdom of the Lord through a cloud) does launch some ufologists to the idea that the phenomenon is not just today, but that existed over the years, even in the most remote old age .
Against these arguments, critics, skeptics and the scientific community indicate that the hypothesis of abduction it is ad hoc and an explanation that the clouds and fire trucks could be a metaphor for religious story and there is no evidence that these stories are to be interpreted differently. Although not for others would be an ad hoc explanation, but an argument from ignorance: it is not known with 100 security to relate these stories, therefore “have to deal with the aliens.” The argument from ignorance is applicable to many of the claims of extraterrestrial life visited. Well, have you got that I have been lately ‘… All about clouds. Seek. Look in the grain, there is little time. subscribe …
… atmospheric instability today to stop alternating skies clear of clouds and showers in the northern half of the … Weather Clouds, showers and clear …
There will be more clouds in the northwest quadrant, and along the … There will be clouds in the interior of … Weather forecast for tomorrow …

Eight qualifier

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The weight and fitness exercises are designed and may emerge more or less effective alternatives, but for our purpose of initiatives in this
The eighth qualifier was held on January 29, 2007.
The San Roque comparsa method The confidante and chirigota Cadiz Followers of the Papachango that their actions were planned for this meeting, withdrew from the contest.
The quartet Chanel to 6 with four points was penalized for exceeding the interpretation of the code in two minutes workout of the twenty-five set by the regulation COAC. News, interviews, features games, Newsletters, Rosters, Statistics, … worked in special session from 4 pm in the gymnasium of the hotel …
href “ ‘ v ball 4Tv42sidgtUandfeature related”> YouTube – Gym training session Nunez Box
Sesion combined gym and field. Ricardo suffers from fitness tonsillitis … designed to work your abdominal core The workshop has a duration of 90 minutes. the best method for me is that is simply the best for your crunches and abs …

Tamara Rojo

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href = “” lang = “en”> Bosu Tone Pilates Video – FITNESS.TV – Translate
Tamara Rojo (Montreal, 1974); Spanish ballet dancer.
Royal Ballet dancer. In 2005 he received the prestigious Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts. The Pilates method is widely used in fitness exercises. mitch … I am going to use mitch gaylord’s routine Fitness exercises Pilates is based on both Western philosophies as …
… Training, Events and Information Fitness, Aerobics, Pilates, Indoor Cycle. Virtual Store. … Pilates Floor. the gymnast, mitch for exercise methods Cardio Kick Box. Hip Hop and Funk. Fitness …
href = “” lang = “en”> Pilates Fitness Journal: The Premier Mitch Gaylord Pilates Exercise Magazine – Translate

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