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Cioforum Importance

Posted by on Monday, 27 March, 2017

Advocacy extended Board and wants public relations strengthen Munich the Association has described the cioforum – the CIOs and IT managers – at its annual general meeting on 13 November in Munich the role of IT in times of crisis as hypercritical life. Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Franklin described the special position of IT for all the companies which should ensure continuity and innovation in this area especially in times of crisis in his opening speech. With over 1200 members, the cioforum established itself as largest community of interest of the CIO in the German-speaking world. The Association will step up its activities and appoints two new members to the Board of Directors for: Constantin Kontargyris and Dr. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rogers Holdings offers on the topic.. Andreas Rebetzky. Kontargyris, Group CIO for TuV Rheinland and expert in the industry, will be in charge as Executive Vice President for the cooperation with other associations, organisations and bodies. Rebetzky, CIO at the technology specialists Bizerba, is in the future for the press and public relations of the Association responsible: “the cioforum will appeal to more intensively the topics of the time in terms of information technology. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of John Grayken on most websites. While we are committed to the needs of CIOs towards the company, the suppliers and the policy”, so Rebetzky after his election to the Board of Directors. A leading source for info: John Grayken.

The Association that sees its main function, to represent the interests of the CIOs. CIOs are often between the millstones of the requirements of the management and the restrictive possibilities of technologies and budgets. “The CIOs are located in a straightjacket between enterprise-wide standardization, innovative process optimization and the enormous cost pressure”, Rebetzky describes the situation in the industry. Dr. Andreas Groth, former CIO of EADS, represented the importance of ratings IT M & a processes at the AGM. “In times of crisis, takeovers will gain considerably in importance. The enterprise value is heavily influenced by the value of the processes, which are depicted in IT.” For a due diligence methods available would be today, an assessment of companies clearly simplify.

Mobile CRM – Ecenta By Frequency Auction Expected Positive Impulse

Posted by on Tuesday, 14 February, 2017

Broadband LTE networks will make user-friendly and popular mobile CRM solutions to strengthen of networks LTE will be available in contrast to UMTS in more regions especially in the rural areas. In the Ecenta AG in particular for field staff sees a large advantage, their CRM solution on your smartphone use. The mobile use of CRM solutions funded at present due to the increasing proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as the mobilization of jobs in many industries”, explains Dr. Thorsten Wewers, Member of the Board of Ecenta AG. The software and consulting company specializes in particular the SAP Business Suite. Although hanging type and scale of mobile deployment of CRM solution by the respective industry and specific customer requests, but in most cases is considered, that the fast and stable access to current and extensive customer data through smartphones such as BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile based Devices has highest priority. LTE to get here significant improvements.” According to Gartner, over two years 50 percent of mobile employees in company leave their laptops at home and put on a different mobile device. For managers and salespeople, the Smartphone will accordingly to the most important work and communication tool.

A mobile CRM solution on Smartphones is used, so, for example, sales representatives shortly before the visit to customer can get an overview of the customer data. Includes also information about complaints, unpaid bills, and much more. Also during the customer appointment, employees can easily retrieve important information such as for example extensive product information. As deadlines or tasks directly in the system on the spot can be entered and abgegelichen with the server in the Office. After the date customers can directly new leads or opportunities created, be updated the status of the customers and new contacts recorded. Also the rapid change of dates easier with mobile CRM: employees can schedule new events on the Smartphone and adapt daily routines.

The current UMTS technology is available in Germany since 2004 GSM but is still the most widely used standard worldwide. It serves mainly the voice transmission and the transmission of text messages. In Stockholm and Oslo, there is the world’s first LTE networks since December 2009. The German network operators plan to introduce LTE from 2011.

Zeitgeist Conference

Posted by on Friday, 26 August, 2016

Here is a key factor for successful economies. With the Proliferation of cooperation thought the requirements for the management of cooperation have increased at the same time”, explains Sangeeta. In the mind study team collaboration in the 2.0 Enterprise “almost 90 percent gave the respondents for the record, that the so-called team collaboration tools” are indispensable. Companies need tools, you can quickly replace, adapt to and, where appropriate, also soon dissolve. The version presented at the Developer Conference of waves could bring heavy Microsoft & co.

in distress, because it offers exactly that”, believes Steimel. Solve the problem of many different applications and the decentralized data storage on computers and mobile devices you could not however without a stringent strategy, so the judgment of the Nuremberg network specialist Karl-Heinz Gabler of by Nash technologies: actually, that is the dilemma of the private user. At home, he has a PC with pre-installed applications included in the purchase price, or but it is open Source software such as Linux and OpenOffice a. He buys his private phone in the two-year cycle. Official site: Economic Cycles Research Institute. His private E-Mail has an account of the DSL provider. The PC of his employer meets the requirements of an enterprise-wide IT strategy in its facilities and the professional mobile phone resulting from a contract, the purchase Department of his or her employer has negotiated with a network operator.

Four units of four application packages, all independently of each other in the planning as well as in the procurement.” “Now comes the cloud computing approach and says: all central in the network, not only the data, but also the applications, and the devices are only interchangeable” terminals. Sounds good in theory, difficult in practice. Cloud computing is interesting for companies when provides service providers also important system integration services and thus can offer support and customized service level agreements the customers. Only with the broadband Internet access to data centers is not enough, cloud computing is not successful. It is a mistake to see cloud computing as opposition and competitor of local installed applications. Here too there will be convergence, a mix of features, that are generated locally or centrally”, as Gabler. Trade journal editor Thomas Knuwer in the struggle for the real time network provides a crucial weakness of Google. Here, people would take a topic faster than it can a search engine. Most will people then about social networks and services such as Twitter on the Web-site link, which was the starting point of the message”, explains Knuwer. Able to arrange these digital communications, is a new kind of search engine, especially when news is faster and provides better results than Google & co. “It had to concede also Google co-founder Larry page on the Zeitgeist Conference: we have weaknesses when it comes to the instant collection of information”. Pent-up demand is also on the computational processing of important content. Very slowly started We, to detach ourselves from the purely text-based representation. It is text based on the Internet almost everything shown. There are though first online applications such as mindmeister, which offer alternatives to the text. This is just a gross attempt and for my feeling is still quite krude. Niveauvollere representations of relationships, such as with the Consideo Modeler possible, available so far only offline”, complains about Stephan Meyer of the consultancy thinking place. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

ASUG Annual Conference

Posted by on Wednesday, 24 August, 2016

EPSS specialist shows modern learning system from May 4-7 at the Conference of the American SAP users in Orlando Berlin, 09 April 2008 the datango AG is a specialist in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS) for business applications and is currently the world’s expanding. The focus is also the American market. So is datango among others from 4 to 7 may at ASUG Annual Conference 2008 “represented in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. “At the booth, 1387, the company presents its datango knowledge suite (dks), which according to the concept learning of the future” was developed and meets exactly the nerve of the SAP user. After the successful participation at several international conferences, exhibitions and fairs around SAP, datango also relies on the 2008 ASUG Annual Conference. This is considered most important and informative event of American SAP users. Under the motto one destination.

Endless opportunities!”present their innovations in the SAP environment far over 200 exhibitors. Additional information at Jim Rogers supports this article. Like in the past the ASUG held two years coinciding with the SAPPHIRE, SAP’s annual customer event. With over 15,000 expected visitors, all user groups in the U.S. are United States and get firsthand information, as well as the opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. The datango AG will her electronic performance support system on-site dks”showcase, which takes the users of enterprise applications such as SAP in practice under the arms. By the practical assistance in the live system the user just-in-time “supported and companies benefit from an efficient use of their applications. U.S.

companies already successfully use the EPSS system such as STIHL and Novartis. To ensure in the course of the demand of customer proximity and ideal support, is the local businesses with the datango Inc. in Boston represented a branch, the Enlight KPS assumed from the beginning of last year results. The Enlight integration is now fully completed and at the end of the year is available the datango performance suite (dps) as integrated product, representing the next generation of e-learning. Datango AG brief description: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as RWE, e, BayerSchering Pharma and UBS.

Cubeware With Even More Distribution Power

Posted by on Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

BI specialist commits Ulrich schillings as new head of sales direct sales experience and comprehensive BI know-how for new potential in medium-sized businesses, Department and large companies rose home, January 28, 2011. January 17, 2011, Ulrich has Schilling took over the management of the direct sales of Cubeware GmbH, one of the leading business intelligence (BI) specialists with seat in Rosenheim and six offices in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The certified merchant follows on Giorgio Reubold, which in the future will focus on the topic of business development and the cooperation with the strategic technology partners Microsoft, Infor, IBM, Oracle, and SAP. Great expertise and experience Ulrich schillings has worked for many years in senior sales positions in the IT industry and in particular in the BI area. After his successfully completed studies, which launched today 51 as a key account manager, held various sales and regional management positions at leading software companies and most recently was responsible for direct sales and channel for a company based in the Italian Switzerland.

At Cubeware, the passionate athletes as head of direct sales is his focus in the D/A/CH market. In addition to the further expansion of the customer base for analysis, planning, reporting and dashboarding in SMEs as well as the Intensivierung of the business with departments in large companies and corporations among its tasks to gain marketing and service providers, providing modern information services technology on the basis of Cubeware. The spectrum of possibilities ranges from the individual report deployment for example, franchisee, multipliers, dealers or stores to platforms for the automated Kampagnenreporting or industry-specific benchmark portals. I look forward to the exciting task to lead the sales team in a dynamic and modern company like Cubeware, and with my experience and my expertise to help the market position of the Company to expand. I am convinced that we by far yet not exploit the market potential, and see many interesting possibilities here in addition to the middle class also specifically at departments of large companies and corporations to score points with our compact, powerful and easy to use BI-portfolio”, Ulrich describes Schilling his goals.

Middleclass Already Curiosity

Posted by on Saturday, 15 November, 2014

The new SAP solution Business ByDesign”has already made curious parts of the middle class. (Schwetzingen, January 22, 2008) The new SAP solution Business ByDesign”has already made curious parts of the middle class. One-third of the companies considered it as worthwhile to deal with you according to a survey by meetbiz research on behalf of the business portal. Most of the 400 surveyed SMEs (41 per cent) have however no assessment of this topic, while every fourth company is currently without interest in the SAP solution. Yet something zustimmender judge the CIO on the question of whether the on-demand approach as in Business ByDesign for them constitutes a possible alternative to the existing concepts for business applications. So, 44 percent expressing their interest in such models, while 26 percent currently less interested in. The number of respondents had no assessment is relatively high at 30 percent in this case. Although initial Business ByDesign “was presented a few weeks ago, this medium-sized solution for the target groups has created a comparatively high level of attention and curiosity”, interpreted Holger Santiago, Managing Director of ISV ecoNet GmbH as an operator of, the results.

Although still no definitive conclusions for the future development of acceptance could be drawn from this trend analysis, but the direction seems to vote”, he added. In particular the wide interest of SMEs on the on-demand concept is remarkable. The graphics can be requested at the following address: about represents the first business portal especially for SAP users and interested parties. It aims to create an interface to the entire market these target groups for SAP related products, solutions and services. is owned and operated ecoNet by the ISV GmbH with sites in Schwetzingen, Cologne, and the United States. They developed partner networks with innovative and complementary products (independent software vendor) for the large software and technology platform manufacturer. ISVs are the “interface” between platform manufacturers and users. Connect with other leaders such as Seth Fisher Hong Kong here.

ISVs define requirements and strategic goals of the company and develop customized application software using the modular principle (services) on the technology platform for a major software manufacturer, such as the SAP. ISV ecoNet supports its partners with sales and services.

Make Active Contribution

Posted by on Sunday, 9 November, 2014

coretelligence study: Corporate plan leaner BI technology and more than every third BI user wants to put on its BI strategy new closer dovetailing of BI and business process Bad Oeynhausen / March 26, 2009 – in times of economic crisis is gaining for the company the quality of BI solutions in addition. This prevents them according to a study by coretelligence but not to tighten the belt on the investments and to restrict something compared to last year. Make active contribution to the crisis management of the company, business intelligence in the current difficult economic conditions will be mainly the technical infrastructure designed slimmer and the BI processes more integrated with business processes. The judgment of BI executives questioned in over 250 companies according to business intelligence has a high priority for the company’s success even under difficult economic conditions. Every second looks at such times even greater needs for BI solutions as otherwise. Only 7 percent take a contrary position, for everyone else understands the value of business intelligence measures independently of economic conditions. However, these estimates is not the investment behavior of firms.

So almost one-third of respondents indicates that in the current year the BI budgets lower than 2008. In addition every tenth are the investment plans with question marks. However, there are also a number of companies (12 percent), which want to spend even more money for the current year. Nearly half of the companies not much will change, however. Their measure intensity to move last year according to current planning on a similar level as him. There are also shifts by projects that were intended originally for 2009 and now be scheduled for a later time, only in a very limited number of companies. This is done only 9 percent a quarter of companies in middle or lesser extent, the user deeper cuts in their commitment to BI want to make and go with more complex projects planned in the next few years at the start.

New Business Model

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 November, 2014

Cost-effective basic equipment helps the entry in the online support Dresden, March 23, 2009 with the pcvisit BasicSupport the pcvisit Software AG offers a cost-effective entry into the online support and the earning potential associated. Sales Director Norbert Schuster explained the benefits of the new software: with the pcvisit BasicSupport we show that companies with small software budget for less than 4 euros can legally start support via the Internet in the month. We have deliberately against the model free version for private use”chosen. The pcvisit BasicSupport is a low-cost solution which is released for commercial use.” Ease of use and the affordable price to convince the buyer thereof to take the first step in the direction of online support. The resulting savings of time and money enable especially smaller firms to use their scarce resources more profitable.

pcvisit BasicSupport is available immediately in the online-shop of the company and distribution partners available. pcvisit BasicSupport designed with supporters for the entry in the online support. The functionality is focused on safe and fast viewing of the customer screen. The views of the customer’s PC is possible only after the explicit consent of the customer and the remote control has been deliberately disabled. That takes the invited customers any concerns on the screen look remotely. Toss with pcvisit BasicSupport IT-supporter can a first look over the shoulder”of customers, on its screen. After this first analysis of the supporter can decide whether he can help his clients immediately or but a trip to the customer is necessary. The participation of the guest is completely free, as with all pcvisit versions and none learns and no installation required. Of course, also the pcvisit BasicSupport offers all, by default used by pcvisit collateral in dealing with desktop sharing software.

More Success

Posted by on Saturday, 30 August, 2014

The new Squeedly app prepares customer data from the pixi * mail order software for target group-oriented advertising quickly on Munich / Erbach, 25 June 2013 the core team rocket surgery Group (RSG) Dirk Weimar, CTO of lifestyle online shop, and Dimitri Levita, managing partner at Customerlytics, has to learn to the target set, the customer data by know better it. That is created on the pixi * backend Squeedly app tailored to, the customer data from the pixi * to database automatically prepared, derive from this customer structures and plan targeted marketing campaigns. About the pixi * apps marketplace is the app also other online retailers available. “” Issues laid the Foundation for the development of the Squeedly app at the online shop such as: what sales make the best customers? “or which customers are at risk migration”? It was not, to introduce a new business intelligence solution, but you wanted a goal-oriented, pragmatic tool that performs analyses of customer master data, the customer lifetime value”to optimize. The seamless meshing with the pixi * mail order software, with the handles its goods host sheep processes for more than six years, was particularly important. RSG succeeded, to create a tool that the customer data from the pixi * database based on the RFM method automatically imported, processed, and displayed in easy-to-understand dashboard.

The data segmented into customer groups indicate now, who are the best customers, which customers just threaten to emigrate or where there are yet unexploited potential in the customer master. The evaluated data provide the ideal basis to develop customer retention strategies and to implement them in target group-oriented advertising campaigns. Pre-built and customizable filters, the Squeedly app allows to focus marketing efforts on the customer segments, where the greatest growth is possible. Dirk Weimar to the backgrounds of the Squeedly app: customer centric data analysis is a relatively new topic for mid-sized E-commerce companies we noticed that when searching for a corresponding tool.