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Near Field Communication

Posted by on Monday, 25 March, 2013

Investing in online will mean also investing in mobile. -Geolocation and augmented reality (AR): geolocation allows you to operate with the exact location of the user and further personalize communications. Augmented reality will allow adding extra layers of information to what the consumer displays. Interactivity thus reaches a new level. -Mobile payment: If there is a unique feature in the mobile, that makes it the device better suited for e-commerce, is the existence of different payment gateways faster and more integrated. It is a feature that can be implemented practically in any mobile strategy and is based on the agility of the device.

-NFC: Near Field Communication, synonymous with use of the phone as a credit card when you contact a specific reader. There are many expectations placed on this technology and the market assumes that it will be a small revolution, but it will oblige the user to acquire new specific handsets, leaving the question of what percentage of the mobile Park will have NFC at the end of the year. -BIDI or QR, two-dimensional codes: 9 of every 10 users would go to the web site of a brand that interests them when they see an impact of that brand in outdoor advertising. Forcing users to type a web address in the mobile means losing many along the way. The BIDI is easy, fast, intuitive, simple and interactive, known for 64% of mobile users. -Apps integrated into the digital strategy: applications must be part of the digital strategy of a brand, be an extra window of contact with its customers.

Develop independent apps, isolated from the comprehensive strategy, as whim or toy brand, will be little relevant results. Only 11% of the apps are downloaded by advertising, versus 67% of magazines or websites, which indicates that there is room for improvement – content: new business models: falling the classic model of payment shock and reach new business models. The model of user consumption has changed with streaming, with the free content supported by advertising, with the digital convergence or P2P, to give some examples. New actors, burst (Apple fights for the rights of the English Premiere League); others will have to redefine. They arrive and will arrive to the market new business models to be followed carefully. -Privacy: The advance of new technologies, the concentration of digital actors and questionable ethics of certain services may give a negative view on the future of the privacy of the user. However, the rise of advertising as an economic engine for mobile services is forcing a transparency as never before had.


Posted by on Thursday, 21 March, 2013

As pushing a boulder to the top of a hill. You just keep doing what we have been doing, and the Rock leads to the top of the Hill. And the inconveniences that may be on the way, is pushing the rock of an easier way. You has been placing ads, writing articles, visiting forums with little or no sign of success. Then, one day, you find has made a sale. And the next could be a day or a week of distance, but still doing what I’ve been doing and achieved perhaps even several in one day. And they have finally arrived at the top of a hill. It seems to have a life of its own.

However, if you stop doing what you’ve been doing, things could return to a stop. The people of marketing multilevel (MLM), sometimes come to actually see the rollover. I’ve had friends in the commercialization of multilevel, who spent all their time trying to sell products and recruit new members occasionally. As commonly happens, most of these people are on the road and never produce anything. However, if enough people have been added to the bottom line, it is likely that some producers of quality will be.

When one sufficient number of these people have been added and have achieved their collective feet above the ground, can make a network marketing or Internet marketing, businesses grow by leaps. They often mention my two friends who became millionaires in two different network marketing programs. Yhan made tons of money with their own sales. Both took between three and four years to reach the top. When there were enough people in its lines further down where your income and the creation of other lines of more than $50,000.00 are produced. A few months later, he was doing more than $100,000.00 per month! Now that happiness reach the top of a hill! Luis alberto mejia original author and source of the article


Posted by on Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

To take the advantage the opportunities offered to you the list of underwriters of its website (e-zine), it is necessary to master the art of relations. This is the way to keep customers who return again to you, wasting your money in your business, and this ensure the future of your business. Your mailing list is the key to build relationships with potential customers, so you must do it consistently. The first step in building relationships is to be able to identify: perspectives customers loyal customers old customers lost customers. Obviously, loyal customers are those who spend more.

So, how to start communicating with your mailing list to convert them into loyal customers? Building the relationship through E-zines (electronic magazine) persons registered for your e-zine, since he promised to send regular quality of information that is relevant to your needs. Be sure to do this and to continue it, so they want to stay in your mailing list. Make your informative e-zine. Of This way, you will be seen as an expert in your field: for someone who wants to see him. Include its subscribers and make them feel appreciated. Here are some ways to do it: make online surveys to your e-zine subscribers to answer a question with the choice of 3 of responses which can be made by clicking on a link. Encourage your subscribers, you can provide a link where you can post your comments and other observations. Make sure that you acknowledge these and perhaps provide a small gift to people whose comments is included as a cover page in your next e-zine.

Invite questions and suggestions from their readers. Be sure to respond to them. The point of e-zines (electronic magazine) is to foster the belief that you are an expert and can be trusted.

The Marketing Of Concerned Members

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

If you want to start in this business on the Internet or if you already have one and want to expand your sources of income, you’ve probably encountered with the term of Affiliate Marketing, but how is this? Affiliate marketing is good for a person to promote a product or service from another, earning a Commission for each sale that you make through it. In the opinion of many successful online people this may be the way more simple to start your adventure on the Internet, since you don’t have to have your own product or service, or you have to worry about storing or ship products or solve doubts that the customer may have, all what is required of you, as an affiliate, to send potential customers to the merchant site and ready!. As every business that is started, it is important that you consider that while investment is very low or null, you need to dedicate the time and effort required to that of fruits, if you’re not constantly and if you neglect it can not give you the satisfaction that you are waiting, but if you spend the time and effort required I really get to your account at the beginning a little money extra and if continuous can be to your account grow greatly! So Ponte batteries, investigating more about this type of online business Ponte batteries and you will see that in a short time, much less than in a traditional business you will see the results that you expect and then tell me how you’re going. Daniella Resa perseverance is the key to success..


Posted by on Sunday, 3 March, 2013

Thus, the earnings equation is as follows: Q = CF + LM / (PV-CV) Q = CF + LM / (unit contribution margin) corporate planning processes, involves a careful selection of targets and a definition of the means to achieve them. Today, with globalization and competition, profit became an ultimate consequence of business management, contributing to many other variables such as income, costs, expenses, volume or activity levels. The maximization of the benefits is the objective of the business organization classical and more relevant for the benefit, therefore, to the senior management of business organizations, you must have a technical analysis to study the interrelationships and influence in relation to the benefits. Several authors dealing with the issue in any traditional manner with innovative approaches, but all are promoting the search for maximum profitability of productive capacity and Total quality. In his book, The goal: a process of continuous improvement, Eliyahu M.

Goldrattt, uses a sequence of logical conclusions through the theory of constraints and concluded that the objective of the company for profit must be making money, both current and future to ensure business continuity is achieved when the value of the economic assets of the goods and services of the company offers to the market that produces and becomes greater than the value economic resources (goods and services) that the company gets market and consumed in the production of value-added process. Goldrattt Secondly, the proposal of the COT is to provide information necessary for decision-making, especially in the short term. The model objected to the cost accounting traditional, which is based on the apportionment of fixed costs and consequent allocation of products. In view of Goldrattt, the cost of the final product is determined by the operational measures and overall figures for costs are measured and managed in the enterprise information system. The model of the Decision theory of constraints, according to Goldrattt 1 identify all constraints of the production system; 2. Decide how to exploit these restrictions; 3 subordinate any change in the previous decision; 4. The increase in margins of the limitations of the system; 5. In case of breach of the sequence, it will replace the previous, but make sure that the problem becomes a constraint system. Original text in Portuguese at authorized the partial or total reproduction of this article, provided that the source is acknowledged. Forbidden to remember and / or total or partial recovery as well as the inclusion of sections or parts in any data processing system.