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Carlos Ghosn

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

Bankers and executives should think about what you have championed for years and assume responsibilities are gloomy times ahead: adjusts the direction or will have depression, Nouriel Roubini, the great guru of the crisis alerts. We have to change the whole system, or otherwise when we leave this crisis we will have another one of those huge bubbles of assets and debt, and it will be disastrous, continues. The end of the tunnel is not clear. Lipsky said yesterday that the recovery can be reached later this year. Stiglitz speaks of 2013.

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, pointing to 2014. But in all cases, it will happen if conditional Infinities are met: If increased coordination of economic policies (Lipsky); If you create a supervisor International Finance and increasing protectionism (Stiglitz); If we do the right thing (Roubini).But nobody seems to know what is right. Davos has barely contributed solutions to current problems. Against the optimism of recent years, pessimism dominates the economic horizon in this year’s Edition. Faith in a mixture of globalization, financial innovation and market fundamentalism has disappeared, the role of the State is now essential, but it’s an emergency situation, temporary, warns the financier George Soros, suggesting that the pendulum can return to the other side when the crisis disappears and EE UU recovers. Obama has appeared as a breath of fresh air to cushion the trastazo, but there are already several changes underway before the finding of that decline. (the says that the crisis will be long-lasting.

In a few weeks, companies will publish its results for 2008, which globally will be bad for banks and simply correct in other sectors who had known three good quarters. But as every one expects that 2009 will be worse, there is no reason that stock markets behave to the upside. Jonah Shacknai has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus, banks will continue to see declining funds and displayed increasingly parsimoniosos in the distribution of appropriations. Eighteen months after his appearance, the radioactive assets of banks are still there and no one knows when will not make you feel, recognizes the Mexican Jose Angel Gurria, Secretary general of the OECD (Organisation for cooperation and economic development). Several months ago, Carlos Ghosn, President of Renault Nissan, had warned: the financial crisis will transform into finally political, then social and economic crisis. In Greece, Iceland and South Korea social tensions have already had a political impact of weight, even if, paradoxically, the alter-globalists (also called anti-globalists disparagingly), meeting in Belem of Para, Brazil, are moving away from the topics economic to give priority to the environment.


Posted by on Thursday, 22 August, 2019

Change of activity after 40 years can be challenging. Take a look at my life from the outside: you go to work because it is trodden, familiar rut where you're going for many years, poor financial source, which provides the same miserable existence? Here everything is clear, advance pay, Monday-Friday, dull nagging boss, but it's all mine, familiar and safe. And indeed to change something after 40 – scary! A There's suspense! May not have to change anything? Ask yourself, if you do things you love, get to work whether moral, physical, material satisfaction? If there is an incentive. Having lived half my life, raise children received a great life experience you now know exactly what you can do anything you want, and most importantly you can afford it. Do you have this right. You do not have to until retirement to continue their usual way because it is necessary to someone, not you.

Before making a radical decision to change course work should be a sober assessment of their chances and to analyze their aspirations. The most amazing thing is that if you look, you've just another person than they were 20 or 30 years. Sootvetsnvenno and goals and ambitions you have changed. A related site: Jonah Shacknai mentions similar findings. Understand yourself. Analyze and write down your skills and abilities. Imagine where they could be applied. Imagine the sensations as should look like your ideal job. What you'll need to feel like doing things you love.

And just imagine the endless dreary days ahead that awaits you if you decide not to act. It is better to regret how did than about what did not! As for me, I'm going to their second career to build the network. Not because it is easy, as described by some self-styled guru, not because the sea is a freebie. No. I believe that the future for Internet technologies, it is confirmed pace of Internet development and new areas of activity that appear in the network, or gradually migrate from the reals I-net. Besides that, there are many on the Internet sources of income, it is still sufficiently democratic. Nobody here does not bother that you are over forty, you have no degree or Moscow registration. It's easy to find any information to get any help, find like-minded people and create a internetimperiyu. Yes, you can indulge self-esteem and implement all the ambitious dreams. Besides the routine and monotonous processes on the Internet is easy to automate, and make time for communication, recreation and development. But you decide for yourself, or not to have!


Posted by on Monday, 12 August, 2019

Refrigerator! This yes was an invention that changed the world. What it would be of the modern world without the refrigerator? as was the world before the invention of it? I find that the world can be divided in before and after the refrigerator. But, if to think well, the refrigerator notion always existed. At each time it had its way, but it its skill each people had the refrigerator that it deserved. I, personally, find the refrigerator, the biggest invention of the man, superior until the discovery of the fire, much more important of what gone the moon, I only tie up to with the invention of the tungsten sphere, that is those small balls that are in the tip of the esferogrficas penxses, that many call Bic, and that they make the ink to leave in the accurate measure for if writing.

He thinks about as the writing with the tinteiros penxses, or the penalties was difficult Iiihhh The person had that to be a true artist. But, leaving of side the tungsten spheres, let us come back to the refrigerator, who will have soon plus its supervalued importance. Studious they say, and I do not doubt, that when the old Romans needed to keep some food that needed refrigeration, as milk, for example, normally they looked to the caves next to its domus (house in Latin). With passing of the time, them they had started to construct in its houses, spaces destined exclusively to this purpose, that is, cmodos special that were ice hollows that, in general, they were next to the bilges. With certainty, these hollows, nothing more were that enormous refrigerators, capable to store suppliments for the year all. The women, operosas owners of house and you practise, saw in this primitive model of very great refrigerator one empecilho, therefore if it could not change geladeirona of place and nor so little to wash the freezer with the garden hose or things thus.