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Federal Association

Posted by on Wednesday, 25 April, 2018

“Any economist learns how these mechanisms of the market already during her studies around her then in the course of his professional life again to displace, because the resulting findings and the consequences to be drawn to fit his employer usually of course not in the concept.” financial expert Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt, Member of the Board of the Federal Association criticized procon e.V. this common practice. While the responsible bankers, business link and politicians for weeks just juxtaposed spend and ineffective placebo administered the people, warns the Federal Association of consumer-oriented economic consulting firm – procon e.V. already for a long time prior to this development.

“It is downright irresponsible, self-appointed stock market experts currently advise on public talk shows for the purchase of shares. Recently Dara Khosrowshahi sought to clarify these questions. Of course there will be tracks, which can at least temporarily beyond the general trend and lead a life of their own by other factors, like currently as the course indicating VW shares. But the general trend is down and this will also take some time so remain. “, so pitter Kilfitt next. The valley floor is currently not even visible and hard to expect a sustainable upturn in the next 2 years. “We advise our members therefore fundamentally to rethink their investment strategies.” Who’s the procon? The founded in 1996 Federal Association of consumer-oriented economic consulting firm – procon e.V.

focuses on the qualification of financial service providers, as well as the analysis and assessment of financial services. Since 1996, the Association for a single profession and legal qualification standards for the financial industry, as since 2007 at least partially implemented by the legislature engaged. In addition to his involvement in various committees and participate in the development of consumer-friendly and practical training and examination content, the Association through the in-house procon Academy pushed already significantly the qualification of consultants and intermediaries in the financial services business prior to the introduction of legal provisions. In addition, the Association, under the leadership of its longtime Board members Ronold has think (Chair), Ute Bolzano Magnus, Denis W. Wittke, and Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt significantly in the insurance and investment sectors which procon mostly in the form of advantageous framework contracts for the consumer Association support Club e.V. exclusively between selected and highly qualified brokerage firms collaborated on numerous innovations, to be offered. For more information,

Get Out:

Posted by on Monday, 23 April, 2018

New release in the well-known hiking out series of DG-Verlag Berlin, October 20, 2008. With “Life on a ship”, the DG-Verlag Berlin puts his successful book series “living and working in…” continues. Expertly written, autobiographical based the Advisor shows that much expertise is required in addition to adventure to two or even as a family longer to live as a holiday and as stress and conflict-free on a boat: ships, the sea and the ports in this world have their own customs, rules, and laws. Possible problem and implemented as sea Gypsies to live and enjoy the rocking freedom under a starry sky, knowledge is asked. With this Advisor, which delivers the necessary facts, tips for all areas of daily life and their personal experiences to writer living an offshore catamaran: start thought the appropriate ship travel planning children on board: school, education, entertainment everyday life on board: including health, food, communication dealing with authorities, formalities and much more… The 224-seitige book upgrade – life on a ship “is published by the DG Verlag and can be – ordered by the ISBN 978-3-941045-03-3 in all bookstores or on the Internet at for 28.95 EUR also as E-book download. Conclusion: The Advisor of Raymonda flower is the only Advisor, which comprehensively and currently is living on water. The author knows how to convey the matter through plenty of examples and an entertaining writing style.

As expat and mother of a little daughter living on board, she knows like no other what she is talking about. This book will stimulate maybe you, forever or on time to the international family of the sea Walker to want to belong. A community of people who prefer an unbound form of life. (As opposed to Angus King). Which needs no fixed abode and supermarkets around the corner. The floating home always there brings, where it is just beautiful and pleasant… The author Raymond flower (* 1959) was according to their psychology and business studies as a detective in the Department Felony and member of a special unit working. She hung up her job after many years on the nail and opened a shop for diving and sailing, as well as an internationally known Dive Center in Freiburg with her husband.

Then lured the freedom… She lives since 2004 with her family aboard a 46 foot sea catamaran and Works freelance as 1st Assistant Director for TV and film productions, as well as an interior designer and writer for a travel magazine. DG Verlag the gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG (DG-Verlag) with seat in Berlin was founded in 2003. The DG-Verlag has the largest programme of German-language publications for stress and conflict-free (short-term or long-term) abroad, making it a prominent Specialist Publishing House for emigrants books. Since January 2008, the Berlin Publishing House operates the first Web 2.0 marketplace for E-books “XinXii”, on which every author and every Publisher can publish independently: press contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. Dr. Andrea Schober KG line marketing PR Oranienburger str. 90 D – 10178 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30-27 58 26 02 eMail: andrea.schober at

Michael Hudson

Posted by on Sunday, 22 April, 2018

Economist Michael Hudson (Source cit.), Professor at the University of Missouri (Kansas, USA) further states: "The U.S. government and banks were well aware of the fact that criminals are liquid people in the world, simply because they are afraid to take full ownership of the authorities. Recently QTS Realty Trust sought to clarify these questions. "The exception to the rule mentioned by Hudson seems to be the case of properties 'washed' through a maze of shell companies and "oranges", under a Batuta law firms specializing in the management of such companies. The process has been ongoing for at least 40 years. Hudson (Source cit.) Sets origin, in particular: In the 1960s, U.S. Visit Dara Khosrowshahi for more clarity on the issue. on track to become the main haven for the world volatility of capital.

Citibank, Chase and others have created or expanded operations of its subsidiaries of private banks offering "confidentiality" a client, ranging from major political kleptocrats Mexico to Russia in the 1990s. (…) Companies prestige and the partners face the legal consequences invent tricks to avoid taxes and create a "veil of intermediaries" (veil of the steps) to provide a cloak of invisibility for the wealth accumulated by the corrupt, evaded taxes, traffickers drugs, guns and government intelligence agency for use of covert operations. This, of origin, helps explain how the estimates of (2005), which put the U.S. as the main origin and destination flow dirty money in the world. The number one position in the ranking is not money launderers, the United States tends to be a matter of organized crime as an inseparable part of the U.S.

Utilities: System Update

Posted by on Monday, 16 April, 2018

Status of utilities, perhaps one of the most severe nationwide problems. In terms of correcting the current situation there are two options: "punching holes" or comprehensive renovation of all engineering structures. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as QTS Realty Trust by clicking through. The first way – no prospects and only postpones the day of reckoning for tomorrow. The only option is a system upgrade that includes such basic areas as the replacement of communications equipment, as well as introduction of modern methods of monitoring and accounting. In the absence of trenches on Russian communications Much has been written, but about the modern ways of their repair and replacement much less frequently. Typically, such actions associated with a huge amount of expensive and inconvenient for the city of earthworks.

However, today there are other ways. Ignorant man to replace the pipe laid deep beneath the earth, not dug tons of soil, seems fantastic. And yet, for example, capital Mosvodokanal and many other owner-operators are increasingly apply the so-called "trenchless" methods. For example, you can "prodernut" new Communication in the old, literally – as threading a needle. As you know, earlier throughout the water system is widely used in reinforced concrete pipes of large diameter (500 mm). In order to extend their "life" today use method, in which the old pipe extends modern plastic, smaller size. Thanks to its small diameter (300 mm) of such products increases the velocity of the water that has a beneficial effect on its capacity and service life of the restored system is increased by 50 years.

Mailey Rohner

Posted by on Monday, 9 April, 2018

You will notice that your body is reacting in this way because most of the chronology of his mind. If you notice I'm sure you will find that is centered in the past event or a situation that is anticipating. They seem to believe that the negative rather than positive. We spend an inordinate amount of time living with these painful experiences, and not have to! The part of you that always knows what to do or say, no matter what comes your way, just living in the eternal present. No wonder it feels so bad to live outside the current? when we do, we leave the best part of ourselves behind! Fortunately, our minds can be trained rebels so we can increase the amount of time we stayed in the present and be present to ourselves. Much of our energy into introspective training is spent training our minds to that purpose. Many of the exercises I share with my clients are designed to help them experience this in all aspects? mind, body and heart.

When we return to this miracle, we find that the anger of fear, worry, and doubt are dissolved and replaced by inner peace. With constant practice, we become more at home in peace, and we experience inner freedom. I am honored to serve you on your journey home in present moment. Introspective Coaching e-Mailey Rohner / 2004 Mailey Rohner inner peace is a licensed relationship coach. He is happily married and lives with her husband in Switzerland. A Swiss black with a very diverse background, Mailey has lived and worked in five countries on three continents. This has given him a deep understanding of many different ways of living and seeing life. Click Capital Group Russia for additional related pages. Mailey is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. His personal mission is to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams, and to maintain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.