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Information Videos

Posted by on Friday, 7 October, 2016

Some videos do not changed over the years and continue to be effective This type of branding, as a decoration on the radio station may be relevant and do not undergo global changes over the years. Character: Information, staged mainly acoustic advertising – informational. Ads for buying, selling, and campaign opening, discounts and sales. There are many reasons why advertising is purely informational purposes only: Offers business affairs outweighed heard it in the information supply, information videos accommodates more text than playing and singing, you can not come up with creative appropriate; for creativity is just not enough time, money or a copywriter, creative do not underestimate deserved, creativity is not advisable in terms of media (ads in the subway and supermarkets). Informational advertising is clear, coherent and simple, but it does not attract, no draws, no holds. Staging audio advertising (singing and playing movies) is much less audible, but it is more significant, because it is noticed and remembered.

Game videos become popular quote, song – sing everywhere and sit in your head. Additional information at Mark Berger supports this article. On the other hand Staged videos require more careful attention, both in terms of creativity and production. More opportunity of failure, if not completed an actor and singer did not dopoet. Props can catch the fancy of movie and remembered, and may be misunderstood or cause rejection. Goals: branding, commercial (ad sales) Most advertising for voice messages is a sales promotion, establishment and improvement of self-image, increase customer loyalty. As a rule, aimed at selling advertising carries some image component, and vice versa – often branding carries with it certain selling feature.

And yet, branding is quite distinguishable from the commercial. It is usually not straight does not sound commercial proposition. For example, the greeting of commercials congratulating his audience on a holiday, or yourself, for example, with the opening or anniversary, thereby reminding myself of. On radio advertising of the frequency of its own projects and format as is image advertising. Commercial advertising is different in that it almost always is talking about a specific product or service, his or her strengths and merits and conditions of acquisition (shares, sales). Selection: independent, built-in regard to the ether, the advertisements are appearing in the ad units on the channel is independent and self-sufficient. The same advertisement that is part of another project – sponsorship of a program or project, part of a program or project, or a disguised candid jeans, a built-in.


Posted by on Sunday, 19 January, 2014

I choose the key word ” design of decoration of interiores” For my analysis. The result shows 1,900 searches in local searches and 2,900 in the global one. The considered average of cost by click shows $ 1,81. Comparing with the key word ” design interior” , the number of searches has a great emptiness, but that does not matter. We are going to see the competition in Only ” are 9.930.000 competitors for the key word; design of the decoration of interiores” , the competition is much more weak that the key word ” design interior”. With this saying, ” is easier to align the key word well; design of decoration of interiores”.

I do not mean that this is the best word, but is far better that the previous one at least, if you can secure a key word with the smaller competition, then is better. 5) Fifth Step Now you have one better option for the key word ” design of decoration of interiores” , the following step is to verify the Name of Dominion Available for the phase of exact key word. I have happened to verify the availability of the dominion, the result shows is not available, but and are available. 6) Sixth Step The dominion, dominion already is acquired on the other person, then we must verify who is the competitor and how this its rank in Google. I have verified the ranking of, not even is possible to be seen in the first 10 pages. is only a simple site and it does not make the sufficient optimization for the motors search.

It is a good signal for you, because the site cannot be positioned well and it is possible to be surpassed with facility. 7) Seventh Step Now you can acquire the dominion and begin to construct your site of micro profitable niches! Directives for the investigation of key words He would be better to follow the following you rule when doing your investigation of key words. 1) Number of searches: over 3.000 2) The competition in below 100.000 3) Name of Dominion Available: .com/.net/.org Backlinks With the purpose of to classify well, you must construct so much as you can backlinks with this can improve its ranking in the finders. It must continue adding contained related the site and to lead more traffic. When the site has a decent traffic, then it can begin to obtain benefits of its micro niche, Or with publicity of payment by click, program of affiliates, etc. Course exists a great video at present/that simply teaches to you to create micro profitable super niches besides ayudarte to position these microniches created in the first positions of google, sincerely the recomiento, the difference this in doing it correctly and if the then necessary guide has itself not estaras in risk of trying and that it does not work to you.

Fashion Business

Posted by on Sunday, 10 February, 2013

Among them are the following formats fashion show. Theatrical fashion show. It is mainly used fashion houses, designer trademarks, major manufacturers of tissue, large shopping centers. Requires a large budget, which is designed to create unique scenery, lighting and musical directing the show, the fees top models. Shows. The most commonly used format for the fashion show. One of the essential elements of a fashion show runway (elevation in the hall), in which the pacemaker model move. They go to the podium for a backdrop, the which is usually a designer logo or brand.

The audience is usually seated in close proximity to the podium, left and right, sometimes in several layers. Often, to defile also creates a unique music track or sound and music are mixed in a given rhythm. It is not always used to defile the podium, it may replace some well-structured space on the floor (carpet, plastic, fabric, etc.). Very often the catwalk accompanied by comments to the designer of each model shown. The format is widely used catwalk designer brands.

Fashion parade (Fashion parade). Less formal form of impressions, not requiring podium backdrop, special invitations and seating guests. Can take place in a restaurant, club, very boutique. Models move freely around the room, making it possible to consider the details of clothes, sometimes along attached special plates with a price. Musical accompaniment usually plays the role of the background. Format fashion parade is widely used in retail trade, requires a moderate budget, it is easy to plan and organize.