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Salad Olivier

Posted by on Friday, 11 January, 2019

Cool, shift in a crystal vase and beautifully clean crawfish, lettuce leaves, sliced truffles and chopped lanspikom. Serve very cold. Cucumbers can be replaced by large gherkins. Rather than grouse You can take the veal, partridge and a chicken, but the real starter Oliver prepares sure of grouse. From the book by Aleksandrov Culinary Arts, St.

Petersburg. 1899. Zenaida known to cook pre-revolutionary Russia. Recipes are using the old measures of weight. Salad – 2. Remains of roasted venison cut into thin slices, boil a few potatoes and chop. Cut the cucumber (if not fresh, the salted) hard-boiled egg, lettuce, or lettuce. Season with a thick mayonnaise (mayo), add the French vinegar, mustard, soy Kabul, cayenne pepper.

Combine mass with half mayonnaise, Stir, put in a salad bowl, pour on top the remaining mayonnaise and remove the cucumbers, slicing and lobsters. Salad Olivier (French cuisine) at 6 potatoes take 3 carrots, 2 onions, 1-2 small pickled cucumber, 1 apple, 200 grams of boiled chicken, a glass canned green peas, 3 eggs, 1-2 jars of mayonnaise, salt and pepper – to taste. In the recipe vegetables average. Gilyarovsky va, in his book "Moscow and Muscovites" wrote: It was considered particularly chic when dinner is ready French chef Olivier, even if they invented famous "salad", without which no meal at dinner and the mystery that never opened. As any tried gourmets, not out: "something, but not so." Thought that Olivier was not told its secrets But in cookbooks beginning of this century the famous salad recipe still occurs. Perhaps the story of the culinary arts has preserved not all the details, but in its present form it is very tasty. For him use of poultry or game. Sometimes, a bird replaces boiled meat or ham. Of course, this is done, you can, but then, salad, differ markedly. Absolutely "not"! And it is hopelessly corrupt Olivier sausage instead of chicken: sausage – snacks, eat it by itself, it does not fit well with salad ingredients. For the "Olivier" is better to use no salt, and pickled cucumbers, apples also try to take a sweet or, in extreme cases, sweet-sour. And the cucumbers, and apples are a must to clean from the skin. In the Olivier, as in any other salad, it is important to observe correct proportion. Another necessary condition – not lazy very thinly and evenly cut all products. You will not regret! Prepare the same as usual. Lined a high hill to decorate a salad of parsley sprigs, sliced apples, sliced pickles, sliced chicken. And "little" trick – how to calculate, salad was enough to all the guests? Take as a basis for potatoes – how many consumers will be less and take the potatoes. Else pick up in the same proportion that given above.