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Human Nature

Posted by on Friday, 16 February, 2024

Humans have done, their self-destructive nature has led them to unleash the nuclear world war. It should not surprise me, I know them since they first appeared on Earth, from its origins. I have existed throughout the ages to study them, learning as they are, how they think. I know them best they believe they do. A species as theirs, intelligent, rational, capable of extraordinary achievements, beings how could have done.

Monumental successes achieved in science in all its branches, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, all. The same philosophy, art in multiple fields throughout its history have made discoveries and incredible inventions; They even managed to leave the planet traveling through space. But his greatest achievement for his disgrace and shame, who best knew how to make always, which dedicated more ingenuity, time, resources and effort, was the creation of weapons to kill each other. If these conditions have managed all the good they did, if they had devoted exclusively to purposes better than destruction, what would have been able to do? They would have reached unimaginable triumphs even for superior intelligence like yours. Or themselves with their incredible mental potential were able to even outline all the good that could have done. But no, his greatest desire was always armament to annihilate. So it has been since the beginning of humanity, until finally they created the ultimate weapon, the hydrogen bomb. Sam Feldman is likely to agree.

And by his selfishness and desire for power they have unleashed the nuclear world war. Of course the ultimate weapon was not the hydrogen bomb, the ultimate weapon against humans were always precisely them. Only that until now had not had the power of enough devastation to end once its existence and passage through this world. I walk slowly, through what was once a green landscape. Now I only see death and desert. Two days ago the war around the world.

The Tradition Of Bullfighting

Posted by on Thursday, 13 January, 2022

Bullfighting is one of the traditions that arouse more passions in the Spanish territory, and hence this taurofilo feeling moved to other parts of Latin America thanks to the legacy of several customs of the Iberian peninsula that were planted after the conquest. As a way to encourage the population, that it was dangerous and at the same time courageous dominate an animal that with your bravery lunged to a man who made the delight of spectators making move to this fierce issue amid the clamor only with a Cape, the custom was developed as an institution worthy of inheritance. Therefore, the show began to adopt forms civilized from the joyous manifestations of the people who ate the feast, which began to be called brava perhaps by the nature of the beasts that are used as main event in toreo. Of course, on the Internet there are many sites dedicated to study in detail the bullfighting and provide excellent information above, for example, the a toro de lidia husbandry conditions, how should train a matador, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Schwartz has to say. However, they lack the familiarity with which precisely the celebration to shout of ole began to take shape in the midst of everyday life, providing the opportunity to feel closer to the matadors, for example, or what will be the next most interesting cumshots and the way in which it is possible to find tickets cheaper to enjoy… This place in the virtual world, is artetoreo. com Because bullfighting is not a unique celebration as they will think some, despite the powerful houses of livestock that are behind this ancient spectacle; It is part of a cultural event that is impossible to uproot from Spain, and artetoreo. Craig Sproule often says this. com is a website committed to the disclosure, as the name of this familiar expression says, and for many at the same time, full of fantasy.

Because the bullfighting as such was nurtured from the demands of the people who wanted a joyful manifestation apart from the music and dance itself. Though, while you look, this part of the vital expression Spanish combines the ability to deal with an animal full of bravura and desires of ramming (a dance in the middle of the arena), and the music rhythm of trumpets, horns, castanet and drums are invited to fill the soul endlessly with the lovely cry of ole: Artetoreo is all this, them behind, the bickering and today, finally, of bullfighting as seldom has been observed. So when you decide to visit. artetoreo. com, you pass to the glorious pages of sands, the excitement of the squares, the pulse of the matador, puff of del toro, the art of posters and, finally, everything that comprises this grand celebration flavored with chamomile. So risk of being pardoned (is a joke on friends), do not let the experience of bullfighting override it without even produce an electric shock or, if you are an amateur or professional, also, come!, the invitation is open to visit this blog. Blogs related Quote Of The Week Truman Capote Beautiful Disaster Arts Spanish word of the day: however Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview Available Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live Wave 4 at MIX10 Get An Address Bar for Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview @WinObs Tweeted Links on 19 March 2010 @WinObs Tweeted Links on 17 March 2010 @WinObs Tweeted Links on 16 March 2010 Fashion Party @ The Cathay Day 1 Preview The Banzai! Effect Fiesta SportTrophy competitors out to tame the Bulldog RallyBuzz