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Sailing ARound the World

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 April, 2008

The vice president of the Council and minister of presidency, Vicente Rambla, today announced the initiation of a campaign for selecting volunteers for 300 out of the Volvo Ocean Race from the Port of Alicante Rambla has made this announcement during the presentation of the website of Alicante 2008-2009, Puerto Departure of Volvo Ocean Race, next to the mayor of Alicante Luis Diaz Alperi. “Volunteers are one of the most important assets of any international sporting event,” said the minister. “From their effort, their ability, their illusion, heavily dependent on the success of the competitions and offer the best possible conditions for citizens who want, freely get involved in our project,” he said.

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The Myth of Social Darwinism

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 April, 2008

Not all thinkers and men of science at that time agreed with the ideas of Darwin, but rather they divided the intelligentsia. Not only was opposed by most religious leaders but also prestigious men of science, such as Phillip Gosse zoologist who were always in creationism, the professor of geology Adam Sedgwick who denounced him for having abandoned the scientific method of induction baconiana ; Renowned paleontologist and specialist in comparative anatomy, Richard Owen, who was a disciple of the great French scientist Georges Cuvier, the father of these same materials and declared enemy of transformation.

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Lifestreaming in Facebook

Posted by on Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

If the word fashion last year was Twitter, this year, for the moment, is being lifestreaming, sites that allow gather all the information of what we do on the network, of which the best known is FriendFeed.

That Facebook would implement something related lifestreaming was coming from afar and, indeed, it has been. For now so low, few services implemented, but starting with the advantage of being an increasingly used and known to people? To walk?.
The services that we import our mini news stories are Picasa, Yelp, and Flickr, and do it is as simple as entering our user name in those facilities. But let’s see him carefully.
To import data to our mini news we will profile our Facebook and at the top, we select the Import option, which will show us a window with the different things we can import.

Here, we select a service, and we ask the user name we use it. Only we must enter and Facebook will show us the latest updates we have done there, either upload photos to Flickr or send links to Delicious.

Since then, in our news feed will these updates, and so will that of our contacts, one of the points that I think are problematic in this system.
Because Facebook starts a bit saturated. Either we are all day or above theirs, which have few contacts, recent news begin to lose right away. If we add to this that begins to appear activity contacts on external sites, things worse.

Anyway, this is not a problem only Facebook, but of all the sites that allow lifestreaming add contacts, and today is that the network activity is very high and follow everything they do all our contacts may result exhausting.
At least, Facebook, we have a system that allows you to choose the type of stories that we see most often and which less, which, theoretically, will allow us to remove from our list of the news that our contacts imported from elsewhere, although may not be implemented , because I have not succeeded.
Should they worry about this new functionality other sites lifestreaming? Not at this time, like Flickr should not worry because Facebook allows upload photos, or because Twitter allow write our state. There will be people who will use it, but for intensive use of such services will be sought specific application that offers the best options.
In the future will add more sites to import, including Digg and other unspecified.

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Commission Against Violence in Sports

Posted by on Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

Delegates of the National Commission Against Violence in Sports Entertainment, agreed in today’s meeting,to propose a fine of 3,500 euros and to deny access to any sports fan to a sporting arena for a period of six months after any violent incidents.

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Gasol: Lakers Focused on Playoffs

Posted by on Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

Pau Gasol of the Lakers, did not hide his satisfaction after the victory of his team over the Sacramento Kings in the last match of the regular season. For the lakers it proved the fact that Phil Jackson is the best in the NBA with the best record in the West (57-25), but at the same time emphasized that with strict discipline and concentrated energy the Lakers are highly focused before their imminent debut in the NBA playoffs.

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MLB: Angels 7, Rangers 4; Santana Wins After Bad Start

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 April, 2008

The Dominican Ervin Santana recovered from a cluster of three runs in the first inning, and showcased for seven episodes, so the Angels Los Angeles propinaran Monday at the Texas Rangers their fourth consecutive defeat, 7-4.

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The NBA Promotes the Playoffs: There Can Only Be One

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 April, 2008

The April 19 start of the NBA playoffs, and the league itself is already moving their promotions on the matter, with several of the stars that will dispute this second phase (including Gasol with options serious fight for the ring). Returning to viral have launched, with some of the videos that we hung on the continuation of the entry, have left the image into two, and have joined the side two stars of the league, saying the same message, without changing one iota the idea of the epic with the NBA playoffs equates his. Import the message they want to convey, but not only that, since they have successful couples who behave in the image, except Shaq, all aspiring MVP of the league, between the advertisements that have been able to see that there are still a handful of come to light (I have not yet seen the Ginobili, neither Parker, who took part in the recording). In the meantime, we have an idea of how was making off of the same in the next video, and with respect to the slogan? There Can Only Be One?, Reminds me of a famous film with music by Queen, which in effect only could be one. Film and sports are always united by the hand.
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USB Runner Autoplay on Your Portable Memory

Posted by on Monday, 14 April, 2008

A few weeks ago I was using the Softpedia USB Runner utility for Windows that allows us to automatically execute any application or program from our external storage devices like USB flash devices. Runner has a clean USB interface. The first thing to do is to select which external drive you want to play programs from. Softpedia USB Runner is a small utility that can be used for various purposes includsing analyzing files thereeby protecting your hard drive from viruses.

MLB: Cardinals 6, Astros 4; Pujols Sticks Two Homers

Posted by on Thursday, 10 April, 2008

Albert Pujols connected their first homers of the year and the St. Louis Cardinals won 6-4 Wednesday night to the Houston Astros and win passage of his third round in a row.

Glest 3.0

Posted by on Thursday, 10 April, 2008

Glest 3.0, published by Cider House, is a strategy game with real-time 3D graphics and sounds beautiful. Please take a look at for details. It seems a bit like Warcraft III, real-time strategy (resources, attack, etc..). It’s free and can gamble networking.