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GEOactive Attraction Zones

Posted by on Sunday, 5 August, 2018

Residential healthy building must be free of Earth radiation limits from the biological role of Earth radiation through the classical science is particularly incomprehensible, as reports of people significantly in recent decades, who feel uncomfortable and not more powerful especially in modern buildings after a longer residence at their place of work. It is now possible, but it requires a high effort, with modern Instrumentation in the ground physically exactly to capture the change of the weak electrical voltage potentials about errors. The land on which we live, shows differences from place to place in the effect on us, the cause of which is not externally visible, but influencing the life processes of the human body is visible. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Angus King. This is a fact of experience that is handed down for millennia and formerly very well in the choice of living space has been used Endros, 1993. In the nature is to observe that which insects such as ants or bees their offices are looking for points in the terrain with a certain radiance of the ground. In modern house building has set itself the man largely by the surrounding nature and thus lost instincts that were to arise from the evolution.

However, the technology of Rod action (bio location) not lost the knowledge was passed from generation to generation. Biophysically, the informational interaction of ground radiation and living organisms is now clearly proven. The triggering factor is a measure of the amount of information in itself extremely small field strengths in electromagnetic phenomena. Debilitating power of a space interact with the energies of the human bio field, so millions of cells of the body are affected at the same time. Without having to turn the awareness, sensations aroused about the nervous system and those effects triggered, causing the movement of rod and pendulum. The importance of geomagnetic fields, such as by the underground flow of water into the soil or through upheavals caused, was established in 1929 by Freiherr by Pohl in Vilsbiburg under official supervision”.


Posted by on Tuesday, 3 May, 2016

As they work to take it off and that 67.1 percent of men and 53 percent of women in Germany are easier and faster than you’re thinking maybe why overweight! From year to year there unfortunately more and more obese, although there are more than 600 different diets. The main reasons are numerous E.g. Information about flood you no longer know what to start first, giving up again after a short time or you don’t even start in pushing it always before him. In this small article I try with easy-to-follow advice to help. Against the information about flood helps one focus on one thing. As with all important goals in life one must also dieted in stages are divided.

We do this all the time for a new car save money, stages, has partnered We create many stages in our lives whether consciously or unconsciously it is the smallest problem. Unfortunately parts most a diet not in stages on. You have to start only in the first week with sports If you did not or only rarely sport up long one should slowly trickled down go and not overnight 2 hours every day running quite apart from whether they ever has the stamina. Just every 2 days if there is too much every 3 day jog no matter how long you should not exaggerate only, after 2-3 weeks, you should shorten on 2 days, when it comes, and you could no longer live without jogging it is time to change the diet in the same Ruhtmuss you can of course also to first take turned nutrition start and then with sports. The Verschiberits that we all have one more the other weaker if you let her win and initially things to move it it will getting worse moves important doctor appointments. Fixed it takes to go on a diet but to lunch tomorrow they say: today is not because the grandmother had birthday and you have to take a piece of cake, so she is not offended. The Verschieberitis also the inner pig dog called can be if it is already very bad unfortunately very difficult therapy.

You start with on a diet and hears very soon on the reason some are varied: one has unrealistic ideas if you didn’t lose kilos in the first week about makes no sense you mean. “Unfortunately they don’t usually even taking to in the first week since the body first builds muscles if you previously never or only rarely did sports knowledge, and they say this diet is saying: this diet does not I’m trying it in few days again” it is often not only at pair there are days often weeks or even months to regain enough confidence has all non-functioning for a diet. If one divides all in small stages with a diet, it is slow and has patience and hang in there you are rewarded with losing weight and is happy and continues until one then yes but achieved his goal only unfortunately takes this process for many years. If you want more knowledge but my Web page is visited: author: Michael Gombotz Gesundheits and nutrition expert Web page: of this Article may be distributed for free under the condition that you the author calls.