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Unlimited Hiking Fun

Posted by on Thursday, 26 December, 2019

Mountain railways included in the two country region Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal valley hiking is limitless that probably only in the two country wall region Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal possible. Throughout the summer, hikers exploring the mountains between the Austrian Kleinwalsertal Valley and the German Oberstdorf, company pleasant tours in two countries, and on the cross-border climbing courage. And who wants to save the strength for the Summit assault, which simply takes the mountain railway. Finally, the ticket for the entire vacation including is. “After the success in the last year it will the package this summer mountain railways included – unlimited hiking” type for the guests. According to the restaurateur, who has experience with these questions. The ticket is when booking an accommodation in a participating company included.

This means: cableway ride as often as you want. “All up and Nebelhorn, Fellhorn Kanzelwand, Solle stretching and Walmendingerhorn are including”, explains Dr. Silvia Nolte, tourism Director Oberstdorf. A total 400 km big Network of footpaths guests from 815 to 2224 m. Everything is offered for sale by the leisurely walk in the Valley to Alpine tours and climbing. This includes restaurants, huts and terraces in the mountains fill up during a day to relax and Sun a. So, for example the stunning 400-Summit panorama in the fog horn for each is an experience.

The two countries via ferrata on the Kanzelwand offers a sporty challenge experienced climbers and mountaineers. By the Fellhorn up to Solle stretching a beautiful directly on the Ridge trail. Four star hotels, cozy, family-friendly holiday apartments, as well as privately run guesthouses offer the package. There is the right place to stay for all tastes and budgets. For example 3 overnight stays in a * hotel from 257,-euro per person or in a holiday apartment for two persons from 184,-euros. Book can the guests from May 8 until November 7, 2010. Also who wants to go be not the whole holiday walk, can in Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal be active. Nordic walking, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, inline skating, paragliding and much more available. The Rocky Mountain days are at the peak of the season for mountain bikers from 2nd to 4th of July 2010 in the Kleinwalsertal. There will be icy even in summer at the Oberstdorfer Ice Sports Centre for skating, curling or curling. The Breitachklamm, the deepest Canyon of in Central Europe, which is situated halfway between the two towns is impressive. Of customs, as well as cultural and sporting events to sweeten the holiday. Information and booking: Tourist Oberstdorf, Tel. 08322 7000,, Kleinwalsertal tourism, Tel. 0043 5517 51140, editorial contact: tourism Oberstdorf, Miriam Frietsch, Prince Regent-Platz 1, 87561 Oberstdorf, Tel: + 49 (0) 8322 / 700-228, fax: + 49 (0) 8322 / 700-274, e-mail: info:

The Most Beautiful Pages Of The German Capital

Posted by on Saturday, 23 November, 2019

Ten destination in Berlin: The most beautiful pages of the German capital when the ITB travel fair on March 10, 2010, in a new round, Berlin is again the focus of world attention. Reason enough to present the most exciting destinations outside of the exhibition halls. They convince not only with their turbulent history, but are characterized above all by modernity and excellence. The travel portal provides not only the ITB visitors with valuable tips for trips for the German capital. Travel ( range/flat rate) to Berlin can be designed as versatile.

The guests, for example, with a “video-bus-tour” experience a city tour of a special kind. On display here are no longer visible the main city attractions, for example the Stadtschloss blasted by Walter Ulbricht or the Reichstag from the inside, on screens. Who prefer to explore the metropolis on foot, not passes the East side Gallery. The open-air exhibition shows the freshly restored parts of the Berlin wall, the 1990 by 118 artists were designed. The Museum Island and the new home of Nefertiti is an equally popular tourist attraction. Visitors of the “sea life Berlin” come precisely at an elevator ride that will amaze. Reason is the 25 m-high “AquDom”, where breathtaking riffs and some 2,500 exotic fish can be observed.

If you are looking an exceptional restaurant, has spoilt for choice in Berlin. Anyway, the rooftop restaurant of the Reichstag, is it the canteen of the Bundeswehr or a Berlin Currywurst stand here the correct local can be found for every taste. In the night seducing not only the scene Club to go out, but also the shops in the city.

Petersburg Hotels

Posted by on Sunday, 17 November, 2019

Hotel business of St. Petersburg is actively growing, and now here you can find many hotels with good service, sit-room apartments for guests with any level of income. Therefore, when planning a trip to St. Petersburg, the best previously available with the full range of proposed options, to give Rating level of service and make your choice. In St. Petersburg hotels, as indeed, all over the world are divided into levels and "Awarded" stars.

Luxury hotels – a five-star hotels in the world. Hotels of the middle class – four and three stars. And the rest – small and cozy hotel and otelchik. This economy-class hotel, but the situation in which home, and the service at a high enough level. But do not confuse them with a mini-hotels. Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg – it vysokoklassovye hotels (hotels also have an economy class) on a small number of seats (from 10 to 40), so that each client have your own personal touch. You can rent an apartment at the time that you will stay in St.

Petersburg, but more reliable and tested method – hotels. Number can be ordered by phone or through a worldwide network of Internet. Around St. Petersburg there are hotels in all areas. But the elite are in areas that are rich in historical monuments and history – Nevsky Prospekt, Petrograd and Vasilevski island. Ordinary hotel converted into architectural monuments. Because of what rent Petersburg – a real pleasure. Get a room for rent can be not only in the heart of this great city. On its outskirts have lots of hotels that cost less, but level of service and conditions not a bit inferior to hotels in the center. Many hotels and mini hotels in St. Petersburg are equipped with a restaurant (or cafe) and a bar, karaoke, pool, sauna and gym. It has long been a standard service was the provision of modern means of communication (Internet and fax) and satellite television. With guests in the hotels of St. Petersburg can be both cash and cashless payments, discounts on certain services (such as an interpreter and tour guide). You should not run for Peter to find hotels that match all the parameters. Simply book a room at the Rubin.

Fabulous Artworks

Posted by on Tuesday, 22 October, 2019

Winter is coming and the sure and if it is already in the summer. Or philosophical: “smooth ice, a Paradeis, which is good to dance white.” – Friedrich Nietzsche the coolest Hotels – guaranteed without air conditioning. The good is this summer, that he now is a US winter pleasures. And so it is also right to the thing, there’s a new site since Sunday: Ice Hotel. You will find here fabulous pictures of ice hotels in Austria, of Switzerland and of course also Germany is represented with an ice hotel on the Zugspitze. An ice hotel in Finland and an ice hotel in Norway also introduces for enemies of the short ways: Ice Hotel in Finland – LumiLinna – a gigantic building of ice and snow In the month of the winter solstice, when the polar winter dawns in Suomi, awaken the artist in Kemi. You design a fabulous artistic works directly on the Mer de Glace: the ice Castle LumiLinna.

The construction material for the ice hotel is cheap, limitless present in these latitudes: frozen H2O. Michael Schwartz may help you with your research. This made entirely of ice and snow shaped Castle, which is new and different is rebuilt every winter, is impressive and bizarre. Eighteen snow rooms and a honeymoon suite also available from mid-January. The facilities of the ice hotels in Finland is simple: a persistent warm sleeping bag and reassuring: the beds are not made snow. In the ice hotel’s dining room, they sit comfortably on skins and dine at tables made of pure ice while the subdued lighting casts a playful colours of the ice walls.

After a leisurely Arctic night in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, to end his stay at the ice hotel in Finland at the ice bar for a cold drink. The room temperature is about-5 C in the ice hotel, with outside temperatures of pages-30 Celsius, that is as well as sauna hot. The ice hotel in Finland is open from 31 January. Ice Hotel in Norway – fantasy “on the rocks” only about 3 hours directions from the North Cape remote and secluded the ice hotel opens 19 km of the town of Alta, “Alta igloo hotel” in the Kingdom of Norway Sorrisniva in the former ALTA Friluftspark from mid-January until mainly beginning the fourth month of the year its doors for customers. However not only travellers looking for the brilliant in form one icy night, are at this point desirable, but also travellers who want to look at the ice magic. For above the ice hotel opening hours are daily from 12:00 14:00 and 18:00 20:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 18:00. Furthermore, separate visitors dates can be set for groups. Description of the company the company becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt), was founded in November 2008 by the graduate graphic designer Wiebke Becker. The aim of the company is the release of ebooks in the leisure sector – also by licensees. Following ebooks have been published so far: Leisure Guide Upper Bavaria, Munich stage portrait, beauty and wellness holiday in Austria and South Tyrol. There were some information portals in the life called, like, for example:,, and more. Of course create We also corporate brochures and everything what an ordinary work in an advertising agency belongs to. Company contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Wiebke Becker Bussard str.

Expedia Trend Report

Posted by on Saturday, 12 October, 2019

Expedia Travel Trendwatch: Facts and trends in the online travel market trend report provides up-to-date information on developments in the online travel market. Read in the current issue: Scrooges and sense of leisure travel behaviour in times of crisis: the current vacation planning and booking 2009 is characterized by uncertain economic conditions. The restaurateur follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Last minute bargain trips are also on the rise as the exploration of own home. Get all the facts and insights with Jennifer Skyler, another great source of information. listed a booking increase in short-term travel by 24 percent compared to the previous year. Source of inspiration holiday looking for the ego: is the prize in the foreground, at the time of booking yourself life and self-awareness revolves around on vacation.

Wellness are asked to do something themselves. But religious pilgrimages, art and cultural tours and natural holiday experience are required. You open the tourists unusual insights and offer a new experience culture. A top 5 ranking presents the most tagged booked spiritual places in Germany. On your marks, ready, go minute Summer 2009 the load: minute spurt started the load and informs about the most booked summer destinations 2009. Additionally, booking tips of of travel experts show how holidaymakers in addition to load more can get minute prices on their summer holiday. Here it goes directly to download of the latest issue:…

Choose Hotel

Posted by on Friday, 9 August, 2019

Going to any trip, virtually anyone can not do without booking a hotel room. And one thing if it is a place of rest for one night, while the other, if the hotel to spend a few days or weeks. So how do you not make the wrong choice hotels and rooms in it? Here are a few tips. It’s believed that Chevron Corp sees a great future in this idea. First of all you need to understand the division of hotels by the stars ('crowns', 'sun', 'keys', 'moons', etc) and select the desired number. Hotels can be divided range of services, type of property, additional activities (hotels, casinos) and tourist attraction. The cost of the hotel, you should already out of style. Thus, the gradation of "stars".

One star – a budget hotel with minimum services, small in size. Room service is not always a daily basis. All rooms are the same type. Breakfast – two stars – a low-budget hotel, also with a minimum of services, but here is a mandatory daily maid service. As generally have two types of rooms.

Three stars – middle class hotel with a standard fixed set of services: daily maid service, TV, mini bar or refrigerator, a bathroom in each room, in the Hotel has a business center, laundry service for guests, swimming pool, a place for breakfast, a fitness room. Some of these services may not be available at the same time there may be others. Must be available in a variety of rooms (Singles, doubles, etc.). Hotel – four stars – the most high-class hotel, all the above services are included in hotels of this type, as well as special.

Rome Vacations Travel

Posted by on Wednesday, 31 July, 2019

Rome is one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe and it is no coincidence. This city – this inimitable Italian style and more than two millennia of history that leaves no one indifferent. Visiting Rome, you do not be disappointed by booking a hostel in Rome, and getting to know Italy! Put your bags at the hostel and go right to walk around the city! The first thing you should do is to drink real cappuccino in one of many cafes and watch the bustle of this never sleeping city! Do not pay for garbage vminanie on the streets, to imperfection of everyday life, the city must be seen as a decoration, rude waiters and bad manners is part of the charm of Rome and the crazy traffic cars and mopeds, the sound of horns and cries of traders on the street belong to the picture of the city as well as the magnificent Colosseum, or the majestic Vatican. Rome above all mundane demands and expectations, it's a lifestyle, it's Italy! Forget the tourist guide and advice you've ever read. Let yourself be influenced by Rome and feel its special charm with all my heart. To begin with, discard the standard sterile booking hotels and book a room in a small boarding house or hostel in Rome Rome.

You'll see family photographs on the walls, and the breakfast will be fresh scones and brewed mom jam of oranges and apricots, and then you can have breakfast whenever you want. That the owners of boarding houses to help you get acquainted with the city, they tell you where to dine (say that you spend the night at Francesco's and you will not be enchanted) and where the best coffee in town – and they teach you to trust your feelings! Do not expect perfection from Rome: city attractions are plentiful and unique, Rome itself is a monument. But do not expect punctual bus stop: go to the next target on foot, look at cats in the Roman Forum, relax in one of the cafes in Piazza Navona for dinner and enjoy a real spaghetti "carbonara" who only know how to cook in Rome. Go and sit in the churches and basilicas of the city, as in Maria Maggiore, which is not only beautiful but also has a special charm. Check out Jeffrey Leiden for additional information. Try your luck at the mouth of Truth, which according to legend, a lie can bite off the hand. And of course as Vatican City – the state and its endless treasures and sights. Rome, as always, great! trip to Rome, Rome pension, cheap accommodation in Rome, Hostel in Rome, booking hostels, cheap hotels, HostelsClub, online booking, Roman holiday, a trip to Italy, Accommodation in Italy, the Vatican, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Church of Mary Madzhiora

Lavender Panna

Posted by on Friday, 26 July, 2019

This way of life practiced mostly for ethical reasons is it still very healthy. It promotes a metabolism and prevents high blood pressure. On the other hand, vegetable dishes are rich in antioxidants, which can inhibit rheumatic inflammation. That vegan while meat-free living, but still healthy and to take nutritious food, is now long been proven. Senator from Maine follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Meat substitute has gained from soy much taste, so find yourself more and more followers of the vegan way of life. While some are wondering: it can taste? “, already appreciate the amazing taste vegetarian food over 600,000 people in Germany.

Away by taste monotony is cooked also in the vegan kitchen varied and nutritious. You should have tried once, to form an opinion and if there are only a few vegan meals”, as the hotel owner radiator. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Angus King on most websites. This opportunity now! “Who the 4-course bio-vegan menu in the organic restaurant flotsam and Jetsam” would like to try, reserved Tel.: 035022 92230. daily changing 4 speed-bio-vegan menu (choice of two menus) for the price of 29,-euro nights already from 1 night possible, can be booked as a package. Reservations and booking: Contact bio-Hotel Helvetia: Tel.: 035022 92230 information about Bjorn Mosch in ski and his work, visit the daily bio-vegan menu, package deals with accommodation and activity programme and more information, tips and links to veganism, visit the Web site contact: bio – & National Park Hotel Helvetia Tel.: 035022 92230 E-Mail: press contact: Anne Jungowitz Tel.: 0 350 21 / 64-460 E-Mail: info / press VEGAN week from 12 to 17 April 2010 our 4-course bio-vegan menu is composed as follows… * Monday: Choose from our versatile salad buffet * tomato coconut soup with croutons fried celery fillet on Spinach Risotto with roasted walnuts this Remoulade and Balsamicoreduction * field salad with fried Oyster Mushrooms, spaghetti marinated soy strips and pine nuts whole grain a la soya Bolognese with basil pesto and pine core Parmesan to Salatbukket * vanilla cheese cake with chocolate sprinkles Tuesday: choose from our varied salad buffet * avocado gazpacho with Herb oil and homemade baguette Erdapfel oyster mushroom strudel in the vegetables dance salad of the House * creamy spinach soup with fried mushrooms soy Burger with mushrooms, rosemary potatoes and roast gravy * MangoKoko Wednesday: Choose from our versatile salad buffet * mushroom lemon grass soup risotto of cauliflower with a touch of truffle to Sage polenta and oven tomato * Ruccola salad with chicory and fried tofu in a sesame crust Mediterranean lasagna with vegetables and SojHack to deftiger tomato sauce salad * mousse au chocolat Thursday: choose from our versatile salad buffet * vegetable Quiche with Salatbukket Mushroom Ragout with Herb gnocchi and grilled Endive and dark cream sauce * hearty goulash soup seitan Kassler with Apple sauerkraut”, Parsley potatoes and roast gravy * Lavender Panna cotta Friday: choose from our versatile salad buffet * beetroot ravioli stuffed with cashew herb ricotta fennel salad and fig puree courgette tagliatelle with marinated Oyster Mushrooms, Cashewkasecreme and pine core Parmesan * chilled cucumber soup with garlic toast corners roasted soy Strip after Greek style with Tzaziki, Humuscreme and couscous salad * raspberry Cashewcreme menu price: 29,-EUR book your table under phone: 035022 92230 organic restaurant flotsam and Jetsam” Schmilka No.

Online Booking Hotel: Without Goes (almost) Nothing

Posted by on Monday, 22 July, 2019

Cologne booking portal nachwievor leader – strong gain in without the “big 3” goes (almost) nothing:,, are still the most important booking portals for the German hotel industry. However, the leadership of remains unchallenged. has overtaken in the ranking of the most important reservation platforms. This emerges from a recent study of CHD expert. The international market research firm specializing in the non-domestic market has asked 258 hotels in whole Germany. “The Cologne-based company is also leading the increase in bookings”, Thilo Lambracht, managing partner of the CHD noted expert (Germany) GmbH, at.

More than half of the respondents hoteliers more room reservations have last year about receive. At, almost as many hotels still almost 44 per cent recorded an increase, at “It is clear that the three front runners in the internal TRANS King are the by far most important booking partner”, so Labib. For most hotels, is and remains the most important sales channel in the Internet Over 64 percent of the companies have received the most bookings in the past year. However, only about 17 percent of the hotels that were most reservations via at showed it only just over nine percent. “Interestingly, that booking portal with the most reservations has lapped up incumbents such as or”, said Labib. The growth of the Internet can be observed also at the reservations through the hotel homepages.

Nearly 14 percent of the companies registered last year a strong plus for bookings made through your own Internet presentation (for comparison: booking portals, 12% of the hotels recorded a strong growth). Nearly all hotel in Germany have the Internet as a booking channel fully recorded: 95 percent receive regular room reservations through booking portals and nearly 93 percent of the own Internet presentation. However, only around 45 percent of the hotels can report regularly maintain room reservations over the global tourism systems of GDS and CRS. In the traditional ways of booking, telephone and fax are to observe changes: over ten percent of the hotels report sharp fall reservations via fax. Was also at telephone room orders – in the compared to electronic channels – hardly increase recorded. “The trend to online bookings for years has intensified and currently reached a new climax with more and more bookings through so-called mobile devices like the iPhone, for example,” Labib analyzed. About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading “Know and do!”. The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert belongs to the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Contact: CHD expert (Germany) GmbH Carsten Hennig Veerser way 2 b 27383 Scheessel + 49 (0) 4263 301 131 wichtigste_hotel_buchungsportale_2010.php

With A Look And Four Clicks Hotel Booking

Posted by on Friday, 21 June, 2019

Expedia launches free mobile application for hotel reservations Munich, April 13, 2011, now is the mobile application Expedia hotels”for hotel bookings available for iPhone and iPod touch. It provides a quick way to search, filtering and booking hotel rooms on the mobile device. Average users need only four clicks”to book a hotel. The application was developed by Mobiata, a U.S.-based company specialising in travel applications. Mobiata developed already mobile application Expedia vacation packages”, which is available since March 2011. It is the first mobile applications, which brings Expedia since the takeover by Mobiata in November 2010 on the market. More mobile offerings are currently in development. “Expedia everywhere’ is our new strategy for the mobile offerings that will inspire the world’s travelers by their ease of use, fast booking and numerous functions”, says Scott Durchslag, President of Expedia.

Expedia Hotel is the first of many mobile applications that we are developing for the iPhone and Android phones. They allow customers of Expedia the simple booking of each offer of our worldwide over 130,000 hotels, while real-time prices and availability only a fingertip away.” The mobile Expedia Hotel application allows site-independent search and hotel booking. In addition, she finds the nearest hotels automatically by GPS. All hotels can be sorted by price, star category, reviews, or removal. The application using the assessment Portal TripAdvisor hotel reviews and marks the highest-rated hotels.

Is available Expedia hotels worldwide initially only in English but in 20 different currencies. Developing from Expedia hotels focused especially on easy handling. Easy scrolling, an interactive map with the hotels nearby and a summary of services on-site provide a quick overview. Each Hotel will be presented by automatically expiring slideshow. Mid-week launch app of the week Expedia hotels was already in the iTunes store by England. In recent months, Expedia has global mobile set up also his Web page. The booking of flights, hotels, car rentals and tickets is possible now in five countries on the website mobile. The over 130,000 partner hotels by Expedia can be achieved with just a few clicks. The Expedia Hotel application and the application packages are available for free on the app store from iTunes now. 1999 founded online travel portal ( offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German online travel portal besides booking flight, hotel, car rentals, vacation rentals, last minute and packages and cruises under the name click & mix allowed the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category Events & tickets”. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the TuV Seal of approval. “Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE).