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University of Puerto

Posted by on Sunday, 31 January, 2010

University of Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico (UPR). Public university system in Puerto Rico. It is the largest university system in the country, and has eleven campuses around the island with an enrollment of over 64,740 students, is also one of the oldest. Torre del R o Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico

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EA Towards a regionalized strategy for Los Tuxtlas

Posted by on Thursday, 28 January, 2010

In the region of Los Tuxtlas, Santa Marta, which until it was once a dream of a few, has become a shared effort in building process: it is the development of a regionalized environmental education strategy, ie designed specifically for the characteristics, needs, problems and social actors in this area so important from the standpoint of biodiversity, culture and environmental services. One might think that the roads would be raided conservation after having decreed the creation of the Biosphere Reserve Tuxtlas nearly nine years, and have been studied the relevance of the recharge area for aquifers and biodiversity. But reality is not so simple: different ecological damage is often still present (fire, pollution, deforestation, overexploitation of resources, removal of protected species, etc.).. It happens that the investigations, recommendations, regulations and decrees are little use if they are understood, accepted and adopted by those who interact daily with the region to be protected. This means that to preserve and restore the natural wealth of Los Tuxtlas is indispensable support from various social sectors.But for their participation actually have a positive impact, should be based on well-founded information and analysis, in addition to strategies and organization to optimize resources and wills. Because of this, since 2005 the Integrated Ecosystem Management Project (MIE-GEF) 1 of the Directorate of the Biosphere Reserve, with support from various institutions and organizations have worked to define and implement a strategy environmental education for both the buffer zone of the Reserve (home to about 33 thousand people), as for its area of influence, where there are towns and municipal centers such as Santiago and San Andres Tuxtla, Catemaco, Tatahuicapan, Soteapan, Minatitlan and Coatzacoalcos, which together have more than one million inhabitants. From the outset has been the intention of overcoming various inertias which are quite common in the area who work in education and awareness on the environment: waste of effort, lack of human resources, training opportunities and support materials, simplification of the problem and strategies that attack only the most superficial aspects Sectorisation environmental work, approaches and information too general or designed for other contexts, and so on. Therefore, it has conducted a patient and well-planned work based on the following lines of work: 1 .- Generate learning spaces and meeting in which representatives of various institutions, organizations and social sectors interested in promoting more and better environmental culture, so that everyone contribute their experiences and knowledge, and there may be an appreciation and support for shared goals. We call this learning community. 2 .- Carry out awareness raising at various institutions, inviting them to devote greater attention and resources to the issue of environmental education. 3 .- Aware that economic and human resources currently allocated to this area are reduced, instead of trying to make a small working group to reach a population as large as the one in the region, the strategy has been privileged to call “training the trainers”, ie support the training of persons who fall within the scope of education in the region.

The Budapest Stock

Posted by on Thursday, 28 January, 2010

The Budapest Stock Exchange Budapest Stock Exchange is relatively new and is the principal stock exchange in Hungary. Although there was a bag in Budapest in 1864, was closed after the formation of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in a post-Second World War.

Clover Square Mall

Posted by on Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

Clover Square Mall rear facade of the Mall Plaza del Trebol. It is the third mall chain Plaza Mall, and the first of the premises of the network built out of Santiago, which is located in the municipality of Talcahuano, Concepci n. It was opened on 28 April 1995. Around this shopping center have been installed include supermarkets, hotels, clinics and housing projects. It consisted at the time of opening 120 stores under two department stores (Paris and Falabella), a recreation center and children’s entertainment, a food court and seven cinemas (company Cinemark). In 1997 occurs the first expansion of the Mall, which has a Service Boulevard with 22 specialty stores, 2 gyms, an area bank and a supermarket (Santa Isabel, which becomes the first branch of this chain before the purchase of local chain Multimarket). With this, we construct a pedestrian walkway along the Boulevard and Highway Concepcion-Talcahuano and two stops beside her.Furthermore, it opens a store for home and building (Home Depot Homecenter currently Sodimac). In March 2003 a third shop was opened by departments (Ripley) and later that year was ample and the food court opens “Living Library”, an event room (Area Zero) and clinic (Integram dica). In October 2005, Bowling opens first in the region and the retail motor (AutoPlaza). In 2007 it opened a new wing with more shops and outdoor food courts, a plaza with sculptures and roofed 3-storey parking lots, plus a fourth department store (Johnson’s). Later this year a step sobrenivel built to relieve congestion on Highway Avenue Jorge Alessandri, plus a new sector called “Aires” is characterized by its natural environment, its parking “VIP” and the presence of stores such as “Evita” “Zara” and “Sony Style”, among others.In May 2008, part of the pedestrian bridge on Highway Concepcion-Talcahuano collapsed because of a truck that did not meet the maximum height allowed, this also led a passing minibus getting crushed while walking by. Because of this, until recently inaugurated the vehicular bridge (located behind the pedestrian) had to fulfill the task of replacing the damaged footbridge. The latter was rebuilt and reinforced in late December 2008, and commenced the construction of lifts in their ascents. Along with this, in late 2008 was completed a new extension of the Boulevard, near the bank area. This mall is the largest of the chain outside the Metropolitan Region.

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Functional Vision Vision

Posted by on Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

Functional Vision Vision Process vs. functional vs. Vision The Vision of functional processes rests on the organization chart as a fundamental business model, activities that must run the organization to fulfill its mission, are divided into relatively homogeneous sets of functions (eg, all activities having to do with the finances of the organization, unite under one ‘roof’). And so, the resources belong to departments and functional specialization and expertizaje are the main considerations when building departments, which are related through a hierarchy of authority structures. Breeding programs are focused on increasing efficiency and effectiveness of specific organizational units and functions, often sub-optimized to holistic organization as a whole and neglecting what should be the first priority of any organization: to meet and anticipate possible customer requirements.In contrast, the hearing process is oriented to the work itself must be developed in the organization, to make businesses run and deliver a product or service, for which an external client is willing to pay. The sight of such processes is a powerful way to visualize and analyze a business, which supplies the logic with which customers look at it, the guests interact with the company through business processes, hiring a service, receiving said service, paying and receiving after-sales care. When he understands the business from this perspective, it is possible to assess the “added value” of work that brings everyone.What actually happens when you look at the firm as a logical and integrated processes is that it is possible to realize that the actual processes, organizational structures crossing longitudinally, for example, consider the process ‘design new products,’ it through the functional area of Marketing (identifying market requirements), Research and Development (who designs the product according to specifications supplied by Marketing), Engineering (who designed the components), Operations (which assesses the feasibility of fabricating the product with existing facilities) and Finance (which assesses the economic and financial feasibility of carrying out the project). However, the functional approach, the process becomes invisible and therefore nobody is responsible for its performance holistically and each functional unit is responsible for only part of this process, try to optimize it, sub-optimized the process itself such.When an organization changes functions, an approach based on a logic of processes, what it does is move to emphasize the one who does what, to what should be done to achieve a certain result.

Matron: The Best Help In New Mexico Pregnancy JA

Posted by on Monday, 25 January, 2010

Probably you need to ask yourself if you already have a matron gynecologist. However, this professional has an irreplaceable role in pregnancy and childbirth will be your best help when your baby is born … During pregnancy the midwife will support and friend with whom to share this experience. But it will also be an educator who provides information and advice on pregnancy outcome and infant development of the future will take care also the mood of expectant parents, and promotes the link between them and their unborn child from the start. Besides a professional attention to these symptoms and signs that may indicate that something is not as good as expected, leading to the woman’s physician and obstetrician for evaluation. We offer basic facts about what midwives do: FIRST AND SECOND MONTH: The midwife is on hand to advise women on the start of good habits, and provide care and remedies on the nuisance of the first quarter, advising when to go to the hospital according to symptoms. It also tells you about the tests that will be asked in the first half of pregnancy. THIRD MONTH: Emphasizes care of women and informs the development of the unborn baby. Guide parents in the course of pregnancy through a physical and psychological. FOURTH MONTH: The midwife provides advice on further tests to ascertain the progress of a healthy pregnancy. Take care and attends the fears and anxieties of prospective parents. FIFTH MONTH: The midwife makes a new control to the pregnant woman (weight, blood, abdominal circumference, detection of fetal heartbeat … ..), comments, and on other occasions, how are women and instructs both expectant parents on fetal growth and development of the senses. SIXTH MONTH: After controlling for pregnancy, the midwife teaches expectant parents to communicate with the baby in the womb. SEVENTH MONTH: After the control of pregnancy, the midwife is the discomfort with women in the third quarter, answer the questions of the couple should start attending nursery education courses. EIGHTH MONTH: The midwife monitors the progress of pregnancy, recent guidance on prenatal and warns about going home preparing for the arrival of new member. NINTH MONTH: Matron spoke with the couple about the inconvenience of women before the onset of labor, the fear of it and doubt about this. This month is celebrated as the longest. The midwife monitors the progress of pregnancy and the couple reminds you health checks of the newborn and mother after delivery. It’s time to pay more attention to the attitude and emotional state of the two future parents.

Day 1. Lima – Cuzco

Posted by on Monday, 25 January, 2010

Friday, 31 – October – 2008 My flight leaves Lima at 14:45 … I will be arriving about 17:00 to Cuzco .. . Walter waiting for me at the airport … he has gone by land … almost 24 hours of bus .. . The rustic hotel … … as defined by Walter is a disaster … the ceiling stains have nothing to envy in the faces of Belmez jeje … but hey, we can not ask for much … cost us the equivalent of 5 euros for two people … The faces in our room Belmez Cuzco Let’s take a vueltilla before leaving “spree” at night … we ran into the walls of Acllahuasi (home of the Chosen Women), where they lived Inca Virgins of the Sun and that after the conquest, became part the convent of Santa Catalina and closing housed nuns … Acllahuasi Walls (house of the Chosen Women) It’s Halloween … the children are dressed in the street, asking for candy … we reached the main square is full of people … … the temperature is pleasant to stroll … with a little luck, if does not rain tomorrow we can hire a tour to make the route of the Inca ..


Posted by on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

Cars, computers and home sales in Florida reached the highest figures of the past 13 years due to the substantial increase in consumption. The reports published on Wednesday showed that there is an increase in the confidence of the local economy.The new home sales grew 10 percent during June and the sale of appliances and computers also grew 5 percent in the same month, this being the third straight monthly rise. The chief economist at IHS Global Insight, Nigel Gault, commented that he had bottomed out but “now we recover slowly. Other news reports are favorable for the construction sector. Brad Hunter, director of a company that conducts market research in the homes and the homes of sw florida said new home sales grew. Not many months ago the construction was slowed. With the current boom, the effect on the economy would be very beneficial to sw Florida. At the national level has not yet been confirmed that home sales will continue.While the increase in construction and in sales last month were due to changing sales stage and a subsequent moderate momentum due to government programs such as tax credit for purchasing homes. Economists believe the housing crisis in auction houses began in 2007 has been completed. It is possible that the national economy will grow in the quarter that goes 0ctober-December. It is important for those months that government incentive programs have ended. During July there were 433 thousand new home sales, with a substantial increase from the previous month, another sign that the housing market is starting to recover. Sales of existing homes rose by 7.2 percent in all states during the month of July. The increase registered during the first four months in the past five years showed a report of the National Association of Realtors. Lawrence Yun, an NAR economist, said “the housing market has taken a turn toward something better.” The existing homes including cooperatives, condominiums and single-family properties, rose 7.2 percent to 5.25 million properties were sold during July. The number exceeds 4.89 million operations concretized homes for sale in June this year. The registered numbers showed an increase of 5 percent to 4.99 million units sold in July 2008. A situation similar to the present was given before the start of the housing crisis and the houses at auction in June 2004 when home sales increased for four consecutive months. Yun believes that the increase in sales because many people buy their first property using the tax credit granted by the federal state together with the large inventory of homes for sale cheap. The economist said there is great demand for houses, IN THE SW FL.

Most important properties

Posted by on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

Most important properties Rayon is a very versatile fiber and has the same properties in terms of convenience of use than other natural fibers and can imitate the feel of silk, wool, cotton or linen. The fibers are easily dyed other colors such as red. Rayon fabrics are soft, light, fresh, comfortable and very absorbent, but do not isolate the body, allowing perspiration. They are therefore ideal for hot and humid climates. The strength of rayon with the passage of time is, however, low, especially when wet, also has the lowest elastic recovery of all fibers. HWM rayon, by contrast, is much stronger and durable. Recommended care for regular rayon is based on their dry cleaning. HWM rayon can be machine washed.

History By

Posted by on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

History By the early 1950s proposed building a hospital on the island of Mallorca. The charge of carrying out such project was the architect Jos Martin Marcide, and was chosen as the site on the former estate of Son Dureta. The medical center began construction in 1953 and on 16 November 1955 was inaugurated under the name of Residencia Sanitaria Virgen de Lluc. At that time the hospital had 300 beds and 150 employees, of whom 60 were nurses (13 of them were nuns of the Order of St. Vincent de Paul who lived in Son Dureta) So there were only two resident doctors, the rest just came to the center when they had to operate and charge for medical procedures. In 1960 he created the School of Nursing Our Lady of Lluc, but would not be until 1976 when the hospital gets the teaching license for internal training of graduate degrees.Since then we have trained over 2,000 hospital nurses and 803 resident physicians (MIR) in 1977 conducted an extension of downtown with the construction of the pavilion B (maternity) and flag K (outpatient) Management of hospital changed completely in 1986. Until then, the center was run by a director, an administrator and a chief nurse. That year was appointed a managing director of which depended on the medical departments, nursing, management and general services. It was an organizational change that was taking place in many hospitals in Spain at that time. The hospital still carrying the Virgin name Lluc. It was in 1987 when, finally, the hospital was renamed Son Dureta. For over 40 years are Dureta was the only hospital not only on the island of Mallorca, but throughout the community Balear. Since it was not until 2001 when it opened the Hospital Son Ll Tzer.Subsequently other hospitals were built in the archipelago, as the Inca Regional Hospital or General Hospital Mateu Orfila, both opened in 2007.