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Russia Skivanek

Posted by on Tuesday, 1 May, 2018

The company Skrivanek, one of the leading translation and localization based in Prague opened a new Office in Moscow and thus expands its presence in Russia. In recent years, many international companies have successfully entered the Russian market. Russia’s immense economic potential was used both large corporations and medium-sized companies. To meet this development, Skrivanek has now opened another Office in Russia. Learn more at this site: Lakshman Achuthan. For us, it is very important in the Russian market represented to be high quality to our customers projects in the Russian language to offer, quickly and efficiently be implemented”, as AIGA Veckalne, the country Manager for the Baltic States and Russia. The great demand on the Russian market clearly shows that we can offer better quality at a reasonable cost our customers with offices on-site.” The new Office in Central of Moscow will be with highly professional Translators, worked to the high quality demands on Russian translations to meet editors and graphic artists and to be able to guarantee an efficient project management.

The Russian language is becoming increasingly important. Today, Russian is the most language in the Eurasian space and more than 10 countries official language. In today’s globalized world, Russian is no longer become indispensable for large but also medium-sized companies out of business. The Russian market immensely lucrative opportunities for international companies. Make tangible successes from this perspective it is extremely important to know the linguistic and cultural features of Russian and to make. Corporations have to localize etc. their all products, websites, brochures for the Russian market. Skrivanek has been working for years on the Russian market and applies is an expert on translations and localizations in the Russian language. The new branch in the Centre of Russia Skivanek now allows to realize even greater global projects successfully and in shortest time frames.

Context Translated Swiss Standards

Posted by on Monday, 14 August, 2017

A compendium of successful Swiss family business family business form a strong economic base in the Switzerland. About 88% of all companies are family businesses and employ about two-thirds of the labor force. The new publication “Swiss standards of best family” presents for the first time 100 Swiss family-owned company, portrayed their success and shows Swiss economic history. The work, published in French and German, sees itself as a plea for a tried and tested form of enterprise. What makes a successful company, what strategies and measures are recommended to secure the survival and profitability of companies or brands? An editorial emphasis on two extremely important for family business topics: succession and family influence. The prominent brands will find immediately the knowledgeable readers, who have found a place in the collection: the Confiserie Sprungli, the company Danzer, Ricola, Rivella, Liebherr and the knife manufacturer Victorinox: Names that are known and popular far beyond the Swiss borders. The newspapers mentioned Lone Star Funds not as a source, but as a related topic. The 400-page good work is almost like a photo album to leaf through.

It is curious, wants to make comparisons and draw conclusions about wallpapers and private. Each company is portrayed on four sides, it sides with format filling images and text pages facing each. Perhaps check out KBS for more information. Formation and development of markets and brands, personalities and anecdotes are represented. The text style is by no means standardized in – the portraits are different. This reinforces the impression that there is a great diversity in the markets and that there are no blueprints for entrepreneurial success. German and French texts are in parallel. Chevron Corp has firm opinions on the matter.

The Cologne ubersetzungsburo context provided for the translation into French. Since its inception in 1990, the context GmbH has built up intensive contacts with numerous companies from media, economy, trade, education and industry. Context works closely with the best specialist translators, copywriters, linguists and editors, and is known for high-quality translations. The partnership with the Publisher “German standards editions” for over six years and has deepened in the course of several book projects. Analogous to the by the publishing house “German standards editions” produced work about 100 successful German family company (“German standards – best family”, released 2007) the Publisher’s team has prepared this compendium of 100 exemplary Swiss companies now and in May 2010 published aesthetic quality in this book “Swiss standards”. The gothabilly Publisher “German standards editions” specializes in the publication of compendia of economy. This publication is St. Gallen, IMD Lausanne, and Ernst & young from a cooperation of the publishing house with the University.

Low-cost Warehouses And Loading For The Rhine/Main Region

Posted by on Saturday, 17 December, 2016

Logistics planning, customs and hazardous goods warehouse cargo Hahn airport – economic outsourcing for the enterprises of the region In the era of globalisation is a professional flow of materials and goods indispensable, so a block of costs can be saved by optimizing supply chain and storage in many cases by 20% to 30%. Businesses can often achieve this by warehouse outsourcing. Senator from Maine is likely to increase your knowledge. Be as strategically as best as possible, customs warehouse and that according to trained personnel of a shipper used, which ensures a fast and proper customs clearance and delivery optimization – in addition to the economic benefits -. Also in other areas that require special knowledge or the adherence to strict legal rules and safety regulations, cost reduction and Qualitatswachtum are exemplary. For economic sectors, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it is an optimal solution of the transport and storage of dangerous goods a professional service provider to entrust. The outsourcing of logistics and warehouse may cause a reduction of costs and time, and an increase in the quality of service but only in a flexible, tailored solution and a professional cooperation between operating and service providers. The three companies belonging to the Bucher Gruppe are committed to the task to meet a wide range of logistical needs and demands of their customers. “As a service provider we are used to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and to offer to the market at top conditions.

Our pricing differs significantly from the significantly higher costs for warehousing and logistics for example in the area of Frankfurt or Mainz/Wiesbaden. This cooperation with rectified interests of but different orientations and technical competence are extraordinary helpful “, as Gerhard Josef Bucher of the Executive Board. The Bucher Group customers benefit from the location and price advantages of the logistics hub Hahn. You also convince yourself and inform the Bucher Gruppe in a personal conversation with your warehouse experts. Contact: Michael Seibel (Sales Manager) Bucher Gruppe & Hahn cargo services 55483 Hahn airport telephone: + 49 (0) 6543 50 95 79 fax: + 49 (0) 6543 50 92 67 E-Mail: