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Girlfriend Two Things

Posted by on Sunday, 27 April, 2014

So you want to fix things with your ex girlfriend and make her your girlfriend again. Inside of you, you know that it is possible, and the thought that this with another man disturbs the mind. If that is the case you have to do things in the fastest way possible. Time is against you. However, if you do the right things, then your chances to retrieve it are very small. What are these things right to win back your girlfriend? There are many things you can do, but this article is not about that. In this article we will discuss the two greatest errors that man commits when it comes to retrieve his wife.

1 Try to become his friend: If you’ve been with your ex for a good time, then perhaps you feel connected with it at a very deep level, and perhaps think that if you can not recover it, then you want it as a friend. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, if you want as a friend, then this is perfectly acceptable. But if you want it as a girlfriend, then you don’t try being friends with her. Focus all your energy on regaining to your girlfriend, not in being his friend. 2 Be sad and depressed about it.

One of the best ways to win back your ex girlfriend is to show that these quite well without his presence. Perhaps it isn’t the most intuitive, but so are things. If your ex realizes that you’re sad everytime you see it, then think it’s your fault that you feel sad and let see you, because you don’t want to see as well. Therefore, you never behave depressed in front of it, and not give the impression that she is making you feel bad. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover quickly to your ex, do Click here original author and source of the article.


Posted by on Saturday, 19 April, 2014

Since that started in this matter of make money online, many people have told me, many times, that is a fraud. Even those who see my results say it won’t last and all this business there. Although I am not surprised by fame that have businesses on the Internet, also I becomes rare not to do the connection between some things that have been happening for years. Internet sales increase each year Crisis, no crisis, slowdown, devaluation no matter the situation that is, Internet sales continue to grow. They started with a few million dollars and now are trillions. Some of those who tell me that I already put to work and stop wasting my time do not buy online. Many of them work or have companies selling by Commission. Why is so hard to believe that someone (me for example) can do the same? The trend is the digitization of information before we bought books, cropped copy and read magazines.

Today practically all (movies, music, magazines, newspapers, etc.) It is in digital format. Many of those who try to rescue me from the Internet business pay for subscriptions, books, or digital services. Still can not conceive that I can sell information. Internet has become a way of socializing at first the Internet was a form of communication among universities, Governments and some geeks. Today it is the main way to communicate with friends, relatives, co-workers and people associated with us. Rare is the person without e-mail, Facebook, Twitter account, Sonico, Hi-5, and a long etcetera. Today there are people who spend answering emails throughout the day but do not bother to answer the phone or door is opened. There are some who can not reach them otherwise.

If you are going to sell something, it is not logical to enter to do business over the Internet as soon as possible? Internet increasingly occupies more space of our life would like to pay your taxes? Looking for work? Get an appointment? Talk of Does God? Today many of these things are facilitated with the use of the Internet and some have to be done on line. Never so many things had to be done digitally as today. Over time it is likely that much of your life requires Internet, like it or not. Taking this into account, does not stop surprising me that everyone follow saying that Internet business is a fraud or that are for fools. Clear that there are some businesses that really need to be very naive to fall, but the vast majority is conducted in an ethical and legal manner. I guess that the Internet business suffer what the MLM for years: bad reputation and little knowledge. This will change quickly as the technological wave can not be stopped. If you have a traditional business, you are missing out many opportunities if you don’t have a presence on the Internet. If you’re thinking about starting something over the Internet, do not think much. Shortly any business that is not in line will be practically in the stone age. Today is a great day to learn how to earn money online and create a business in line. Unless, of course, want to stay behind all.

Consciousness Of Success

Posted by on Saturday, 12 April, 2014

Today there have been lot of currents or philosophies that try to give the tools that being human is looking for as a means to develop those skills that will bring you the expected results in the shortest possible time. I think the main thing we need to do is simply change the consciousness of what we create in our lives. Today I particularly want to write them on the consciousness of success, however these concepts can be changed by you according to their convenience or shortcomings. When we talk about consciousness, what we are doing is to reflect our ideals or paradigms about any topic. For example: you can have consciousness that personal relationships are totally successful, and as you have this consciousness, their relations are that way. On the contrary you may have the consciousness that its prosperity is not good and as you have this consciousness, so will be in his life. Remember one of the most listened thoughts in the last fifty years: as you think it is, so is.

Make a change of consciousness is a relatively easy task, however requires much perseverance. The change of consciousness arises from thinking. Most importantly, understand that we can not flee from certain thoughts, which are already formed as paradigms, since the mere fact of thinking that we’re fleeing from these is not more than an assertion that they are present. The real change of consciousness arises to create new thoughts that occupy greater importance that the previous ones, thus become new paradigms with the passage of time. These new thoughts can not arise of claims established by another person, but the existing reality for yourselves. How to do it?: the first thing I recommend, because for my I worked to perfection, it is to make a list of achievements in this aspect in its past.

For example: If what we want is to create a consciousness of success, this is because we currently think that we are not successful, and as we think about it, this is what we create. To create the list of all our past successes and read it We will be constantly bringing the energy of success we had in the past to our present. Once completed the list, which I recommend is as long as possible (remember to be achieved where to park when we hurry is also a success), must begin to be exercises of imagination at least ten minutes a day (everyday), imagining and recreating those moments of past success. The third step is to begin to pay attention to new successes with the passage of days and celebrating them joyfully and openly. Now, you may wonder what is doing with this exercise, and the answer is very simple: when you list is recognizing that you are a successful person. With the daily exercise of imagination this feeling success. With the celebrations of the present successes will be recognising that it is so. For how long should this exercise? By the time that is necessary, it may be a month, a year. When you can tell everybody, from the center of your feelings, you is a successful person, because his conscience will have changed and as it acknowledges that it is so, so will be.