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Everyday Life

Posted by on Wednesday, 20 September, 2023

A navigational aid through the daily life for single parent and patchwork families the trend is clear: the number of separations is steadily increasing. And anyone who is affected by such a situation – whether as leaving, abandoned or as a blameless child – knows how many problems of everyday life then consols. Barbara links “Modern family forms” provides not only general information on the subject, but as practical guide offers many tried and tested tips. Based on experience reports of concerned the book provides concrete solutions for the typical problems that occur repeatedly in patchwork families. The stages of the crisis – the decision to separate, over its enforcement and to a possible new partner – describes step by step. All those who feel simply overwhelmed in the unusual constellation of the family, makes the book courage and helps to overcome the hurdles of everyday life. Content: Preface / modern family forms from the point of view of research / one first steps out of the chaos / In the Everyday on set / one more? A new love / one more – the patchwork family / annex / register

Lisa Neumann University

Posted by on Monday, 12 June, 2023

There are walls, since there are people. For some, they mean imprisonment, for which other protection. Writer Michael Reynolds provides the force that emanates from them especially. In his book walls”he brings together writers from all over Europe, that symbolic art, her very own story to tell. The Internet portal informed about this extravagant work. Vinit Bodas gathered all the information.

20 years of the fall of the Berlin wall is now. Hardly an other wall shows what violence can plug into these stone structures. There are many books on the subject. Michael Reynolds walls”However well known authors dealt in ten short stories so, what obstacles do they represent, but also what power is free during their slump. This isn’t a matter of course to the design wall, but rather symbolic walls it in life to overcome, therefore the subtitle is ten stories, to overcome them”. The stories are completely different. Since there is a dictator sprung from the imagination of Didier Daeninckx, only from LEGO pieces, later moving brick walls.

Or a figure of Andrea Camilleris, that wall a fearful outside walls, to the final itself. All texts but common is a clear language and a fabulous character. So the younger audience is addressed in particular. To support the text, pull through bleak held illustrations the book by Henning Wagenbreth and reinforce the effect of the stories through their symbolism. An easy political coloring of the stories do not always materialize. Nevertheless, the intention of the work is clear: it shows how the walls of this world, built of fear and prejudice, can be swept every day. More information: press / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Writing Is Hard Work

Posted by on Saturday, 16 October, 2021

With their eBook thriller are very far above the statement one might think that their works before chiseling the writing couple of Schiller in stone before they publish their eBooks. Many writers such as John McCann offer more in-depth analysis. According to the Austrian writer couple Barbara & Christian Schiller. Now, one might think that they possibly initially carve their books in stone, before they present it to their now many readers. Then to explain this statement. But far from it, also in Austria, the modern way of publication via eBook has certainly received catchment. And so one can wonder just what may have led to this line. Maybe so, if you consider that their last thriller’s friends need to kill”already found his way into some reader may have with 7500 downloads. And if you this number times in editions converts, then one can speak here of back-breaking work.

And yet, writing is now even craft, which the two know excellent understanding, because different is this online crowds to their Not explain works. Must you ask though, why here no conventional Publisher behind? What is once again confirmed, think publishers just to profit, but not at the quality work that into their lines. But it pays off for them, and maybe it was the better way to publish as the Publisher depending on to get their books via eBook. The steadily increasing number of their fans testify to this statement and we can hope that more of the two hope to read. “And if you believe Ms. Schiller’s words can give, then seems to be the word of writer’s block” to be just a Word no longer. Because professionally the couple Schiller in the advertising industry operates, and also here is one to put anything to paper, mean low tide in the Treasury. In the “interrogation” of the caliber, 9 crime online magazine answered you questions patiently.

New EBook Series

Posted by on Saturday, 25 April, 2020

Thoughts on everyday life and other issues that affect life in the series thought to “appear all blog posts by LoveLetter, and now from the past few years. The contributions were all revised and sorted according to topics. As a little extra, the Bucherlein include images that must have something to do but not always with the theme, but maybe encourage the reader to pause and think. “The first book partner search spoilt for choice” busy with the criteria of partner search. How do you find the / right? Who is right? And why is it always back to the same type? “These are just a few thoughts on the subject of mate choice, these and other choice find you in search for partners”.

Where love falls down “any amounts to the theme of partnership in the year 2010 are compiled. For more information see Fairstead. What is there for relationships? What makes these relationships? Which phases are there in a relationship? And what trends stand out in the forms of relationship off? Besides answers, ideas and thoughts on these topics, there are pictures of the contributions also again. In the third book, it comes when working only the work itself would be the biggest problem in work and other difficulties “it goes that to all things, from actual work as you can handle and how business can attain, what you actually want to keep,.” With ideas and thoughts for a relaxed day, and if you didn’t work a few images that maybe the workday to forget for a brief moment. “No choice for the rest of life must be the profession, that is to start the topic in mind to no. Whenever Fairstead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 4 thoughts on the subject, how to find his calling, why it is not so bad, even new and how one can achieve its goals at the end, can be found in vocation or profession”. To a few answers to the question: who why choose what job and how maybe from its conventions come on and then do what you actually been always professionally wanted to make. The first four book of series are just the beginning. Over the next few weeks will be more eBooks will appear and each has a different focus. Kristin Muller-Wenzel