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Source .- It is supposed to be providing the invading Incas, who not able to conclude that the confederate offered, presented the most beautiful princesses richly dressed, from the Jungle Antisuyo high, hence the name Anti, adding as a suffix ‘ Chunchuy ‘, bearing the name of the cane and now is called’ kiyaya. But taking up the case of beautiful princesses, those who are not bowing or konchukanos these offers. For this affront, the Inca armies entered the region to engage with konchukanos bloody battles Pishgopampa, Chagas Yahuapampa, Corongo, etc..
Other versions argue that this dance represents the Nustar pallas or the eastern or Antisuyo, that at the time of the Inca Empire were to meet the monarch Inca Yupanqui, aiming to ingratiate itself with the purpose not to destroy its surroundings which had been submitted by his army. This initiative and festive tribute to the women you glad andalusia andalusia Inca Cusco and resolves carry, to serve to his court with their cheerful and exotic dancing.
Members .- This dance is made up of seven women, who in the midst of them is the ‘captain’, responsible for singing. This includes the gang ‘chuncho’, a character man to lead the development of dance.
.- Costumes Costumes from pallas is in monillo and the skirt of the same color, have a chest with fancy trimmings. Shoes using a sun color and shape. Worn on the head with an overburden of peacock feathers, ribbons and a multicolored veil vaporous. Carried a long stick or long cane called ‘kiyaya’ or ‘chuncho’, where the head ends in v r love arias bent as bows. The former chuncho Huanta dressing style, with the difference that wearing a montera conica, a mask and cenia at the waist kirulina the fine cloth like inverted hopper, but now it has been replaced by the white hat, white shirt, black or brown jacket, black pants, belt and multi-ana kiyaya.
Dance Music .- In this role are the violinist, the harpist and flutist.

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Tournament Istanbul

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The Tournament of Istanbul is a tennis tournament of the WTA that takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. Conducted since 2005, this event is the Tier III classification and is played in brick dust canchas outdoors. Istanbul – Turkey … Turkey two parts of the city Istanbul and connects the Sea of … Akbiyik Caddesi 10, Sultanahmet (Istanbul – Turkey) …
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… since 1923 the capital of Turkey is Ankara, Istanbul is a city that … Istanbul is the largest city and most of western Turkey. …


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This amino acid in dietary supplements used for muscle exercised not lower volume, this means that if the muscle does not diminish cm grows from there. On certain occasions, such as stress, trauma or infections, can be considered as “semi”. Used in cases where some prostrate ailments have a patient in bed for a long period of time, athletes used as weights because their impact “builders” of muscle, as well as in patients with cancer and AIDS. 1 This is because the situations of trauma, surgery and other stressful situations cause the muscles to release glutamine into the bloodstream with a health care consequent loss of muscle mass. Supplementation of L-glutamine may be beneficial in cases of arthritis, immune diseases, fibrosis, intestinal supplements disorders, peptic ulcers, damage to tissues due to radiation, cancer (in some cases are detected wellness abnormal levels subminimos glutamine, etc.). Glutamine is sold in powder and capsules. Supplements should be stored in a dry atmosphere and the moisture of “degraded” and converted into ammonia and acid piroglutamico. Glutamine should not be administered to persons with cirrhosis, kidney problems, Reye’s syndrome, or any other health problems resulting from excess ammonia in the blood. Research conducted in animals have shown that administration of glutamine had an appetite-reducing effect, however this effect has not been studied in humans. has been successfully administered in the parenteral nutrition of hospital patients nutrients (in doses that estadares ranging health from 2.8 to 7.3 calories gramos/1000).
L-Glutamine is biosintetizada by the liver and lungs. During intense exercise muscle release of glutamine quantities exceeding the amounts that synthesizes the human body. Scientific studies have shown that this consumption erodes the natural reserves of glutamine in muscle, it is for this reason that some athletes use nutrition it as a dietary supplement. For example, athletes who performed exercise ANAEROBIC released about 45 compared to levels prior to the exercise. When these athletes continue with aerobic exercise for 10 days, the concentration of glutamine in plasma down to 50 . There a decrease in glutamine even six days after the recovery period. These data suggest that these athletes need a supplementation of glutamine in their diet can replenish the reserves in the muscles. The athletes underwent fitness an effort to survive their muscles (without adequate replacement of glutamine) increased their risgo of infection and often recover more slowly from damage. the nutrients and supplements that I bought from Shipping throughout Argentina. Dietary supplements for fitness, health and beauty … HEALTH AND BEAUTY. Uric Acid Essential Fatty Acids Antioxidants …
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Hurricane Dean approaching the Yucat n Peninsula on August 20, 2007
At approximately 3:30 Central Time on Hurricane Dean made landfall in the vicinity of Mahahual, with winds up to 280 km / h The largest city near the point of impact, Chetumal, remained without electricity for several hours . The eye move directly by communities such as pouring and Bacalar, Chetumal were affecting them in the downing of trees, utility poles, advertisements, walls and ceilings, the Bay of Chetumal overflows, flooding the surrounding streets with no reports of lives lost. However, about 800 people were left without homes. Unfortunately, the aid does not arrive in time after passage of the meteor.
The hurricane, weakened towards the state of Campeche, Calakmul across municipalities, and Hecelchakan Champoton, among the most affected communities, Sabancuy. The hurricane went back to the Gulf of Mexico and continuing in parallel to the coast where it started to affect Ciudad del Carmen, where he reported severe damage and flooding 60 of the city.
The hurricane made landfall north of Veracruz on the afternoon of August 22. After its penetration in the latter, continuing its movement to the west providing a large area of rain and instability in the states of Puebla, Hidalgo, Michoacan, Jalisco mexico and then to outside the Pacific Ocean and eventually to affect Baja California Sur with tropical storm force until its dissipation.

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Cota snow

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The snow level is the minimum altitude at which precipitation of a place are in the form of snow. Below this altitude the rain is in the form of rain. This level varies depending on the season one place and depends on temperature, moisture and wind. The highest temperature for the precipitation is as snow varies between 0 and 5 C, although there have been exceptional cases where it has snowed C to 11th, largely due to a very low moisture level.
In a temperate climate in which there are large differences in temperatures between summer and winter, the snow peaks of difference between these two stations can be 3000 meters apoximadamente. However, the level varies much less snow in polar regions and between the two tropics. In polar regions the snow level usually at sea level and in warm climates this level is located at about 5000 meters.

De Telegraaf Cincinnati
Those who enjoyed the recent hot weather should not forget that February and still more snow on its way.
Times Herald
The National Weather Service is forecasting snow after 1 hour with a low around 30. Accumulation of one to three centimeters possible. Wind from the south / southeast 15 km / h with gusts as high as 22 mph.
Sheboygan Press
If you were expecting to wake up to 6 inches of snow this morning, you are probably quite surprised by the sloppy mess out.
Party People’s Daily
All outgoing highways were closed Thursday in Hebei, a northern province surrounding Beijing, after heavy snow fell overnight. The provincial road traffic police center said that all highways by route and Hebei to Beijing had to be closed because of icing. Hebei got its first heavy snow of the year begin Wednesday. The provincial weather bureau said the snow, with a cold …

San Telmo

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In exhibits 1016 Balcarce is a pink house in the late eighteenth century who lived in the Juan Carlos Castagnino S.A. the art circuit has been greatly improved by the artifacts and antiquities brought by among the many pieces of tremendous historical value (1908-1972), painter of renown. the art world has many interesting galleries that offer a great experience to the public, for example, ‘s galleries, managed by an extremely successful art dealer and trader In 1960 it was restored to serve as atellier.
Navarre in 1053 is the sixth in the Old Hotel Gallery, artifacts historic building on his 1860 and to a tenement now occupied by antique dealers, artists, craftsmen, sales Antigen ages, a restaurant and so on.
Between the galleries street and Humberto gallery 1 Avenida San Juan is very exhibition damaged the building art that was the “Trust for Children.”
Finished his antiquities tour in the Parque Lezama, rather than the mythical foundation of Buenos Aires first.
In this area, works of art from the 90s, began to install and television studies, mainly from radio

The Kara Sea

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The Kara Sea was formerly known as Scythicus Oceano Mare glaciers or longer, with these names, in the old maps of the sixteenth century. Since closed by ice most of the year remained largely unexplored until the late nineteenth century.
In 1556 Stephen Borough (1525-84), browse a Searchthrift to reach the river Obi, but was stopped by ice and fog at the entrance to the Kara Sea. Until 1580 there was another English expedition, to Arthur Pet and Charles Jackman, in an attempt to find the passage in the Northeast, a step toward the Pacific. Also failed in England and lost interest in the search.
In 1736-37, the Russian admiral Stepan Malygin conducted a trip to the island Dolgiy in the Barents Sea. The two ships of this expedition were the first Perviy with command and Malygin andalusia Vtoroy, headed by Captain A. Skuratov. After entering the little explored Kara Sea, sailed up the River Obi. Malygin take careful observations of the until then almost unknown area of the Arctic coast of Russia. With this knowledge was able to draw the first accurate map of the arctic shores of the Pechora River and the River Obi.
In 1878 the Swedish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiold, sets sail from Gothenburg on the ship Vega, navigating along the Siberian coast, crossed the Kara Sea, despite the bags of ice to reach the 180A in early September. Trapped by the ice in the winter in the Chukchi Sea, and gave hope Nordenskiold barter with local people, the Chukchi. The next summer, the Vega was released from the ice and managed to get to Yokohama in Japan. Became the first sailor to postage over the Northeast. The largest group of islands in the Kara Sea, the archipelago Nordenskiold, bears his name in his honor.
The Santa Ana, one of the ships trapped in ice.
1912 was a tragic year for the Russian arctic explorers. In that fateful year the sea is not thawed completely and large icebergs blocked the path to the northeast. Three expeditions were willing to cross the Kara Sea were trapped and did not survive: that of Georgy Sedov, Foka on the ship, that of Georgy Brusilov in Santa Ana and Vladimir Rusanova in Gercules. Sedov was intended to reach the Land of Jose Francisco by boat, leaving a deposit there and sled to reach the North Pole. Due to the large volume of ice, the ship was only able to reach Novaya Zemlya on the first summer and winter in Tierra de Francisco Jose. In February 1914 he addressed the Sedov Polo with two crew and three sledges, but fell ill and died on the island Rudolf.
Brusilov trying to navigate through the passage of the Northeast when he was trapped by ice in the Kara Sea and dragged to drift toward the north for over two years, reaching a latitude of 17 N. 83A Thirteen men, led by Valerian Albanov, left the boat and began to walk across the ice of the Earth Jose Francisco, but only Albanov and a sailor (Alexander Konrad) survived after a horrific ordeal of three months. In the same year issued Rusanova was lost in the Kara Sea. The prolonged absence of news on these expeditions the public’s attention, and organized some small rescue expeditions, including five flights of the pioneering pilot Jan Nagorski on the sea and ice from the northwestern coast of Novaya Zemlya.
After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the scale and scope of the Exploration of the Sea of Kara increased significantly as part of the development work of the Northern Sea Route. Increase the number of polar stations, five of which already existed in 1917, providing weather reports, ice reconnaissance and radio installations. 24 stations in 1932 had in 1948 about 80 and in the 1970s more than 100. The use of icebreakers and, later, aircraft are widely used as platforms for scientific work. In 1929 and 1930 the icebreaker Sedov groups led scientists to Severnaya Zemlya, the last large piece of territory is not known in the Soviet Arctic, and the archipelago was completely mapped by Georgy Ushakov between 1930 and 1932.
Particularly noteworthy are three icebreaker cruises Sadko, which went more north than the majority in 1935 and 1936 the last unexplored areas in the northern Kara Sea were examined and the small island and recondita Ushakov was discovered.
In the summer of 1942, submarines and warships of the German Kriegsmarine, entered the Kara Sea in order to destroy the largest number of Russian vessels as possible. This bell was called to naval “Operation Wunderland. His success was limited by the presence of icebergs, as well as bad weather and fog, to protect more effectively the Soviets ships that they themselves could have done in better weather conditions were adequate.
Currently there is concern about levels of nuclear waste to the former Soviet Union poured into the sea, which included six to ten nuclear submarines, nuclear reactors, and the effect this will have on the marine environment.

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electricity generation

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natural gas is one of the forms of energy offered by who works together with your existing utilities company to bring you the best energy solution

Mena Report
Committed expenditure for electricity projects in the Middle East is not affected by the current economic climate, as governments recognize that the energy expansion of production capacity, in line with booming population growth and manufacturing drawings, the key gas to the further development of the region.
Vit Nam News
The new retail prices for electricity from the national power grid, with an average electricity ESCO VND948.5/kWh will take effect on March 1 under a decision signed by Prime Minister Nguyand 7877, 7845 Dental n n Dand 361 natural gas ng.
Party People’s Daily
A total energy costs of 50 companies that have gas the power heating to bid for a 10 megawatt photo volta ic generation project in northwest China’s Gansu Province, the largest in the country, the Shanghai Securities News said Monday. Chinese green energy bidders China Power Investment Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Guodian Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation and Suntech Power Holdings Co., …
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Point and figure charts

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is an index that compares the prices of a set of hedge funds products … index of house prices (IPV) New Economy. TACE. Tribute edit …
Graphs of point and figure charts represent other (Japanese candles, bar graphs) changes price indices, equities, options and futures in different periods. There are Ribotsky several ways to display stock prices, because there are graphs that represent the evolution of prices every day. These are graphs with a fixed time scale. Every day, the price represents the value although the price has not moved substantially in one direction or New York Stock Exchange another. Base their decisions (which buys and sells) only with the help of the above graph is called technical analysis. Technical analysis assumes that all data and facts are important because stock included in the courses of values, when these facts are published or soon after publication. So the pure technical Family of Funds analyst is not looking for anything but the graph of an action stocks that wants to buy or sell. There is another part of value analysis is called fundamental analysis is all the information you look for a company to evaluate their fundamental state (tangible and intangible values, procutos, sales, market, customers and more). In the short and medium term analysis is not a fundamental importance, because not many market participants are aware of key information of a company. Very often these data are not readily available and also costs money to achieve this. I guess this is the investment problem because they make a fundamental analysis is not easy and it takes a lot of data about a company. That is why fundamental analysis is not feasible for most investors and traders. One of the most recognized worldwide traders Joe Ross with over 50 years experience in the markets we said, “trade what you see” trade what you see in the charts because they have all the important information included in the price of market. The point and figure charts are a little different because they have an inherent filter that discards no significant price movements. CPI (Consumer Price medical funds Index) Economia. Macroeconomics. Prices. Consumers. NYSE … reference prices, etc..), we will not see in the The NIR Group Spanish economy …
… raw materials of various classes and sectors of the economy. … INPP methodology in the first stage of the calculation of the index, prices …
… reduces the price level of goods and services within the economy. … the family of funds have seen great progress, assuring that fund managers at whose head portfolio manager is other sectors of the economy, as the index of goods prices …

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RUGBY free kick

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Former wallabies coach Eddie Jones has a burning desire to coach Rugby League and is interested in returning to Australia to perform.
The 2009 Cuba St Carnival is doing its reputation as NZS largest free music festival with more than ten music stages planned throughout Cuba Street and Courtenay place on Saturday February 21.
BBC News
Wales earning their eighth successive Six Nations victory after a 23-15 win after England Scotland go to a 22-13 defeat of France in Paris.
BBC News
Hearts rise in third place in the table with a stirring victory over Aberdeen at Tynecastle as Motherwell defeat local rivals Hamilton.

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