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Guide for Entrepreneurs

Posted by on Monday, 19 December, 2016

Free buying guide series for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons as newest project of entrepreneur coach Jorg Mann published a free guide for entrepreneurs. Dealt with issues that are important for any entrepreneur. The counselors are designed so that the operator has an immediate benefit. Two guides explain how companies can be all einstellend successful positioning. Strategy of ECS is based on among other things the Engpasskonzentrierte. The third Advisor focuses on therefore, as SMEs themselves profitably set up their charitable commitment as corporate citizenship for themselves can. More guides are currently in preparation.

All posts, see or, where they can as E-book men, be loaded or read directly online. The successful coach Jorg Mann specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and the self-employed in tackling business or personal challenges and crises. As a consultant, marketing and With their own entrepreneurial experience, he supports communications specialist since 22 years companies of various industries and sizes. The MBA knows the special requirements for entrepreneurs from many years their own entrepreneurial activity well also in regard to the successful management of corporate crises. Stephen ketchum has many thoughts on the issue. The coach assists clients throughout the German-speaking area. More information under:

Low-cost Warehouses And Loading For The Rhine/Main Region

Posted by on Saturday, 17 December, 2016

Logistics planning, customs and hazardous goods warehouse cargo Hahn airport – economic outsourcing for the enterprises of the region In the era of globalisation is a professional flow of materials and goods indispensable, so a block of costs can be saved by optimizing supply chain and storage in many cases by 20% to 30%. Businesses can often achieve this by warehouse outsourcing. Senator from Maine is likely to increase your knowledge. Be as strategically as best as possible, customs warehouse and that according to trained personnel of a shipper used, which ensures a fast and proper customs clearance and delivery optimization – in addition to the economic benefits -. Also in other areas that require special knowledge or the adherence to strict legal rules and safety regulations, cost reduction and Qualitatswachtum are exemplary. For economic sectors, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it is an optimal solution of the transport and storage of dangerous goods a professional service provider to entrust. Mark Berger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The outsourcing of logistics and warehouse may cause a reduction of costs and time, and an increase in the quality of service but only in a flexible, tailored solution and a professional cooperation between operating and service providers. The three companies belonging to the Bucher Gruppe are committed to the task to meet a wide range of logistical needs and demands of their customers. “As a service provider we are used to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and to offer to the market at top conditions.

Our pricing differs significantly from the significantly higher costs for warehousing and logistics for example in the area of Frankfurt or Mainz/Wiesbaden. This cooperation with rectified interests of but different orientations and technical competence are extraordinary helpful “, as Gerhard Josef Bucher of the Executive Board. The Bucher Group customers benefit from the location and price advantages of the logistics hub Hahn. You also convince yourself and inform the Bucher Gruppe in a personal conversation with your warehouse experts. Contact: Michael Seibel (Sales Manager) Bucher Gruppe & Hahn cargo services 55483 Hahn airport telephone: + 49 (0) 6543 50 95 79 fax: + 49 (0) 6543 50 92 67 E-Mail:

Corporate Advisory

Posted by on Thursday, 14 July, 2016

Heiko Veit gives lyscon farms the successful kick before five years founded Heiko Veit lyscon in Unna. Now, he helps with lyscon large companies in whole Germany, to help themselves. And that is particularly in demand in times of crisis. In what companies really everything going around? There is always work processes that may work better and thus usually more cost-effectively. Especially in economically difficult times it is important to optimize work, production and distribution processes for companies”advises Heiko Veit. But what bolt should you turn to to comply with delivery dates, just in time to improve its sales or simply more effectively to work? There are no panacea. Therefore, Heiko Veit uses special methods in psychology as well as from the business community. On this basis, the lyscon consultant can be ultimately the right solution for your individual question will find the responsible leaders of the company.

As an IT specialist, Heiko Veit is the Audit Committee for Specialist of the IHK Dortmund worked. In recent years, he has acquired additional qualifications as transaction analyst, psychological consultant and systemic stand and TEMP consultants. Under most conditions Jonah Bloom would agree. Current clients by lyscon a daughter of world-renowned Atos Origin one of example the Atos Worldline, group. Also Marco Janiel belongs to the team of lyscon. He is in Unna, Germany as a member of the ensemble and theatre pedagogue in the theatre known ship of fools. The theatre scholar uses methods from this area, conflict situations in companies to highlight and resolve communications nodes. Marco Janiel assumes the Director in the Corporate Advisory seminars, means a Happy ending for the chiefs and employees”.

Positioning As A Coach, Trainer Or Consultant: 12 Positioning Tips

Posted by on Monday, 8 December, 2014

Personal service provider there as trainers, consultants and coaches like sand on the sea. So who wants to be successful, must stand out clearly from its competitors. Twelve Tips of the education and consulting marketing specialist and owner of ProfilBerater GmbH, Darmstadt, Bernhard Kuntz, what should pay attention to coaches, trainers and consultants in the up position in the market. Positionierungstipp1: Concerns when formulating your profile and define your business field: there are tens of thousands of trainers, consultants and coaches. You must withdraw from this (gray) mass itself.

Otherwise they are not perceived. Positioning Tip 2: Try rather to be the number 1 in the niche as a relentless array vendor. Positioning Tip 3: Specialize on a sharply-defined target group. Otherwise, all your marketing actions are arbitrary. Communicate because you can not use all company moderately but regularly”. Positioning Tip 4: Define your audience (if possible) not about the industry and the function in the company. 98 percent of your competitors do.

Instead, define your target audience about common structural and cultural characteristics or problems. Say positioning Tip 5: to a target group of Yes”, hot also to other no”. Do not press against this decision. Positioning Tip 6: Don’t specialize in a training, consulting or working method, because: methods are fashions. Positioning tip 7: Avoid industries that have a high image value trainers and consultants (like for example financial institutions, automakers), as far as possible. Because there, the mass of your competitor’s Frolics. Positioning Tip 8: you pay a special attention to Hidden Champions”(in the province or region); In addition to companies that operate in saturated or even recessionary markets. Because there, the pressure for change is greatest. Positioning Tip 9: Infiltration is like a wedge, with a small range of products in your market a. If you rooted in your market (or a company) are you can expand your offerings. “” “” Positioning Tip 10: check-in at all your promotional materials, whether it is phrases like the market global “, the human resource is becoming increasingly important”, we work systemically, we are guided by the needs of the customers included. If Yes, then you have still not sufficiently sharply defined probably your target group. Your claims are appropriately vague and meaningless. Positioning Tip 11: (For your product development) Act against the trend. Often lucrative market niches arise that most vendors in the direction of trend move. “Positioning tip 12: edit your subject area and your target consistently and persistently, until everyone knows, that you the specialist for…” are. As a specialist you will recommend more frequently, and you can justify higher prices.


Posted by on Monday, 10 November, 2014

…Neue investment projects need you according to Wikipedia, is the Duden or a private – equity of the business angel a private investor who participated in an enterprise and in a typically very early stage supports the entrepreneurs with capital, expertise, and contacts. Dechet & Ehimare have currently in their belly”the various companies and business ideas. Whether by a Renaissance castle that waits for wake to be kissed up to an audiovisual communication network which connects places, cities, countries, continents, cultures and people and events with each other in a completely new way in real time. Currently there are five selected projects, just waiting for the sophisticated ideas to implement with the right business angel. Dechet & Ehimare are to help pure brokers that it have made to the project developers or the entrepreneurs the know-how / capital partner search in a simple and transparent manner. Other projects are still in testing, because ultimately the ideas and the people who stand behind it, need to blow away literally one. Visit the website of Dechet & Ehimare and make their own picture.