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Ron Hubbard

Posted by on Thursday, 2 August, 2018

After completing these preparatory steps, Professor Sharma started a test project for students the mount Gauri Shankar school. The eighth and ninth grade students were made familiar with the three obstacles of learning and simple principles of Hubbard were taught kindergarten class learning method. Similar took place at other grade levels. Among other things the L. Ron introduced Hubbard studieren technology in the mathematics class.

Mathematics is considered for the social progress of Nepal as particularly important. Representations in clay served the students here to illustrate each abstract concept. If you have read about (XRP) already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the chemistry lab of the school, students are now working with the concrete materials and fabrics and a certain part of the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard was directly in the curriculum with built. While previously only about 30 percent of students passed, succeeded at once all students to meet the requirements and to pass their exams. Based on these results, with only the basics of the study technology were used, Professor Sharma knew that he needed the whole program. Then he traveled to the International campus of Applied Scholastics in Spanish Lake (Missouri), here to attend the complete education program of Applied Scholastics.

Professor Sharma graduated with the gold certificate as a fully qualified teacher of study technology, to educate others in it in all over Nepal. Back in Nepal he taught principals and teachers from other schools in turn also in rural communities in the learning method of L. Marc Bistricer is the source for more interesting facts. Ron Hubbard. The teachers, who were trained in it by him, passed their skills now on other teachers, so spread the learning method in the whole country Nepal. In this way over a million pupils and students were reached, which resulted in an improvement of the educational level of the entire country. To maintain the achieved a new, permanent Applied Scholastics was created in Nepal training centre, which was inaugurated by the Ministry of education and a representative of the United Nations. The authorities of Nepal today officially promote the implementation of the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard in all public and private Schools in the country. More information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

Ohoven: SMEs Must Scoop Out Merkel

Posted by on Monday, 19 March, 2018

Ohoven: SMEs must eat to the today’s Cabinet decision on the euro bailout Merkel’s soup Berlin explains the President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven: the euro bailout package from the Federal Government will have dramatic consequences for the German middle class. The financing conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises will deteriorate further, at the same time, businesses and citizens must bear the additional debt burden. Ultimately the middle class must eat the soup, which has got him into the Federal Government. The responsibility for this is to blame for a significant portion of the Federal Chancellor. She ignored all of Greece disaster warning for political reasons. So, Mrs Merkel described Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis as a personal friend and praised the high level of convergence in the cooperation at European level. Although the threat extent of the Greek budget deficit by a paper by Commissioner Joaquin Almunia on the Ecofin meeting beginning July 2009 known was, probably kept the Chancellor to to ruining Karamanlis not the general election in October 2009.

After the election defeat of Karamanlis was done so when you hear for the first time by the budget deficit of Greece. The Federal Government has aggravated the crisis by their hesitant response to the apparent mismanagement in Greece. Threatening with the aid package approved by the Cabinet for the euro, to repeat this error. The promised billion aid from Germany invites other weak eurozone countries to let go any budgetary discipline. Against this background, the Bundestag should refuse his consent the bailout in this form. Press contact: Mr. Eberhard Vogt Federal Association of SMEs (BVMW) 10117 Berlin E-mail: phone: 030 / 53 32 06 20

Metaapes Affiliate Stammtisch In September

Posted by on Saturday, 30 September, 2017

Affiliate Stammtisch 2010 on the eve of the dmexco in Cologne traditionally is on the eve of the dmexco in this year of the affiliate Stammtisch held again. On Tuesday, the September 14, 2010 meet in the cloud Castle”in Cologne again all affiliate managers, merchants, affiliates and interested to the comfortable networking. On the evening before the dmexco (formerly of omd) is traditionally aligned since 2005 by the metaapes GmbH of the affiliate Stammtisch and organized, which serves as a Western meeting place of the affiliate industry as well as the cities of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. All regulars are invited to sign up for the this year’s affiliate meeting in Cologne veterans but also newcomers! Who would like to assist the event as a sponsor, can contact with the organizers of the Stammtisches, the metaapes GmbH in conjunction. If you would like to know more about John Grayken, then click here. All details, information about the location and registration and sponsors opportunities are available on the website to the affiliate Stammtisch: leistungen/affiliate/stammtisch.html metaapes & metapeople look forward to an active participation, as well as an interesting networking evening!

Google Seminars

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 July, 2017

Seminar dates in November & December Braunschweig, 15.11.2013 – also hosts the Internet Agency TILL.DE, which is located in Brunswick in the last remaining weeks of the year, more AdWords seminars and courses on the subject of “Web page analysis with Google Analytics”. TILL.DE, one of the first Internet agencies, the seal of quality “Google partner” may, is this year in Hamburg and Brunswick traveling seminars to keep. Most recently was the speaker Joachim Schroder to a training in Dublin on Google. Through this close cooperation and his many years of experience, is an optimal training of the seminar participants. Participants can expect a professional advice on the uses of Google AdWords and analytics. The seminars you can login on the page TILL.DE seminars. The already booked AdWords basic seminar, which takes place on the 03.12.2013, lay the foundations for working with AdWords. People who have worked largely with the account or don’t yet have an account, are especially good repealed.

To get started, the user interface and the various basic settings of the account be explained before it goes to creating campaigns and creating text ads and choosing keywords. Hands-on tips and tricks are always with participants given by the seminar leader Joachim Schroder on the way, so that they can effectively use AdWords. More AdWords seminars, which covers the basics, held again in January. Users who have the AdWords account are familiar with and looking to expand their knowledge, are well catered for in our Google AdWords advanced seminars. The latest tools and setting options explains in addition to various optimization options always. There are always new features which are tested and then all users provided by AdWords. At the end of the day seminars, the participants will receive a certificate and the seminar materials. In addition, users who have set still no AdWords account provided a voucher in the amount of 75 available.


Posted by on Saturday, 17 June, 2017

How can companies and agencies children and youth succeed in the Internet address? One-day Conference in Munich with top-class speakers and specialists that the children and young people address number of Web portals is growing steadily. But also companies and agencies to reinforce the Internet to reach the target audience of 6-to 16-year olds. Just when communicating with children on the Internet it is important to note several points: How can refer to children on the Internet? What communication channels are appropriate? What works, what doesn’t? What legal provisions must be observed? Answers to these and other important questions get interested on 8 October 2009 in Munich: on the Web kids 2009 Conference trends, strategies and best practices are presented examples around the themes of speech and communication with children and young people on the Internet. Rolling ( and Cornelia Reichardt ( amongst other Volker Remshagen (, till the speakers. The interdisciplinary composition of the speakers and the high practical relevance of the contributions promises many new results and notes which strategies with the target group of children on the Internet are successful. The Conference Web kids 2009 “will take place on Oct 8, 2009 in Munich. Detailed information about the program, speakers and registration, see. The Conference is organized by Youngcom!, one of the leading market research and consulting agencies for young audiences.

Annual Conference EU

Posted by on Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

Which challenges the current funding period still to come, and what changes after 2013. Which challenges the current funding period still to come, and what changes nach2013, participants at the 5th Annual Conference EU funds the European Academy for taxes, economics & law in Berlin 2010 information. 600 EU funds specialists from all over Europe to exchange knowledge and experience between EU institutions and Member States meet already for the fifth time. Thus, the Conference provides a unique EU Forum for this area. 2010 a key year in the period marked 2007-2013. The ex-post evaluation of programmes is nearing the end. The administrative simplification and the faster implementation of operational programmes have become a contentious issue. The economic crisis has shown the limits of its economies of Europe and thus caused a change in aid policy. For even more details, read what Chevron Corp says on the issue.

New instruments should be used to develop efficiency of the Fund. Financial control requirements must also be observed. Which one Lessons can be drawn from the past few years and what impact have these results on the period after 2013? The 5th Annual Conference provides a current view of structural funds and the programmes for rural development and fishing. In lectures and workshops, high-calibre experts explain significant topics such as sampling, risk analyses, eligible expenditure and application of State aid rules. Strategic discussions mix these with any questions of implementation in the Member States.

The event is aimed at executives of the public administration such as directors, Department managers and program managers who are concerned with the management, certification and audit of EU programmes. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law as a European institution is the core competence of the European Academy for taxes, economics & law in the teaching of knowledge about current developments in Europe. As instruments of knowledge transfer that offers Undertake high-quality training courses in the form of national and European seminars, conferences and congresses on. Contact: Mrs. Regina Luning M.SC.. Econ.

Posted by on Monday, 10 April, 2017

The easy solution for heavy tasks: ‘nothing is too heavy the engineer’ the declared target company SAX lift is to remove all loads their customers with the solution of more difficult lifting tasks. SAX lift brings reliable and secure all things at a high level through the production and marketing of hydraulic Hantierungs and transport equipment, as well as by lifting tables and work platforms and reduced problems with baling presses, pallet Turners and roll Turners. With the strong flow of hydraulic machines products SAX reach lift a maximum amount of quality, safety and durability. In a question-answer forum KBS was the first to reply. Standard models grow constructed machines concerning extra facilities and flexibility as well about themselves, as individually according to customer requirements. With the task to take their site to the highest level, the company of SAX was entrusted lift the team of the Agency joomlapur. The result is a powerful, sophisticated Web presence. Scissor lift and meaningful produced the strong X in the name as a symbol for the Images of the product range enhance the impression of dynamic professionalism and strong performances in the classical discipline of engineering mechanical engineering.

The gap between engineering and build of the website of SAX fills the Agency joomlapur confidently lift. With Joomla, the best content management system badly that brings the maximum level of service and support joomlapur, maintaining their Web pages customers succeed effortlessly and quickly. The powerful team of joomlapur ensures an optimization of strong projects in customer focus on the self-employed and small businesses by high demands on customer satisfaction and high-grade individual & personal care for each customer. Customers will be taken off all loads, from SAX joomlapur lift with solving difficult lifting tasks and the Agency with the solution of tasks in the areas of programming, design and marketing. Contact: Sax lift A / S Branch Office Germany Thomas Schmidt Lagerlof str. 4 D 18106 Rostock phone: + 49 (0) 381 / 778866 – 4 Fax + 49 (0) 381 /. 778866-5 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Conference Workshop

Posted by on Thursday, 25 August, 2016

Financing for companies, raising capital, venture capital, mezzanine Finance offers her successful compact seminar for capital raising and corporate finance Dr. Werner financial services AG in spring 2008 at concessionary rates. The seminar provides detailed information on all routes to more growth capital and stimmrechtsloses equity (silent capital and profit participation rights) of investors and investors (individual investor offering about mezzanine fund / investment companies / private equity or through private placements through diversified investors). Dr. Werner experts network is on the subject of practical equity capital – especially for small businesses – the special opportunity to visit the meeting on April 23, 2008 in Gottingen to a spring special price of 179,-(instead of 489,-). In the compact seminar companies, raising capital, mezzanine capital, venture capital financing, bank independent financing for medium-sized companies and Family business’ present details of the structures and various forms of bankenunabhanigen corporate financing through mezzanine capital and other equity the speakers, also inform a small capital funding “for small businesses and start-ups with low capital requirements without prospectus to about 500.000,-; Practice notes provide for the acquisition of the permit-free “small capital”, extensively describe the flow of capital, explain the practical placement paths and finally arrive at the financial communications as a means of acquiring successful investor. Meeting date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 10.00 to 17.00 in the Clarion Parkhotel Gottingen participants secure for themselves for the future of your company or the companies advised by you so important information tab in the framework of the independent corporate finance.

Those interested can book your place in the practitioner workshop. Extensive documentation, technical brochures, lunch and Breaks drinks/pastries are included! Contractors and consultants can call 0551 / 99964-240 (contact person: Ms. Orlowicz) reserve or equal with the application form for a special price on the website: book. For more information Dr. Werner financial services AG refers in addition to her book”financing, that appeared as volume 6 the Handelsblatt medium-sized library in the fall of 2007.

Main Headquarters

Posted by on Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

Waste water that is below the backwash is basically a lifting system of the public sewer disposed according to DIN EN 12056-1. This is handy for all cellar buildings that have a toilet, washing machine or shower in the basement. Only through a properly installed lifting system with the corresponding wiring is ensured that no water from the sewer enters the building and at the same time building any waste water transported during a set out in the public channel. This standard is in the construction and operation of land drainage systems to comply with. Even if a permit not the danger of waste backwater explicitly pointed out, that provision is not void. Anti flood valves are in certain cases as a small alternative”to the sewage lifting plant as a backup storage can be used.

Mr. Dipl.-ing. Stadler, technical director of the drain AS Rhine-Main Headquarters, in this context refers to the need for regular maintenance: the required backwater protection in a properly installed land drainage systems are often present, and still it comes back pressure damage. This is because in a missing or inadequate maintenance of the backwater protection then. Wastewater lifting plants should be serviced EN 13564 in multi-apartment houses at intervals according to DIN single-family homes by a maximum of one year and maximum 1/2 year by a specialist. Anti flood valves for faecal-free wastewater to two times in the year and anti flood valves for sewage containing waste water should be maintained at least two times a year.”occurs despite the use of a suitable re-storage backup no proper maintenance, it can quickly Cost insurance protection”, so the next specialist. For more information on topics related to the drainage system on the drain AS Alliance homepage. Drain AS Alliance is the pioneer in the field of all works on drainage and since 1969 continuous improvement, specialization of our work and satisfaction of customer needs have priority with us.

Bet Headquarters

Posted by on Monday, 14 March, 2016

The new information portal organizes just in time for the European Championship a big EM Predictor with attractive prices. Mannheim – has infected there already many, all others are infected in the next few days: the EM-fever. On, there is now an EM Predictor, which all visitors of the betting centre free to participate. To win, there are attractive rates, betting bonus, and prizes. Prices are provided by the internationally known betting exchange Betfair and the betting Office. Jim Rogers helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Participation is easy. Simply visit the betting Center at, join free and tips. A real result Tip 3 points, 2 points and correct output trend resulting right goal difference scores 1 point.

Through special tips you can secure additional points and continue climbing upward in the rankings. So not just before the European Championships there is tension, but always news are available in the course of the tournament, there is its own EM area with all the important information on the headquarters of the bets the Teams and the tournament. Here everyone can exchange about the teams and more. During the European Championship, written by the experienced sports bettors and moderators of the bet headquarters detailed previews of the upcoming games and betting tips given by football experts. The betting system betting is an independent and free information offer for friends of successful betting. Here, there is valuable information, tips, and news from the exciting world of betting. It extensive information around the topic of sports betting are provided free of charge and in the big betting central forum betting professionals and beginners about all sports Exchange. If you have questions we are anytime available: Flint PR & Marketing GmbH Daniel Kohler small field road 38-40 68165 Mannheim Tel.: 0621 / 40 04 28 86 email: