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Gibran Khalil

Posted by on Friday, 30 May, 2014

And my sadness grew as all beings living, strong and beautiful and full of wonderful thank you. And my sadness, we loved, and I loved the world surrounding us. Well my sorrow was of kindly heart, and mine was also friendly when it was full of sadness. And when we talked about, my sadness and I, our days were winged and our nights decked out of dreams; because my sadness was eloquent, and my tongue was also eloquent with sadness. And when my sadness I sang together, our neighbouring sentabanse in the window to listen to us; Therefore our chants were deep like the sea, and our melodies were infused with strange memories. And when we walked together, my sadness and I, people looked at us with kind eyes, and grumbled with extreme sweetness. There was also who envied us, my sadness was noble, and I felt proud of my sadness.

But he died my sadness, as every living creature, and I was alone with my thoughts and now, when I speak, my words are heavy to my ears. And when I sing, my neighbors do not listen to my songs and when I just walk down the street, me no one looks. Only in dreams I hear voices that say compadecidas: look, there lies the man that his sadness died. FRIEND MIO Gibran Khalil friend of mine, I’m not what I look like. My appearance is only a costume that took place, a costume done carefully; that protects me from your questions, and you, my indifference.The I that there is in me, my friend, mora in the House of silence, and she will remain forever, unnoticed, unapproachable. I would not like you enfermedad about what I say or you confiaras in what I do, because my words are nothing more than your own thoughts, made sound; and my actions, your own hopes turned into action.

Suzette Geraldi

Posted by on Thursday, 22 May, 2014

c.Um object. 3. From the figures formed in the previous questions, it gives area of any one of the figures above, using as unit: a.Um small triangle. b.Um square. c.Um great triangle.

In these practical I searched in the pupils spontaneous answers in the game-challenges, therefore as it says D? Ambrosio (2007, p.17), ' ' the mathematics is spontaneous, proper of individuo' '. The point most important of the meeting was the moment where we congregate in them and the pupils had socialized its yearnings, suggestions, expectations among others things in relation to our meeting. Some depositions of the pupils had taken who me to this affirmation: ' ' Our meeting had favored our meeting, because we learn brincado' '. ' ' We learn more constructing, because quick more ateno' '. ' ' The used materials in classroom brincando&#039 stimulated me to learn the geometric forms; '. Taking as base this experience, I want in certain way to contribute inside with the education of a proposal that has taken to the pupils the search of a learning directed toward the exploration of didactic resources (games, materials concrete) trying to promote an improvement in the education, therefore according to Malba Tahan (1973, p.10).

' ' It fulfills, therefore, to the good professor to present the Mathematics with enchantment and simplicity, in order to become has led it and pleasant educating; to make of it a full science of attractions ' '. FINAL CONSIDERAES Having as objective to understand the development of the pupils who had participated of the meeting, from applications of the didactic materials (games, concrete materials) in the extra lessons. The experiences lived deeply for me while professors of these pupils had allowed to perceive me as the pupils who possuam difficulties in the learning in mathematics if had shown capable to surpass them, therefore many were not motivated, hindering a significant learning. What it shows the necessity to try to include in our didactic material lessons (games, concrete materials). REFERENCES IMENES, Mrcio Luiz; LELLIS Marcelo. Mathematics For All 6 series, So Paulo Scipione, 2002, 2 edition. POLYA, George; art to decide problems. Rio De Janeiro: Intercinica publishing company, 1995. MONTENEGRO, Suzette Geraldi. Interview with professor Ubiratan D? Ambrosio. Dialogia. So Paulo, vol. 6, 2007. ETCHEVERRIA, Teresa Cristina. Formation of Professors in Groups of Studies: Cooperation and contribution, 2007. TAHAN, Malba. The Wonders of the Mathematics, Rio De Janeiro, edt. Bloch, 1973, 2 edition.

Preparing A Optimum Roast

Posted by on Friday, 16 May, 2014

That cuts choose when making a roast. The best cuts, undoubtedly, are those who like BBQ and your guests, and the time available for cooking. It can happen that sometimes a barbecue is decided at the last moment which must be chosen cuts that Cook faster. Also to make full roast can talk about barbecue, adding variety, sausages and other giblets. The tira de asado wide or thin? When buying roast we have several options, which will already be cut either, ask butcher that cut us the brisket in the width we want. My guest, three-quarters prefer the thin strip (or flag) that has the width of a finger (1 cm), cooked seared, about 10 minutes per side, it serves rather to point or sequita and it is impossible that you get it wrong. Comes in handy for those asaditos express determined to last moment.

This is a roast modernized to the rhythm of the city, of the minutes of the grates to step. In Argentina the roast is the national food par excellence and meat Argentina is one of memore them and more scabrosa in the world. Instead wide strip (5 to 10 centimeters… or the brisket whole 6 to 8 kg), is the more traditional field and roasted will have another taste, preserving all the juices. When the whole brisket is cooked, there to get you to mark, cut only bone every 5 or 10 centimeters so that transfix is able to serve. If further condimentamos our Strip with a good chimichurri roasted this enriquecera even more the flavor of the meat. First cooking on the side of the bone, with medium heat to soft, at least 30 to 40 minutes per side. Original author and source of the article

Looking For Fun

Posted by on Saturday, 10 May, 2014

The Costa Dorada, is already since the last decades an internationally known destination, where lovers of the Sun and the beach, you can combine your vacation with theme park by excellence in the area, Port Aventura. Park, year after year, is expanding its facilities, and currently has already created a brand associated with the well-known fun that complements the tourism of Sun and beach. The Park has not been only with the value of the fun, currently already has four hotels in Port Aventura associated with tranquility and well-being that complement this fun offering. And is to visit the Costa Dorada, means also to spend a few days in the Park, consisting of Port Aventura and Aquatic adventure, opened recently. Regardless how, Park has become a landmark of the area, and we can indicate that thanks to its hotels, already is this turning by itself itself in a small destination within Costa Dorada tourist brand. The challenge for the future will be know to grow sustainably, to which the tourist brand and the same Park, exploited the synergies that develop these great poles of tourist attraction. Original author and source of the article


Posted by on Saturday, 3 May, 2014

It is a fungal pathogen of many plant species, although its economically more important host is the vine. Viticulture is known commonly as Botrytis rot; Gray mold is normally called in horticulture. The fungus causes two different kinds of infections of the grapes. On the one hand, the grey rot, which is the result of an infection of plants soaked or damp conditions, and typically results in the loss of the bunches of grapes affected. The second type of infection is, noble rot, occurs when moisture conditions happen you others dryness. The characteristics of Botrytis in the vid, probably during the growth of the same, Botrytis this always available to parasitize plant. There is worry about control this fungus when the more susceptible plantaesta.

The fungus winters as sclerotia, remains of mycelia and spores in vine shoots and waste infected from the previous season, may also be in Woods and stubble. The chances of infection by Botrytis cinerea are so numerous that is inevitable every year the income of abundant inoculum to the vineyard. Spores produced in infected residues are spread by droplets of rain and wind, from which infect susceptible tissues: leaves, flowers and fruits.Primary infection occurs on the stigmas of flowers, where the fungus hyphae grow within the styles to reach the ovaries. Original author and source of the article