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Earn Money on the Internet

Posted by on Sunday, 11 December, 2016

Our 21 century – the century of e-commerce! And it's true! To earn good money, now do not have to commute to work or to have your own shop. All this – yesterday! Internet has opened up humanity new possibilities and prospects! Every year the turnover of the Internet. Idea how you can earn on the Internet sooner or later comes to every computer user. Indeed, the very well to the Internet, not only would require spending, but also would bring income. And the possibilities are truly enormous.

– 2004, turnover on the Internet amounted to 1,4 billion dollars. – 2006, 10 trillion dollars. – In 2007, trade amounted to more than 21 trillion dollars! Just think in numbers and in rates of development of the Internet! Yes, the scope for action just great! In the world there are already more than 2 billion Internet users. This is opportunities! Some people do not quite understand what the Internet Internet – is a great opportunity for a man! While some think it is a separate world or a country. What is "Internet" in essence? Computers from different countries the world united in a single network.

That's it. With the help of a computer and the Internet we can find new friends around the world and can build their own profitable business! When people become involved in the Internet – in business, most of They initially spend months and even years of their lives on useless vanity. We very much want you to waste your precious time and did not make those mistakes that many of the Internet – the entrepreneurs.

France Telecom

Posted by on Friday, 2 August, 2013

The total number of users of Business LiveBox in Europe is more than 200 000 companies. With Easy Office customer receives a single entry point to address all Telecommunications issues: the communication services are under a single contract and paid for by one single monthly bill on a credit basis. About Orange Orange – the key brand of the Group of France Telecom, the world's leading telecommunications operator. Orange provides access to the Internet, television and mobile services 131 million users in most countries where the Group. At the end of 2009 consolidated revenues amounted to France Telecom 44.8 billion euros (22.1 billion euros in the first half of 2010), according to the June 30, 2010, the subscriber base exceeded 182 million people in 32 countries, including 123.1 million mobile customers and 13.2 million broadband Internet (ADSL) in around the world. Orange – mobile operator number 3 and number 3 provider of broadband Internet access in Europe and, under the brand Orange Business Services – one of the world's leading providers of telecommunications services to multinational companies. New Global strategy for Orange – 'conquests2015' – is addressed to both the employees, customers and shareholders, as well as to society at large, and includes a number of specific actions. Liabilities denominated in the new company regard to staff, to deploy a network infrastructure that will form the basis for the further growth of the Group, in an effort to offer the highest level of the Group customer service by constantly improved quality of service, as well as to accelerate international development.

Orange Business Services Russia – the only international provider of integrated telecommunications solutions integration, which has its own developed infrastructure, a wide range of licenses and is a national operator of telecommunications. 1000 employees working in 37 major cities in Russia, opened representative offices in Almaty, Kiev and Minsk. Homogeneous IP MPLS-network Orange Business Services with communications centers in major cities of Russia and the CIS can provide high-tech telecommunications services throughout the country. Orange Business Services offers a complete solution of telecommunications tasks, from consulting and project development to implementation and management of established infrastructure. The focus of the company – the decision at the junction of the telecommunications and IT, enabling customers without additional investment in equipment and highly trained staff to use modern tools to solve business problems. France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) is listed on the Stock Exchange Euronext Paris (category A) and the New Yoyrkskoy Stock Exchange.

Social Networking Applications

Posted by on Monday, 17 October, 2011

MySpaceMonk.Com, the leader in business social networking sites put on display 25 million MySpace templates and graphics that show the most popular artists in the online community. This is an example of Web 2.0 to a new level, reflecting the stability of the company as a leader in the evolving social networking market. September 15, 2008 MySpaceMonk. Com opened its doors for the last exhibition in the social community. More than 25 million MySpace templates are the main artists of world social network. This company led to social, networking community since the development of communication, resulting in Myspace and Facebook have become leaders in the global web.

Achieving MySpaceMonk – the result of one girl’s imagination. ‘I created MySpaceMonk, when I was 14 as a small project for school. I wanted to show their skills of the artist, but my guests ended up coming back for more, and have filled my mailbox offers. Then I realized that life grupovoy definitely become fashionable on the Internet. ‘In addition to the exhibition there are millions of MySpace templates holiday graphics, codes, MySpace, flash toys, embedded games, and widgets, easily accessible in the center of the collective resource allocation. Rose Sewell, president MySpaceMonk, recently sold the company for one. $ 5 million from venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, but it still remains an active manager community.

‘This – is my hobby. I like to express my fantasy side side with other social networking artists. This is – my house, I can not leave him. I plan to expand the content content, and then to achieve social superiority and the primacy of the future on the WWW. ‘Social Networking – future communication. And MySpaceMonk. Com in the center of it all. The staff at MySpaceMonk’s receives more than 9 million downloads each month alone, templates, distributing 200,000 graphics and 10,000 codes daily.