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The Importance Of The Corporative Sites

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 July, 2016

If the importance of web cannot more disdain corporative sites nowadays. not only corporative, but average sites of the also small companies. It is fact that the Internet is today, without doubts, the used mechanism of communication more. Since that it appeared at the beginning in Brazil of years 90, was never so easy to announce in the great net as nowadays. ECRI is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We can go more beyond announcements, never was so easy to nowadays have its proper site in web. The life exists until softwers gratuitous that they play the creation process all, thus facilitating of that if the web site creation wants knows some related thing s. Gratuitous pay or, the truth is that it is more than proven that the Internet is yes, the mechanism more seen and more accepted in all the segments, becoming thus, more than viable and income-producing, to divulge and to promote its mark or its company in the net. Thinking about this public, us programmers and desenvolvedores, we are looking for in them to improve each more similar time to offer services each time more professional and that they take care of the expectations of our customers and the visitors of each project for its I publish target..

Companies and Consumers

Posted by on Monday, 9 April, 2012

The information is the product that cannot lack in an organization. It does not import which is its business, the information is basic product! Either welcome to the universe of the interatividade where the consumer is who decides what, when and as to consume. In this age of ' ' dictatorship of consumidor' ' the focus is content. After the setting of the new model of communication, initiate with web 2,0, where the user is who said the guideline and its interests, constantly we see favorable consequncias for the relation company x consumer. They are new chances and new papers that if inside detach of this scene extending the relationship and the communication properly said between ' ' comunicadores' ' ' ' receptores' '. More than what to inform characteristics of a product or the descriptions of the offered services, the companies/marks must serve of source for its public, through offer of excellent content, inside of its segment of performance. The consumers want to be informed, they want to be colaborativos, to change knowledge and experiences, want to interact.

In the model where the traditional vehicles had lost the control on what it is propagated, grow the chance of the marks if also to become the informative vehicles, offering to its consumers the access the differentiated, focado content and of quality. Ahead of this, the writings start to be the heart of the communication agencies and the planning the brain of them. The writings must be espelhar in the digital agencies, where the different areas if join to think all, from there the importance of the professionals as journalists, editors advertising executives, webwriters, to understand the rules of the content production, for the vehicles and structures planned in projects of captation of hearing, as SEO, linkbuilding, among others. With as many possibilities and ways of diffusion, she is necessary to plan the disponibilizao of the information in some platforms, being integrated subjects, dialoguing and creating relations between all the users, stimulating the participation and fomenting the relation between the mark and the public.