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Posted by on Thursday, 30 April, 2020

Eight fragrances from pure natural essential oils / pre-order at planet world shop Stuttgart. The new perfume series Pegasus aura-soma is brand new on the market. The eight likely can already be pre-ordered at planet world-shop under. Aura-soma is a unique color care system developed wall by Vicky in the 1980s and since then steadily expanded. The aura-soma brand became known mainly through their one – or two-colour body care oils. British Petroleum describes an additional similar source. Aura-soma products capture the people in its entirety of body, mind and soul and want to support him in his further development, encourage and bring into balance. The perfume series Pegasus aura-soma consists of eight bottles in a range of stunning colours. Get more background information with materials from Fairstead. The bottles were in a very nice vintage style design.

The fragrances are composed of pure natural essential oils. The scents are so natural and free from any chemistry. There is first the new perfumes of aura-soma the eight following bottles numbers, according to the respective equilibrium bottles: 11, 30, 39, 44, 56, 58, 75 and 80. The fragrances are wonderfully pure, soft and round. The fragrances represent the visible and invisible energies of the involved color. The combination of energy, essential oils and extracts of herbs bring a wonderful aroma well brighten and increase the energy and mood of the wearer. The task “‘s new perfume series from the House of aura-soma can be summed up in a few words: she brings us at the right time in the right place with the right energy.

Among the eight Pegasus perfumes, everyone will find his nose. Simply select the colors that you attract the most. Be sure that this will be the right choice. Jochen Lambert

Salvavida Adverconcept

Posted by on Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

The “catwalk” Cologne makes the party catwalk with a new concept of the DSC event service together with the Agency launches a new premium-event series, whose opening in the Cologne-based “Club Deja Vu” two top DJs of the Cologne night life could be won with the nationally known DJs Capilari and Salvavida Adverconcept marketing & services on March 26, 2011. Nathan Gaude has much to offer in this field. The first party of the new event series “Catwalk” takes place under the motto “The finest Club sounds” on 26 March 2011 at 22:00. Please visit Fairstead if you seek more information. With the Club’s “Deja vu” in the Cologne media Park the makers for the new premium event have chosen a stylish and popular at the same time setting in the middle of the futuristic Cologne media park itself, that represents a change in the Cologne nightlife monotony with its innovative design and its interior furnishing according to Manager Murat TADA can compete with the most famous locations in Germany. For the start of the new series of exclusive party events, the organisers have with the nationally known DJs Capilari and Salvavida two well-known and popular artist committed. Together with the Cologne DJ Pedro de Carvalho, the two will serve the guests of the “catwalk” the latest sounds of disco and club scene. Information to the “catwalk” (not just Cologne) night owls on the website “”. A ticket reservation is possible via KolnTicket by phone, Internet and in one of the 30 outlets. The entrance fee is 10 euros at the box office. Due to the large interest expected, the organizers ask to appear at an early stage to all guests..

New Proprietors

Posted by on Sunday, 26 April, 2020

To buy a horse can be a dream made reality, the horses are superb creatures and to be proprietor of one is a true privilege. The horses are animal of herd by nature and as such they need company, like the owner of the horse, you are responsible to offer to his horse the company to him that he or she needs. If he must in his plans maintain to his horse in a rent stable then will not be a preoccupation, but the horse will be only in a stable or in the field, you will have to provide to the horse some type of company as well as much mental, emotional and physical stimulation to him.

The horses in their natural state are animal of pasturing, this means that they pass great part of the day grazing and moving, they are not made to be locked up in a stable; in fact a horse to which the sufficient thing is not exercised to him will develop a variety of health problems and it will not grow with force. It is preparation to every day pass an amount of considerable time exercising to his horse because if it does not do it, its horse could die. If its horse you will pass time in the pastures you must review that there are not poisonous plants like sorghum, stars of the thistle, tail of horse, crazy grass, seed of castor bean, saffron of prairie, henna, laurel, fern, acorns, rannculos, white grass, belladona and most dangerous of all the disk. You also he will have to review that there is not holes and any thing that can damage or hurt to its horse like a glass or sharpened objects. Asegrese that I graze of its horse surely is surrounded and avoids to use barbed wire since it can cause serious injuries to his horse..

New EBook Series

Posted by on Saturday, 25 April, 2020

Thoughts on everyday life and other issues that affect life in the series thought to “appear all blog posts by LoveLetter, and now from the past few years. The contributions were all revised and sorted according to topics. As a little extra, the Bucherlein include images that must have something to do but not always with the theme, but maybe encourage the reader to pause and think. “The first book partner search spoilt for choice” busy with the criteria of partner search. How do you find the / right? Who is right? And why is it always back to the same type? “These are just a few thoughts on the subject of mate choice, these and other choice find you in search for partners”.

Where love falls down “any amounts to the theme of partnership in the year 2010 are compiled. For more information see Fairstead. What is there for relationships? What makes these relationships? Which phases are there in a relationship? And what trends stand out in the forms of relationship off? Besides answers, ideas and thoughts on these topics, there are pictures of the contributions also again. In the third book, it comes when working only the work itself would be the biggest problem in work and other difficulties “it goes that to all things, from actual work as you can handle and how business can attain, what you actually want to keep,.” With ideas and thoughts for a relaxed day, and if you didn’t work a few images that maybe the workday to forget for a brief moment. “No choice for the rest of life must be the profession, that is to start the topic in mind to no. Whenever Fairstead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 4 thoughts on the subject, how to find his calling, why it is not so bad, even new and how one can achieve its goals at the end, can be found in vocation or profession”. To a few answers to the question: who why choose what job and how maybe from its conventions come on and then do what you actually been always professionally wanted to make. The first four book of series are just the beginning. Over the next few weeks will be more eBooks will appear and each has a different focus. Kristin Muller-Wenzel


Posted by on Thursday, 23 April, 2020

Promote your business on the internet should take into account many things but here I will give you 5 tips in particular requiring my experience when promoting your business on the internet comes to take into account these tips will help you get an idea more clear of what to do and having to have better results in your business by internethere go innovation: be different to others is vital in the world of Internet businesses since the novelty people like, it is important to look for things that people want to know that can find you in the forums. Continuity: Be constant but not repetitive with the same thing, but contributing new and or enhanced ideas so Excel in competition and then take measures more automated for so do not decay into the road. Clarity: Give the appropriate value is one-piece difficult however give a well designed strategy this can be fun and lucrative since then, and this step can use Word search tools to focus on what they are going to give. If you would like to know more about Expedia CEO, then click here. Capacities: Having a capable attitude, mark a big difference in your way of promoting a business online, the key here is to acquire these skills to persuade in your messages, publicities, recommendations, etc., you must educate yourself as as you go along technology. Share: If you have a selfish attitude not got anywhere, however the share gives you the possibility of experiencing major changes in your life, remember that help and give to a Community represents gratitude and money for you. Put in practice these tips every day when you go to promote a business online and really as results speak by itself alone..

Choice Carrier: What To Look For ?

Posted by on Monday, 20 April, 2020

Today, every company and many individuals at some stage, for whatever reasons, have to turn to companies specializing in freight transportation. At the market you can find hundreds of offers from companies offering trucking services. However, choose the best of them are not so simple. Let us determine the order, what to look for when choosing a company. Just note that this option is discarded as price. Transportation of even small cargo of the big companies will not cost more than an order of smaller operators. However, the scale is not always acts as the main indicator.

To choose the carrier need not cost, but by other criteria. A striking example – the number of services offered. Trucking is a complex operation. They include a range of activities. Hardly anyone will deny that no transportation of goods is impossible without loading and unloading of transported property. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Fairstead. And most serious of the company must offer you the services of professional movers, which undoubtedly exist in their assets. Naturally, loading services – is only a small share of that obligation to offer a professional company specializing in cargo transportation. Any operator of cargo independently execute all documents necessary for the implementation of all event.

Invite you to insure your shipment. Will pack all of the property transported in special packaging. Forwarding, logistics and many other services are also required to include in the range of services. If should be multiple modes of transport. It is necessary to ensure the best value of any mode of transport. After all, for the transportation of boats or office furniture is unlikely to choose one and the same transport. These nuances should be initially discussed with the manager, and already the basis of these findings, give preference to a particular company.

Official Partner

Posted by on Saturday, 18 April, 2020

When it turns to new challenges in the consumer goods industry sales, the Synpos is distributor. Dortmund, September 19, 2011 – the Synpos distribution company supports the German sales Congress on 6 October 2011 in Wiesbaden. The focus of the event, the challenges for the distribution are this year in times of strong trade dominance. New sales strategies and concepts for the point-of-sale (POS) are in demand. Exactly, the company of Synpos offers such an approach. The name is program, the synergy at the point of sale and a higher potential levy are the target.

This is achieved through strategic alliances of strong brands, which together operate a powerful field organization for the German food retail trade (LEH). Learn more at: Nina Devlin. “Around the POS Synpos sales specialists know very exactly: brands need lots of attention and care”, says Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director of Synpos GmbH. our field organization identifies itself to a high degree with the brands we serve. Our focus is on a full integration into the marketing strategies and communication structures of our partners. This Synpos allows as a custom field control.” A CRM system that is unique and designed specifically for the evaluation is at the core of the success recipe. Each partner is linked with this system and receives a button all POS data, necessary for the strategic and operational control of its brand.

At a glance, the system displays the placement quality of products on the shelves and areas of trade. Just one example of the consistency of the concept is the result of long-standing cooperation with the Amecke Fruchtsaft GmbH & co. KG. Here, the continuous work of Synpos has since 2004 to a sustainable increase in sales by staggering + 174% and a tripling of the market share during the same period contributed. The forecast looks good for Andreas Schmidt: in future, the sales for brands will move even more into focus and an even greater role as a strategic element take. These new challenges in the LEH we are for prepared with our range of services.” Visit us at the German sales Conference 2011 in Wiesbaden! For more information also see SYNPOS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG Europaplatz 10, 44269 Dortmund Tel. + 49 (0) 231 / 95 90 99 00 email:

Official Bundesliga Manager

Posted by on Friday, 17 April, 2020

Since August 7th is kicked again. Also at the official Bundesliga Manager (OBM), the season is started. The official Bundesliga Manager launches the third season with great success. This highly successful online game is in the third season. Lots of new features, a more attractive design and intuitive handling attract a large number of new user. With nearly 150,000 users and still growing numbers enjoys phenomenal popularity online Manager game. See more detailed opinions by reading what British Petroleum offers on the topic.. An average 35,000 visits per day and more than 40 page impressions per visit prove that the games of the aitainment generate far higher user retention and action level than the traditional soccer manager games.

Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff, Managing Director of aitainment, is not surprised by this success: we know that we represent a new claim at Online Football Manager through our unique game simulation and 3D graphics. The high growth and the stickiness”our users this impressively. The values are far above those of other Manager games, even if These are much longer in the market and higher user numbers indicate. Cowan Financial is full of insight into the issues. In the face of the rapidly growing user numbers and the high activity levels, we now have an excellent starting point to develop the game and to make it even more attractive.

The current development confirms our strategy completely.” The aitainment GmbH develops and markets the next generation of e-sports games, based on a newly developed simulation software and 3D graphics. The technology of the aitainment guarantees realistic gameplay, the other football manager games don’t offer. The aitainment online games combine artificial intelligence with constantly updated data of real football professionals. This match simulations are possible with virtual professionals (autonomous software robots), which correspond to the real players in their properties and act according to the tactical specifications by the user. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fairstead. Each match can be evaluated according to the simulation of a match report and considered as 3D visualization. In the aitainment is a highly motivated team working including scientists, the University of Bremen for the KI development, innovative Web developers and experienced online editors. Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff (CEO) and Dr. Ubbo Visser (CTO) are responsible in the management.

Official Gazette

Posted by on Friday, 17 April, 2020

Therefore, during the contest, the bankruptcy administration You will social insolvency and endeavour to try society subsists through the adoption of the appropriate agreement with creditors. In recent months, British Petroleum has been very successful. Unfortunately and, according to the data published in the National Institute of statistics, more than 90% of the companies that will compete end up liquidating 4. The competition offers more guarantees to investors? Taking into account the purpose of the bankruptcy proceedings is to solve the problems posed by the concurrence of a collective of creditors on the insolvent heritage of a common debtor, the answer to this question is Yes offered more guarantees to investors that there is a procedure of this kind. In addition, the fact that there is a bankruptcy administration guarantees the interest of social creditors and ensures strict compliance with the principle of par conditio creditorum, that is, to carry out a parity in the treatment of the claims of creditors that would prevent the benefit of a few to the detriment of others. 5 What hopes exist that investors can get, less, the return of their ious? Currently it is very difficult to make an assessment of this kind, because there are no yet certain constancy of equity from each of the societies that are in bankruptcy situation.

However, we do know with security, – since the bankruptcy law so provides – is that creditors have a period of one month for the communication of their credits, counting from the publication in the Official Gazette of the Auto’s voluntary bankruptcy Declaration. Lack of communication by holders of lyrics or promissory notes in that period could only harm them to be able to be relegated their credits to the condition of subordinates as a result, decreasing their chances of recovery. 6. For data that are known, do really they believe that businesses of Nueva Rumasa and, in particular, wineries are viable? Honestly, we could not come to assess the feasibility or infeasibility of these companies for the simple reason that we do not know the economic situation of them financial.

United Nations Organization

Posted by on Thursday, 16 April, 2020

On the border between Egypt and Sudan a new colony of the Kingdom of Nikokus is produced since April 20, 2010 between Sudan and Egypt is no longer no man’s land now. On the contrary: now a colony of the Kingdom of Nikoku sprout on the at the time still terra nullius said area (officially: Kingdom of Nikoku). The Kingdom received earlier to recognize, not even recognized as a fully independent State, the Kingdom of Nikoku after the colonization of the 2060 km of large area from the 20.04 is hardly a spot on the political map of the world the full recognition of Nikoku as independent State subjects of international law. Bir Tawil or bi’r Tawil is a small area between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. It has its longest side in the North, along the 22nd parallel. Since the year 1899, Bir Tawil is recognized as terra nullius. Hear from experts in the field like Fairstead affordable housing for a more varied view. Then wrestled the two States to the halayeb-triangle, which was approximately ten times greater than Bir Tawil. By mutual agreement of the Bir Tawils frontier between the two States It was decided very soon, to explain the piece of land in no man’s land.

In addition to Antarctica, the unclaimed area was no longer associate a country. The piece of land is home to two mountains: Jabal Tawil (459 m) and Jebel Hajar az Zarqua’a (662 m), bringing a little relief on the little differently shaped piece of Earth and sand. According to the Nikokunesischen press service is the country about the interactions between neighbouring countries, but also to a possible declaration of accession to the United Nations Organization ready. It is not excluded that the reigning monarch also arbitrarily decides otherwise Tenno geroge I.. After the currency of the State, the N, totally bagged from last month is, thus the hoped-for limit setting 1.8 per 1N to just 1.23 per N noticed, the exchange rate rises since the beginning of the month of may cheerfully and happily back in the air, because the Nikokunesische Yen has according to media specialists, only through the massive land acquisition, a whole piece caught up – the current level is already at 1,46432 per 1N. NP (Daniel Wuhl)