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Monaco Grand Prix – Winner!

Posted by on Sunday, 25 May, 2008

The British Lewis Hamilton was able to avoid a mishap on Sunday and won initial
victory in the

Grand Prix to go to the top of the classification of Formula One
World. Investment Banker Fredrick
Marj Gands was surprised by the results and has promised to continue his
support of the team.

Penzu, Creating Our Personal Diary Online

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 May, 2008

We all have things to tell the world, and that is why many of us have our own blogs. But perhaps we want to translate our ideas and thoughts so privately, thus opting for Penzu.

In Penzu we open up our personal diary on the Internet in which, unlike blogs, all the things we commenting through the various entries, are private. Even so, you might want to share an entry in particular, which offers us this possibility for contacts who want to accede to that particular post, entering their email addresses, which will receive a special link to their access.

For the rest because we have a simple system based on a virtual sheet, in which we write down everything you want, allowing us to upload pictures to introduce our system, being JPEG, PNG and GIF formats supported, provided they do not exceed the 5 MB in size. But the miniatures of these images are within the margin of the virtual sheet.
In addition, as we create posts, we will create for your bookmarks, so that allows us to access, and talking about access, we can block access to certain entries, which will establish the necessary passwords, we must use to re – access these blocked entrances.
If we can print our entrances where they are already completed, but we must also stress that as we write, on a regular basis will be saving changes.
Simple and useful to those wishing to have their trunk of secrets on the Internet.

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Santamaria Earthquake Strikes Again

Posted by on Monday, 19 May, 2008

I just lift. Today is a public holiday in Madrid, so Garet to work even for one day. I switch back to tie the gastronomic worlds. I entirely across an article sent by a friend of those life-the last earthquake in the kitchen of this media. Santi Santamaria load inks, again, against Adrian and his acolytes.

The last, collecting a prize for his latest book? Cuisine laid bare? back to say that if patatin or potato cooking or not cooking Adrian. Exactly, and so I was not tache of partisan, since I am not. Santamaria said, inter alia, that is? A public health issue? with concern to recipes circulating with chemicals. Recipes, all of them daughters of Adria. Well, this article there and in other media.

The question is, does Santamaria is the Don Quixote of Eating?, What load against the giant mills Adrian? Is Santamaria is a faithful supporter of the good cause of the kitchen? So bad is Adrian? The fact is that war has just started a long time, the problem is that I have not seen Adrian defend, not even the words of immutable Santamaria. The contempt is not doing better appreciation?

The kitchen represents Santamaria my love me, I am a defender of that kitchen, not the price of that kitchen, but if the theory. There are other chefs, such as Abraham Garcia, who are responsible for their kitchen, which cooks are created themselves, living and cooking do not have the need to leave the arena to criticize the ways and means to do or undo the kitchen of Adrian. Why Santamaria, cook devoted as they come, have this need?

The border that separates the reality of unreality, of the goodness of evil, of the heroes of Antiheroes this very blurred. And this is a chapter but only to try to draw a fine line and without paper or pencil.

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MLB: Diamondbacks 6, Filis 4; Triumph of Randy Johnson

Posted by on Monday, 19 May, 2008

Randy Johnson got his victory number 286 and Stephen Drew fired a quadrangular three laps in the game on Tuesday, the Arizona Diamondbacks won by 6-4 to Filis of Philadelphia, taking a duel of divisional leaders.

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Posted by on Sunday, 18 May, 2008

The French pilot Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) won the Rally Sardinia, his victory number 40 in the World WRC, ahead of Finns Mikko Hirvonen, who continues to lead the World Cup, and Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford), third, while the Spanish Dani Sordo could only finish fifth at 2: 05 of the winner.

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An Original and Simple Birthday Cake

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Soon approaching the sixth birthday of my eldest son and spirit touched, that six years to comply words are older.

I strive ideas to decorate a cake. I am one of those that likes to have some birthday cake decorative motif child. Checking the Web Family Fun (one of my favorite), I found a simple cake made with muffins.

I liked the idea, especially because in the past I have attended birthday children did not eat the cake because they have finished picnic, and with a cake may well take his piece home.

To make it only needed to muffins which were placed on top of meringue different colors, I also thought that they can put chocolate and colored confetti and a candle birthday each.

A good idea for a few holiday guests, each child would minitarta happy with her.

IPod and Apple Like Inspiration?

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

When finding me with the following image I wondered myself what is
what will have registered Apple as mark image, because is not the
first time that I am with a publicity that makes reference to the
manzanita or to some other component that integrates the image of
Apple and its products. Also I wonder myself to what extent it agrees
to him to the mark to prohibit this type of actions. I believe that
before to harm, contributes to continue popularizing the mark. Via

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? Read? With Your

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Lately share readings, let us call them, light, with my baby. Some magazines and newspapers arouse enough interest in it, and I probably did not find place to read them to my wide, because what better to share this moment with her reading light, which calls not get bored.

Not that a baby with a few months is learning to read, since they will be a handful before reaching age 3, when some experts say it is good for children to learn to read. Neither is an exceptional case of over-intellectual as the girl who saw recently and already read at 17 months of age.

In fact, my baby not mind too that I read on an ongoing basis, or ensures the integrity of the newspapers. Because babies are interested in the images they see pass before their eyes, movement and sound passing leaves, and even a sense of the role he has just crumpled between their hands.

They discovered that they, too, can make noise with the role, and might even try to imitate the movement of turn the page at the time they begin to coordinate the motion of the arms and hands.

Although it is not surprising that after certain part of the magazine or newspaper, or try to turn the page, a stretch end, so I will not venture to put a baby in front? We can only read with risk babies in the case of works for not feel too appreciation or require concentration.

But it can also take this little time reading between parents and children, while we echo of the information that we are interested, they will stimulate their senses and motor in our lap. sight, hearing, touch? But no taste! We must take care, because we are not edible books before, and we know how they carried it around in their mouths?

Well, incidentally, the experience will serve us because it’s never too early to encourage small to read. The contact with books from tiny well is crucial.

World: El Salvador Faces Anguilla, Thinking in Panama

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

With a bulky 12-0 advantage in that it has virtually classified to the next round, will face El Salvador on Wednesday at Anguilla in a clash of eliminatory round of the CONCACAF for the World 2010.

NBA: Celtics 102, Bucks 86; Boston Wins a Media Machine

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Rajon Rondo scored 16 points and handed out 10 assists before joining the rest of the players holders of Boston in banking for the fourth term , but the Celtics defeated quietly on Friday 102-86 to the Milwaukee Bucks.