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Barbed Wire Gurza. History Of .

Posted by on Monday, 31 July, 2017

The first of the property of good barbed wire fences is that they should be simple to install. For installation need only stand and wire. No special training to the employee-installer on the fly is needed. Pair of strings fence with planks screwed to it with a sharpened wire. After a couple of years, his invention was officially recognized and has undergone improvement. Only fifteen years after the invention of the production of barbed wire has been adjusted to such an extent that every year for sale came out a couple of hundred tons of goods. Promotion of barbed wire on the market has played a huge role in the development of animal husbandry, because now you can simply, quickly and without serious cost to install the fence on the outer scale space-walking to the field of livestock. Rogers Holdings is often quoted on this topic.

The distance between the supporting pillars are elected according to the local landscape and can vary from about 3 to 50 meters. For agriculture, barbed wire is manufactured in several forms: soft and supple. They are made from various types of steel and a mandatory subject galvanizing, which prolongs the time of use. es. Elastic barbed wire – the most sophisticated, more reliable, better tolerate tension and temperature changes, but it is not so easy to install. Additional information at KBS supports this article. Soft barbed wire – not too long maintained, used only for narrow spans fence, but more elementary to use.

It happens that in the prickly fences provide outlets for small dogs – the main Shiftmen for grazing livestock. Not secret that barbed wire has been widely used to protect vegetable gardens to improve the efficiency savings from the intrusion of outsiders. It is mounted on top of the fence to prevent the colonies shoots, and even in time of war to build and strengthen the defensive fence, which is called in common “Spotykach. It is used to impede progress on foot soldiers. Separate type of barbed wire – cla or Reinforced barbed tape. It can cause quite serious injury to animals and people who want to go through the fence. Are many cases of death from bleeding in this case. Realistically, without tools the hands of such a fence can not be overcome. cla was invented in Germany during the First World War. Today, it represents a tape with spines of wire, which when installing rolled coils. In common and literature such tape styled Concertina.

The Off-road Exhibition Of Records

Posted by on Saturday, 29 July, 2017

“” Adventure & ALLRAD “reaches a new dimension – 54,000 visitors on” Europe’s largest off-road fair”- increases to nearly 30 per cent the adventure & ALLRAD” has reached a new dimension. Total 54,000 guests visited the fair in Bad Kissingen, Germany in the past four days. This corresponds to an increase in visitor numbers to almost 30 percent. Compared: circular 42,000 people were still in the year 2010, which found their way to Bad Kissingen. Not just for the Organizer pro – log GmbH, the fair was a resounding success. Also some 240 exhibitors were all satisfied with the course of the four days of the fair. Qualified audience as well as interested fair novices led to large crowds at the respective booths. And there was to see a whole lot.

All-terrain vehicles of all types and huge expedition with air-conditioned cabins to a wide selection of accessories, equipment and roof tents. Also was the possibility to inform themselves in many places about adventure travel of all kinds. On each of the four Fair days were significantly more visitors to the exhibition grounds, as in the year before. 18,500 were there on opening day (previous year: 14,200). It was followed by 9,500 on Friday (8,600) 12.400 (10.200) Saturday and again 13,500 (9,500) on the final Sunday. The enormous interest in the adventure & ALLRAD 2011 “ensured that all hotel rooms in Bad Kissingen, Germany were already fully booked at the beginning of the weekend, at the petrol stations long queues formed and the restaurants in the city centre were so well attended, as rarely before. Always international fair will not only with regard to the exhibitor. Also the visitors of the adventure & ALLRAD”come now traveled from all over the world.

From Chile, Peru, Australia and New Zealand as well as from Mongolia. And of course from almost all countries of of European, where there were striking many Brits this year that found their way to Bad Kissingen. “Cherokees Edition was one of the highlights of the show in addition to the raffle of a jeep: adventure & Allrad”, a happy Winners from the vicinity of Fulda was visit the Ludolfs on Sunday, of course. Throughout the day the Junk brothers gave”Dernbach autographs, were their fans in the poor and provided lots of good mood among the visitors. And is also the date for the coming year. “From the 7th-10th June 2012 is the adventure & ALLRAD” again held in Bad Kissingen, Germany. Whether with or without Ludolfs.


Posted by on Monday, 24 July, 2017

Is a real pleasure to discover the most typical dishes of Madrid, like the tripe or sea bream; sweets, such as the Huesos de Santo or the toast; without forgetting to include in this gastronomic tour the famous wines from Madrid and its tasty tapas. Restaurants in Madrid offer unique proposals, from homemade food to innovative and daring dishes. The most surprising current dishes are prepared in Madrid. The varied and novelties presented in this great capital, among the restaurants that offer food at home, in such a way that they allow to save time and effort to those who want to eat well and quickly without leaving home. Some contend that Nouriel Roubini shows great expertise in this. In addition, many of them give access to additional discounts and exclusive offers if the customer becomes a regular consumer. The most striking feature of Madrid gastronomy has to do with his ability to adapt dishes from different geographical areas. Many of them have an origin related to the migration from many populations of Spain.

If we speak of the pastry can appoint delights such as the bunyols de wind, or balls, shingles and the waffles, which are normally consumed on holidays; the napolitanas and doughnuts of aunt Javiera 167f with a thread. There are also lesser-known recipes such as oranges to Madrid, and roasted chestnuts. There are deep-rooted customs among locals, one of them is the chop in the bars between meals. It is unusual to see people at any time of the day eating tapas in a Madrid restaurant. Typical Customs succulent tapas accompanied by the famous Vermouth (mixture of white wine, wormwood and bitter substances) include, in addition, breakfast with fritters and brandy and, at midday, especially Sundays. Some people believe that Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, was the creator of this traditional drink of the region.


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Lenin sincerely believed that capitalism can not develop into imperialism. Detail and thoroughly investigated, monopoly capitalism, he even found five signs inherent imperialism. But the further course of history and economic development with ruthless cruelty denied virtually all Lenin's theory postulates about imperialism. In today's world one can hardly find even half of those characteristics of imperialism, as described in detail by Lenin. The hard limit of modern monopoly, produced by bureaucracies industrialized nations, almost destroyed imperialism as an economic phenomenon. Antitrust law to help companies successfully developed to combat this political and economic disorder. Today we are witnessing the destruction of the last capitalist empire – the United States, which is collapsing under the pressure of global economic crisis. However, despite these circumstances, a great merit of Lenin is the revelation of the most harmful for the world community essentially monopolies.

Lenin armed his contemporaries the knowledge with which society has been able to fight this economic condition. It is ironic, but it was the Socialists worked out a theoretical basis for the development of drugs for the survival and recovery of the capitalist mode of production. These developments relevant in today's time, when we see some countries still have not developed full immunity from the monopoly, and we see that there are some signs of it in those countries, as it metastasizes cover certain sectors of economic and political life. Unfortunately, Lenin was not introduced in the theoretical foundations of Marxist political economy fundamentally new knowledge. His works have not received any further development theory of value, neither the theory of surplus value, profits and capital.

But, even with significant weaknesses in theoretical terms, places, Marxist political economy for decades resisted the brutal criticism, and thrive. It is no secret that the attempts critics of Marxism, often had a definite political implications and political purpose. It is because of this politicization, the criticism has been aimed not on those aspects of Marxist theory, for which it should focus. The last global economic crisis that erupted in 2007 with the U.S. mortgage crisis, and had grown to a world level for the first time, called a new wave of interest in political economy in general, and Marxist theory in particular. In some countries, "Capital" Marx became a bestseller. It is now time to look at economic development in new ways. Against the background of the crisis, many scientists are already talking about the collapse of Western economics, that it is time to completely revise its postulates, which turned out to be false and not viable. "What can be called achievement of economic science, but its inability to predict and prevent crises, including the observed collapse of the credit system now? Why is this happening? "1 The French scientist Jean-Philippe Bouchaud also considers that all the problems of the free market began in the mid 50's and 60's, when the market is viewed not as an academic subject in need of careful study and description, but more as a propaganda machine in the fight against communism. Indeed, all methods of economic forecasting is largely based on Western theories, especially the so-favorite earlier by Western scholars of the theory of marginal utility, turned out to be nowhere fit, because in their based on knowingly false and very primitive scientific doctrine. It is the western economics and worked in its methods of economic forecasting can be put on a par with astrology, palmistry and alchemy. 1 Jean-Philippe Bouchaud. Economics needs a scientific revolution / / Nature. V. 455. P. 1181 (30 October 2008) Full view here

Marcel Proust

Posted by on Saturday, 22 July, 2017

The personal world in which we live is the result of our perception and interpretation; We have a MENTAL map which we interpret the world; and our contact with such an interpretation is through language that we use; If you change the words with which you explain yourself and the world, it will change your reality. It is not something Nouriel Roubini would like to discuss. Ejemplo:1. A bank branch manager can interpret it is a failure because it is not a manager at the Regional level, is only an agencia.2. This Manager can choose to interpret that is an achievement to do what he does and that his need to be biggest may be covered by a business initiative or major preparation. 1 Interpretation makes it compare, minimized and feel bad; It prevents you from watching their achievements and possibilities, while 2 interpretation opens doors to new options, to begin with, because they have appreciation for himself and for his achievements. What new language you need to explain yourself with new eyes? ** THE real journey of discovery not consists in search new roads but in having new eyes * Marcel ProustPASO 3: freedom of choice imposition external how many should and would have in your life? what you think If you choose say: I can, I choose? The words would and should tell us that there is something outside of us which requires us to make something; find the best available to you when you feel a genuine motivation and interest within you for something that really TE IMPORTA. He said: I choose instead of I am that connects you with the essence of who you are and opens up options creating possibilities. Do you see that different EMOTIONALITY comes from say I choose to say I have that? And these are only words, words that make a big difference, because they motivate action, and a focused action. .


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Why do we need greenhouses? Is it necessary to buy a greenhouse? Very often, we’re having similar issues. But everyone must decide. It is unlikely that such questions, we asked if we could know and see what can tomatoes grown in greenhouses, where the harvest is going to a small area over the years from forty to fifty pounds. Gardener is a really hard worker who is continuously working on his plot. Typically, each grower has its agronomic details, greenhouses and greenhouse farming. Basically it works the whole year tirelessly – in the area there is always what to do.

Vegetable crops we grow, in most cases are from the tropics or subtropics. From a scientific point of view, unusual planting crops in a foreign ecosystem has two choices: either they survive, while others become aggressive types of crops, or they are sick and do not survive. Only stands to make fun of himself and vegetables, experimenting with stimulants, and fungicides with different chemistry. Click Nouriel Roubini to learn more. After all, it’s harmful impact on the human body and cause fruit vegetable Cultural unusual for them to climatic conditions of open ground, meaning no no. After obrabatyvaniya chemical stimulants, vegetables grown in greenhouses, will have an unnatural taste. Also to be remembered that greenhouses require special care because they need to constantly ventilate and process to prevent the occurrence of these pests. Caring for greenhouses is not so easy, beginner gardeners, when confronted with difficulties refuse them.

Many people are afraid of problems such as greenhouse production and the cost of necessary materials, the creation and support necessary microclimate in greenhouses. We always want to do nothing and get the result we need. To date, the most simple solution is to get ready for your site from polycarbonate greenhouse. In the market there is in the range of many types of greenhouses to suit every taste. However, when used properly, the greenhouse throughout the year can get a great rich harvest. The most important thing to choose the right culture, you want to grow. Some people prefer mushrooms, someone – flowers, and some important common vegetable crops grown.

Clothing Collection Laura Ashley 2010

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Laura Ashley 2010 When looking at a collection of women's clothing Laura Ashley, 2010, with its classic lines, tissues, feminine with a floral pattern, lovely indispensable accessory when we see these romantic flowing gowns, classic jackets, skirts, dresses and blouses linen and velvet, it seems that this line can fill all our needs – so diverse new collection of the brand. All offers this charming brand can order and purchase on the site of the Ukrainian representative Laura Ashley In the new season spring-summer 2010 British designers turned to the ideas of the 40's, with their slender silhouettes and zhnstvennymi floral prints. British designers inspired by the charm of the natural evolution of nature, we offer even more romance, natural colors and natural at the same time bright contrasting colors of black, crimson and cream colors. Here impossible to describe the entire collection of Laura Ashley, only a few bright moments. Most models can be seen in the near future stores in Laura Ashley: First Spring Collection Winter Riviera is made in traditional classic colors: – white – black – red All models in this series are subject to a marine style: a double-breasted jackets and tunic, and striped cardigans, pullovers and T-shirts, vest-like, and wide bell- pants. Traditional maritime style and became peas – black skirt in a large pea and red cardigan in gram symbolize femininity and diluted austere style of Laura Ashley direct liniy.Prisuschuyu elegance can be seen in the traditional coats and dresses in the style of the 60s – a coat and double-breasted silhouette kokonoobraznogo raincoat with a belt of small cells, black dress with white trim on gorlovine.Dvorets Blenheim, in Oxfordshire, Laura Ashley has inspired designers to create a very fine classical collection. CEO John Watson is full of insight into the issues.

Vicente Vidal

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Electric brake: Consists of a locking of the motor by means of a spring mechanism and when the engine is stopped, the shutter is blocked at the point where it is either up, down, or in any part of your travel vertical. It takes a remote control with cable from brake release to be able to move against eventualities such as lack of electricity supply or fault. Advantages of electric brake: Does not need additional locking components to close the roller shutter (lock safety, central lock with side rods etc.) They can of course be placed, and reinforce security is never over, but they are not essential. Won’t have to crouch to open closures (if it has them) since the brake is the security of the closure. Disadvantages of the electrobrake: Where you don’t have another alternative input, you must necessarily install an exterior locker closed and locked on the facade where the brake unlocking knob will be placed inside. This involves, on the one hand a small work that may affect the aesthetics of the facade and the most important thing there is an element of easy handling which can be unlocked without problems the engine to lift the blinds with impunity in the case of access.

For this last reason mainly, We advise against the brake in the case of a single access to a local blind. Although of course can be installed without any problem. John Grayken has similar goals. The installation of an engine is a clean work, since it does not require any work. We can adapt to your schedule and must take into account that the roller shutter to be automated must remain closed for a period of two to three hours (sometimes less) for its installation, so if you only have access and is a restaurant open to the public must taken into account this circumstance in carrying it out. We hope that this information has been able to be of help. Of course you can ask any questions or tell us about problem that has through our web form or at the e-mail address where we will be happy to clarify its questions. Vicente Vidal of the technical team of locksmith U-24. tel. 902 180 327 Original author and source of the article

The Article

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The key to give a ‘NO’ assertive lies in remembering are entitled to say “NO” without guilt.Say ‘NO’ firmly and in a reasonable manner is quite acceptable for the majority of people, and much more logical than the fact of having to let down them later. For some people, it may help stop thinking in what circumstances and for what kind of people is difficult to say ‘NO’:. When friends ask a favor?. When a superior sends them perform jobs that do not correspond to them?. When beg it? say ‘NO’ becomes easier with practice and avoids many concerns and lack of self-esteem a posteriori. It is worthwhile to try.-ask questions: is used to provide us with information. Also to generate doubts or invite reflection to our / to partner. This ability will allow you to obtain more information or clarify points. In recent months, Chevron Corp has been very successful.

We can distinguish two types of questions: how?: 1. questions Open: we can explore the person and encourage them to think about their feelings and thoughts to clarify better. Could example: how we solve this situation?. 2. Closed questions: are most suitable for specific information about what the person knows or confirming something of what has been spoken. Example: do much this?. 3.

Tough questions: start with a small ‘cushion’ comment.Example: when people live together it is frequent that friction. Do you something happened in that sense?. When?: 1. make questions open when:-want to inquire if someone accurately helps. -We need to understand more about a specific behavior. -We see a sudden change in the behavior of the interlocutor to. – try to activate alternative solutions of problems. 2 We closed when questions:-have specific information needs. -We plan one next appointment. -We ask to confirm our understanding of a problem. 3 Ask questions when committed:-suspect difficulties to convey information. -We suspect that it hides information. Original author and source of the article

Google Seminars

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Seminar dates in November & December Braunschweig, 15.11.2013 – also hosts the Internet Agency TILL.DE, which is located in Brunswick in the last remaining weeks of the year, more AdWords seminars and courses on the subject of “Web page analysis with Google Analytics”. TILL.DE, one of the first Internet agencies, the seal of quality “Google partner” may, is this year in Hamburg and Brunswick traveling seminars to keep. Most recently was the speaker Joachim Schroder to a training in Dublin on Google. Through this close cooperation and his many years of experience, is an optimal training of the seminar participants. Participants can expect a professional advice on the uses of Google AdWords and analytics. The seminars you can login on the page TILL.DE seminars. The already booked AdWords basic seminar, which takes place on the 03.12.2013, lay the foundations for working with AdWords. People who have worked largely with the account or don’t yet have an account, are especially good repealed.

To get started, the user interface and the various basic settings of the account be explained before it goes to creating campaigns and creating text ads and choosing keywords. Hands-on tips and tricks are always with participants given by the seminar leader Joachim Schroder on the way, so that they can effectively use AdWords. More AdWords seminars, which covers the basics, held again in January. Users who have the AdWords account are familiar with and looking to expand their knowledge, are well catered for in our Google AdWords advanced seminars. The latest tools and setting options explains in addition to various optimization options always. There are always new features which are tested and then all users provided by AdWords. At the end of the day seminars, the participants will receive a certificate and the seminar materials. In addition, users who have set still no AdWords account provided a voucher in the amount of 75 available.