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Opinion: P2P Application, Do One for All?

Posted by on Thursday, 31 July, 2008

Just yesterday, in an entry on the temporary solution to some problems you are experiencing the Ares network, formed a small debate over whether there should be a single application and protocol when it comes to downloading by P2P. Needless to say that what you will read below is a subjective personal opinion and that in no case represents nothing more than that.

I remember the first time I tried Napster with my 56k modem, what, without understanding how it worked very well, I thought the future. In fact Napster was no doubt which started what we now know as P2P, which paved the way and he did that today things are so simple.

Things have changed a lot since then, so much so that now we can see distinct three major networks and applications such as eMule, Bittorrenty Ares. Each with their advantages and disadvantages and they complement the sea well.

The mere idea of having a single network makes me a little tip of the hairs, explained to me. Okay, if, if well-mounted would be the final where to find and download anything so very fast, however this is not feasible for several reasons.

eMule is probably the place to find anything, if we neglect our pictures up yet is slow. I have tested hundreds of these manuals that there are online to make eMule fine, I tried different clients and different lists of servers and end whenever I come to the same conclusion. This is very slow. What if that’s all, but requires too much patience.

Bittorrent on the contrary is fast but has a problem, we must resort to external sites to locate material for downloading. Moreover, by relying on this, in most cases the only thing we found are novelties and, on rare occasions, things just over a month old. What if, that there are exceptions and private trackers, but the reality is what we all know.

Ares is the least that I used but it seems to me quite useful for small things loose and little more. Fairly fast in general but as long as in your searches do not leave than normal.

I say that if I could make things perfect, a P2P network very quickly, with endless material for downloading and that would have been done already, right? If not been done is because you can not, must be unfeasible to invest so much effort and time on a project that we will not get a single penny or euro.

In addition, with a single network that would be easy to control the content and, at one point plunged to stamp out P2P, piracy and others. Governments and societies what would it even easier and I do not think that is what we want.

Clearly we all want a perfect world with perfect P2P networks, but unfortunately it can not be but I think with what we have right now is going great and that everything good is welcome but we are not so bad.

Who is Creative?

Posted by on Sunday, 20 July, 2008

I must admit I find the excellent point that gives Sports Bar on the idea when we should ask ourselves who are the creative made the announcement. It puts two examples very valid one hand, the renamed of frozen chicken croquettes Ferran Adrià, for the purchase or establishing that as the famous chef will be good (if frozen), and a new ad, ? Heroes?, The IOC over the next JJOO Beijing and its slogan? The Best of Us?. It’s starring Federer, Gebressalasie, Manaudou, Yao Ming, Isinbayeva, etc.? Likely heroes of the next JJOO, and is so good, it is natural that we ask ourselves at seeing who is behind the ad. They will be nuances, or touching noses, never mind, but I think it’s a good way to differentiate when we see a good announcement that another is not.

Solbes Confirmed That the Economy is Close to Zero Growth in the Second Quarter

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

AFP – Brussels (AFP) – The vice president’s economic Spanish Government, Pedro Solbes, confirmed on Monday that Spain’s economy will grow in the second quarter of the year less than in the first, which is close to zero growth.
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12seconds, You’re Doing or Where Are You, As a AV

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Failing to receive an invitation to test it further, we find 12seconds, a system of micro-Videoblogging bearing the familiar updates to video format. The operation is very simple. Only we must tell our friends what we are doing or where we are, all recorded either through a webcam or through our mobile device camera and Internet access, which is the maximum 12 seconds.

These videos will be part of our gallery of videos, and each of our videos can be commented upon, but in addition, we offer links and codes html so that we can add our updates on blogs and websites.

But in addition, also allows us to include our widgets in blogs and websites so that our fans can access our own videos.

The user interface is quite clear and minimalist, so I do not think qe has problems in their use, is actually quite simple to use.

Now, as always, be useful to see who or what Tilden jet, because the digital vineyard has to be around. What is clear is that 12seconds intends to contact relatives and friends through video messages of up to 12 seconds. As I write these lines, I come to the head that is the equivalent of telephone calls between people to leave short simple warnings.

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Kawasaki Jet Ski

Posted by on Thursday, 3 July, 2008

Kawasaki Jet Skis are the ultimate personal watercraft vehicles for recreation and transportation. With 1 and 3 passenger models, there is a Kawasaki Jet Ski for every aquatic activity!

Our powerful engines provide strong torque at all levels, to speed you and your passengers along the water in luxury.

Every Kawasaki Jet Ski features comfortable seating, an adjustable steering column, and a reliable motor. You will be bouncing along the waves before you know it!

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Anyvite, a Clone of Improved Coordinatr

Posted by on Thursday, 3 July, 2008

If I’m honest, when I saw the existence of Anyvite as a new tool to manage events between user groups easily, I say: I have painted that may be interested.
And somehow it is, although I took a surprise to see its structure, which made me remember a lot Coordinatr, as broadly uses the same functions, although it must be said in favour of Anyvite that offers enhanced features with more elegant visual style.
Even so let’s comment that gives us a little Anyvite, more than anything else, to keep it as an alternative to Coordinatr, so that might happen.

Complete information from our profile: basic information, avatar, change passwords, contact information (email addresses, phone numbers supports more vendors and addresses Coordinatr messaging Jabber / Gtalk Coordinatr does not support messaging alerts), activation / deactivation of notifications, and feeds events.