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Small Company

Posted by on Monday, 30 April, 2012

But, as we know, it has much more of what this peripheral vision. When we open, we discover that it is composed for some nestled layers, inside of the other, all essentials so that the doll is complete. The same it happens when we deepen them the agreement of the innovation: we discover that if it deals with a complex sistmico challenge that involves an effort considerable in some interdependent dimensions. How it occurred with the quality, the innovation requires training, tools, systems of YOU, pointers, values and new managemental processes, among others questions, and all these mechanisms must closely be integrated? or ' ' aninhados' ' – so that the system functions in way eficaz.' ' 1,1 MICRON AND SMALL COMPANY the used criteria to classify the size of a company are a very important factor, therefore it favors to the micron and small entrepreneurs clearly an agreement of where its company if incases, helping in way that they can enjoy of the benefits and incentives that are offered by the government, foreseen in legislation. The micron and small companies can in accordance with be classified its gross revenue annual e, how much to its number of mepregados.

1.2 How much to the Annual Gross revenue In the Statute of the Micron and Small Company (Law N 9,841, of 5 of October of 1999, chapter II, art.2, I and II) the adopted criterion to appraise micron and small company is the annual gross revenue, where its values had been brought up to date by the Decree n 5,028/2004, of 31 of March of 2004: Art. 2o For the effect of this Law, excepted the made use one in art. 3o, is considered: I – microcompany, the legal entity and the individual mercantile firm that equal or inferior annual gross revenue will have R$ 244,000, 00 (two hundred and forty and four a thousand Reals); Note: The Decree n 5,028, of 31.3.2004, readjusted the annual gross revenue limit of the microcompanies for R$ 433,755, 14 (four hundred and thirty and three a thousand, seven hundred and fifty and five Reals and fourteen cents).

Social Responsibility

Posted by on Sunday, 22 April, 2012

At the current moment it comes appearing a new society that yearns for new concerns, these with a more conscientious and responsible world. Inside of this universe the companies, main bridges between responsibility meet and communication with the customer and consumer. This process of transformation not only comes bringing benefits to the organization, but also to the customer each time more worried about the future of its half one. With this, the present work comes to search which advantages and benefits are perceived by the situated community in lathe to company SESI/SE of the units Educational Center Sesinho and in the Club of the Worker both located in the Industrial Quarter of Aracaju/SE, in which a little more devoid is presented social action for damages with this community. The research has character quantitava and descriptive-exploratria, structuralized a revision of literature that topics related to a description-conceptual briefing of the social responsibility, its action focus and vises, the envolvimentos of stakeholders in these actions, its advantages and norms established in the practical ones of social responsibility. A questionnaire in a sample of 50 users of the services of the SESI/SE was applied. Thus it looked for to identify the socioeconmico profile of the customers, to analyze which the knowledge concerning the subject Social Responsibility and the level of knowledge regarding the social actions practised by the institution. It was verified that the perception of the social actions on the part of the users, implemented for the analyzed company, is satisfactory since, collaborates for the growth of the community, however, to the end of the research sends regards a more intense work with a bigger number of involved, a team that if interest in knowing which the services of the SESI/SE the necessity of the population is not reaching and a sector that shows the returns caused for the uses of the services offered in the community. Such fact was perceived through the averages found in the analyzed 0 variable that had demonstrated the necessity of a more intense work for part of the studied institution.

Small Average Companies

Posted by on Friday, 20 April, 2012

Andres Alberto of the Coast Rasp University of the Minho, Department of Geography Campus of Azurm, 4800 – 058 Guimares Summary the present document has as intention to describe the Small importance of the Average Companies, in the enterprise structure Portuguese and consequentemente in the national Economy. In this direction, Average Companies, its criteria of definition, as well as, its connections with the question of the enterprise structure and previsible Small concepts of are approached condicionalismo of the Portuguese Economy. Finally, one considers some Average Small future perspectives so that the Companies can transmit to the economy the impulse that Portugal in such a way needs. Word-key: Small Average Companies, Portuguese enterprise Structure, Economy Small the Average Companies assume nowadays a great importance in diverse subjects of the actualidade, nominated in the area of the Economy, more necessarily in the Portuguese enterprise structure. It is a fact, that in the times that run has been a great subject of quarrel, but will be they really cause for as much controversy? Given to the Small importance of the Average Companies for the Economy, one becomes basic, to know that these are delimited in function of the business-oriented staff of that it makes use and its volume or its annual total rocking. Therefore, according to Classification of the European Union (2003), Small the Average Companies is organized as average, will be had up to 250 permanent workers, 50 million euros of annual facturao or 43 million euros of annual statement and small, will be had up to 50 permanent workers, 10 million euros of annual facturao or 10 million euros of annual statement. However, a difficulty in the establishment of a notion of Small Average is verified Company, therefore its criteria of definition, diversify remarkably, nominated the variability number of it of workers considered for the classification, thus not existing an explanation uniform of what if it must understand for Small Average Company.

Companies and Consumers

Posted by on Monday, 9 April, 2012

The information is the product that cannot lack in an organization. It does not import which is its business, the information is basic product! Either welcome to the universe of the interatividade where the consumer is who decides what, when and as to consume. In this age of ' ' dictatorship of consumidor' ' the focus is content. After the setting of the new model of communication, initiate with web 2,0, where the user is who said the guideline and its interests, constantly we see favorable consequncias for the relation company x consumer. They are new chances and new papers that if inside detach of this scene extending the relationship and the communication properly said between ' ' comunicadores' ' ' ' receptores' '. More than what to inform characteristics of a product or the descriptions of the offered services, the companies/marks must serve of source for its public, through offer of excellent content, inside of its segment of performance. The consumers want to be informed, they want to be colaborativos, to change knowledge and experiences, want to interact.

In the model where the traditional vehicles had lost the control on what it is propagated, grow the chance of the marks if also to become the informative vehicles, offering to its consumers the access the differentiated, focado content and of quality. Ahead of this, the writings start to be the heart of the communication agencies and the planning the brain of them. The writings must be espelhar in the digital agencies, where the different areas if join to think all, from there the importance of the professionals as journalists, editors advertising executives, webwriters, to understand the rules of the content production, for the vehicles and structures planned in projects of captation of hearing, as SEO, linkbuilding, among others. With as many possibilities and ways of diffusion, she is necessary to plan the disponibilizao of the information in some platforms, being integrated subjects, dialoguing and creating relations between all the users, stimulating the participation and fomenting the relation between the mark and the public.

Successful Companies

Posted by on Monday, 2 April, 2012

You vary people when reflecting in originating or a company immediately afterwards already is not obsedados for the legal part of the activity in order to create the company legally, when in fact different aspects of the firm exist diverse which are consequently importantssimos for the triumph or failure of the business and in worse of the possibilities the loss of the applied money and time. Before discovering as to open a company she is necessary to discover if the business is good or not! He is not enough to become legal an enterprise is important let us make that it from one propitious enterprise environment, or from another way you suffer serious risks to originate an enterprise ' ' condenado' ' before exactly to open the doors. How much to the regularization of the coming company, saved situations where the legal aspects are determinative, are more efficient and easy to exactly contract a counting professional or in another way an accounting firm, that are specialist in the regularization business-oriented therefore at any cost, if you if knew to elaborate all required documents, could not produce alone without the signature of an accountant. At this moment of planning the future necessary enterprise excessively of its attention in distinct business-oriented aspects of the plan where you are obliged to concentrate its capacities duly warned failure. The plan of negcios a planning which is used as reference in the taking of decision in the opening of new businesses and will have to follow it while its business to exist is its north, having to be evaluated periodically and to be adapted observing the changes in external the enterprise and surrounding environment and its forces. The plan goes to guide it of the planning until the opening of its firm being mensurando the aspects of finances, operational aspects marketing in order to open its company. The more time you to spend in this bigger stage its possibility of success. The planning also is essential if the objective is to request financing is of investing partner or another way of some financial institution. That is, other people to apply resources in its future company exists the requirement to have a planning and it to be lucrative, for which reasons you is obliged to invest its proper money without a well elaborated plan? If you do not have experience or knowledge of as to lead a planning, in the web site ' ' New Negcio' ' it has a guide as to open a company which together goes a guide with the objective to produce its planning complete.