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Cultural Anthropology

Posted by on Wednesday, 10 May, 2017

The importance of the time in the superstructural consolidation homologated the concerts under the ideological point of view, cultural politician and, submitting it a slow dynamics through History, becoming it pparently natural, creating 6 the subsequent ethics . The different philosophical chains as well as the scholars of the Cultural Anthropology, throughout the time, had perceived that the things were not, however, so simple. Contact information is here: Jim Rogers. With effect, since its origin, the man, to become man because it is not born man, but if makes man produced and reproduced its material conditions of existence humanizando Nature, perceiving that this work, if carried through in group, if became less laborious. From this instant, in the process of humanizao of the Nature and the circumstances, it stopped definite social relations.

‘ surpassed its Nature; ‘ natural’ ‘ acquired Nature ‘ ‘ social’ ‘. Filed under: Chevron Corp. The necessity of regulation for the collective life, the individuals between itself, and these with the community created certain conscience, a notion of belonging and the necessity to adjust behaviors to this collective life. It provoked the appearance of the good one, the bad one, the good and the evil, the useful one, and the useless one. One established thus a board of duties and obligations. To survive, all were obliged to work and to fight ahead of the difficulties, of the enemies of the tribe. Thus qualities had been developed as bravery, aggressiveness in combat, solidarity, discipline, mutual aid, love to the children of the same tribe.


Posted by on Sunday, 19 March, 2017

And if, conversely, you have many long-term goals and very little short, you dream of many, but few are doing and so on. Now comes a very important point. We must separate the wheat from the chaff. We need to include the law of concentration. To do this we need to separate these from your desires unreal and concentrate on them. Yes, yes, the desire to be artificial. This may be the desire of your friends, parents, relatives, imposed by you. This may be a fad, but not your true desire.

For example, travel Egypt – may be a tribute to fashion, but actually you can, like to stay in Spain or even a trip abroad you uninteresting. Or maybe the parents all my life like you to become chair of the institute where they work, and you life somewhere in the depths of the soul is not like that. In this case, the desire to impose his parents. And if you want to realize this desire, then its implementation will be challenging and, ultimately, happiness you can not add. Now take your every wish and carefully analyze, for how this desire to yours. Lakshman Achuthan might disagree with that approach. Think, think, as you have the desire to appear, from where it is. There are several positive factors that point that is really your desire, and it deserves to be turned into a goal: – The desire to be strong enough reason to implement it – is the desire for negative experiences, which generates strong cause to appear is a desire (she laughed at the old cell phone in my childhood children laughed at the machine father, teachers felt stupid and so on).

Infantile Work

Posted by on Thursday, 26 January, 2017

Brazil meets enters the countries that present the biggest indices of infantile work. PNAD 2007 calculated that 4,8 million Brazilians with ages between 5 and 17 years already exert some type work. As this research demonstrates, the exploration of the infantile man power, although forbidden for law, still occurs with sufficient frequency in our country, mainly in agricultural regions and families of low income. Although to have greater presence in the agricultural region, the infantile work is found in entire Brazil, also in the great cities, and under the most varied forms. This harms the society strong, therefore it reaches a basic part of it, the children. These small Brazilians have its infancy denied for the work, are private to exert its rights to the leisure and the education. Thus, the infantile work contributes for the maintenance of the poverty in our nation, therefore these children who had abandoned the school to vender its man power in canaviais, coalmines and steel mills, will become adults without instruction, if to arrive at this phase of the life, and will have mediocre jobs that very probably they will compel its proper children to work as form to supply a lack in the familiar income.

He offers of the infantile work must yourself, over all, the necessity of the child to help the family who possesss one pssima financial condition, being the parents, some times, incentivadores of this situation, taking off advantage of the exploration of its proper children. True the responsible ones for this problem, however, are our public representatives. The Brazilian government determined in the last decade that the combat to the infantile work would be ' ' priority of the agenda nacional' ' , however it adopted for this end measured insufficient and corrupt. In way that rare the punishments established for the employers of minors are applied in fact. So known indifference of the government it stops with the necessities of the Brazilian people, as health, education and security, also are seen stop with ours children, whom, for representing minors costs, greater subordination to its contractors disciplines and, are explored daily without if gives the due importance or if it fights this truily badly. Much more of what the beautiful speeches of our representatives, are necessary that they are placed in practical efficient politics that fiscalize with efficiency and punish those hardly that they explore the work infantile. We, common citizens, also fit great responsibility for the improvement of this situation. We must show to our dissatisfaction ahead of the actions of ours politicians and choose with seriousness our next governing so that these are sensible to the problems of the Brazilian people.


Posted by on Sunday, 11 December, 2016

Alas, this does not happen. There has been a natural selection. Evolution and its laws are inexorable, the weeping is not responding. It should be natural to ask what to do? Exit one to rethink its related to the loss of information and begin to act according to the new circumstances of the case. If you do not hurt self-esteem and pride behind him out will not take long. I already wrote that economics, like all processes, who dragged a man's life, subject to the wave concept of development. That is, is subject to lift and busts.

What you need to do to remain permanently on the crest of a wave and did not fall below a critical point? Must create the sort of thing with which you will at minimum cost to the state to maintain the proper level of their well-being of not wasting Consciousness on the problem of survival. You have in mind should be generated image human existence which is entirely on a single security, regardless of wealth created by societies. This is only possible with the help of people like you who are concerned about finding ways out of the existing situation, it's easier to say adherents. Only like-minded people in a position to see the problem and come to each other for help. What type of assistance involves me in the situation. Become the bottom, put a hand to lift walking trail. Jump onto everything served at the bottom of the hand standing. Learn more at this site: Angus King. Team principle was always the winner, with his lone dissenting opinion, tend to remain at the bottom.


Posted by on Saturday, 22 December, 2012

Of this form, to know God, it is necessary, before everything, to know themselves, ' ' to know it itself mesmo' '. Kierkegaard is considered the founder of the existencialismo under the Christian point of view. what a thought form is the existencialismo seno that, without establishing a doctrinal organization, argues the existence of proper I? In the same way that it is important to understand the contribution of Augustin for the thought contemporary, is to perceive also it how much that such contributions allow the understanding, in the point of view of the philosophical anthropology, of a continuity between the medieval thought and the Renaissance. This of sufficiently clear form is seen, for example, in Discardings. With this thinker, it is established a new philosophy from the understanding of new I. The human being can be thought as absolutely distinct of the world, and distinct in the world.

After de Descartes, the empiristas calls had presented a counterpoint in what it says respect to the origin of the knowledge, generating a shock that are only ' ' solucionado' ' with Kant, no longer century XVIII. In the quarrel on the knowledge, Kant considers a revolution as of Coprnico, putting the citizen as the base of the knowledge, and discarding the possibility to know the things in itself. He puts in question the idea of the freedom human being, where it consists and of that she forms we can know it. Let us perceive that, with Kant, I am argued while subject, that is, in a epistemolgica dependence of the object. With it, the freedom, together with God and the Soul, appears as an ideal that never can find bedding empirical that the support. For Kant, the freedom is established in the will human being. The man, thus, is free exactly because he possesss the capacity to choose. Contrary to the inclinations of body, that only requests in them what it is necessary to our physical existence, the will, for Kant, consists of putting the rationality as the master of our decisions.

The Problem

Posted by on Monday, 9 January, 2012

And whether it was an insult? Maybe you simply wanted to buck up, find out the relationship, and thus raise all minor conflicts throughout the week, but what would happen if two favorite people will remember all the hassle, because they are near me, then, resentment can be listed over the years. My opinion remains the same, people need to talk about their problems with each other, integrity is what will help you relations, speak directly about the disadvantages of not allowing them to proliferate, with support and help to fix them. It brought together by you, will trust in your relationship and help to open up and not from complexes to each other. Here's my advice. Find a common problem (for example: he devotes much time on friends, and you're not invited to the "smoker"). Seems like to be? After all, he forgets about you, maybe he wants so forget about your existence? A Here and there, I say! Here's a way out of the problem: You have to understand why this happens, take a moment to talk about it with loved ones, try to understand it and think why these people he is friends that connects them. Write whatever you not satisfied in relation to you. And sort through the guy.

Ask several times to walk with them, go somewhere, build relationships, climb into their "man's collective." And then you finally realize that it is they say so Club of common interests, jokes on subjects that you are not familiar, they are in fact men, so they are combined in order to speculate what would prove to themselves and what they are strong, courageous, ideological and incendiary, to whom they still boast. After all, we have never dealt with in the question: where better to hide the socks, how can a whole day to play and football, and how you can laze away the years. You will not be very interesting to them, soon you will realize that should not forget about your girlfriends, take the time to go shopping, call a girlfriend for tea, do yourself a make-up and great hair, wear elegant dresses and make a couple of shots to be happy, believe me, the world is filled with paint. Show yourself and your photos, in all its glory, my favorite, with a bunch of your favorite flowers you provided. Take everything from life, filling his love bright colors and surprises