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Posted by on Friday, 10 May, 2019

Statistics not the ultimate truth, but argues teach justify But if the stats and rules are combined as "Worker and Peasant" Ms. , and present a united front, the "Mama Do not Cry" That if you look at the statistics of professional incidents, the majority of attacks occur in hallways, elevators, dark corners. Therefore the rules for the Council to better not to walk one through the deserted, dark places, areas with disadvantaged crime situation. Visit website is likely to agree. Married? A bunch of friends? Hire a bodyguard, unless of course will finance. Hello, Finn-aansy By entering into the entrance and elevator, it is necessary pay attention to those who comes into it with you. Photograph fotikom or eyes? Ask a passport? Falsetto – "Citizen, Your Present! " Please observe the elementary caution: For example, to track a suspicious-looking individuals, companies that behave aggressively, etc. Exactly Recently I Cat in the radio operator did not play better pass by a suspicious situation.

Walking alone in deserted places, especially in the evening, the best hand-held mobile phone with a pre-selected number of someone from loved ones. This will allow you in an emergency situation promptly notify the potential attack. Type "And finally, I I say Farewell "It is also possible to acquire some means of self-defense, such as gas cartridges. Zilch zilch zilch As there had Mironov of the song "And her little sparrow Jump Jump It is her darling

Nietzsche Didactics

Posted by on Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Today, with the invasion of the TICs in the diverse sectors of the world-wide society, provoked for the advent of the hiperabundncia and instability of the knowledge and the expansion of the TICs in the most diverse rinces of the society and the culture, to become impracticable to keep the imprisoned school to an archaic didactics that has not taken in account the dichotomies and paradoxes of the TICs in the seio of the Education. Therefore, he is of basic importance if to argue for the direction of formation of the cibercultura and its pedagogical resources, so that if he can ressignificar, reinventar and recriar the space and pertaining to school time, pointing a new didactics with respect to the school of the present time, namely, the didactics on-lin, beyond new scientific perspectives, social and cultural for citizen aprendente in the Society of Information. Without hesitation Angus King explained all about the problem. After all, they are the movements and the instabilidades of the Real that make with that the man and history human being are always in event, in a pure one to devir. .

The Investigation

Posted by on Monday, 17 December, 2018

They are synthetic because they extend our a priori knowledge and, because they are necessary and universal. Thus, this is the general problem of the pure reason, the synthetic judgments a priori. How is possible metaphysics? Transcendental for Kant is what it cannot be intudo. We cannot make experience? not sensible. pure ' ' I penso' ' that it proceeds with the all experience as transcendental unit of the auto-conscience to know the supply-sensible one, uses the reason (Vernunft) that they are transcendentais ideas, venturing if to think the mud, the world and God, therefore is not possible to know it in the sensible one. The world while totality, therefore the physics until today tries to prove this totality. Being that, nor metaphysics has answers. Therefore, have beginning and end the world? The man does not only content with the sensible one, it inquires the supply-sensible one.

The problem of the soul is with the freedom and immortality. It will be that it is free and immortal? Or only one or none? God, exists or not? This is the investigation that turns around the Metaphysical field. Transcendental is ' ' I call transcendental all the knowledge that in general occupies not in such a way with objects, but with our way of object knowledge in the measure where this must be possible a priori. ' ' A system of such concepts would call transcendental philosophy (idem, p.26. Grifo in the original). In field of thinking is transcendente and in the field of knowing, that it is all possible experience? empiricist.

Between one and another one he has the transcendental, that it is the condition to know the one and other. Here, a priori knowledge and a posteriori that it enters they has a knowledge condition. Sensitivity is what it acts first, when the object goes of meeting with the reason (Gemut) and vice versa. Sensitivity is constituted of elements a priori or pure? what are divided in two forms? the space and the time. They are properties that do not exist outside of the mind. It has something that develops the mind, that is a capacity stops? the innate one. The innate one is not of spontaneous. Therefore, thus, the child to the rising already would know to say and to work its rational capacity well. Read more from Jonah Bloom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Here she has a sensible intuition, where I apprehend the data. Receptividade is pure magnet, therefore I only received the data sensible. The sensible data are sensations that I received from the object, and the impression is the substance, that is, the content. form is intelectiva, is rational, is a priori. the substance is a posteriori. The form engloba space and time. The form is condition of possibility of the knowledge. Without a priori one and the form, it would not have intuition. When I have a posteriori, it is not alone, therefore already this mixed with a priori one. When getting the sensation, it already this formed by the pure form. The content goes if forming for the form, that is in the cognitiva capacity. Our way to know the world is one alone way, of God, for example, he is another one and so on.

Philosophy Occidental

Posted by on Sunday, 2 December, 2018

The empirismo was defined for the first time explicit by the English philosopher John Locke in century XVII, Locke argued that the mind would be originally one ‘ ‘ picture branco’ ‘ (it tabulates flat), on which the knowledge is recorded, whose the base is the sensation. The empirismo best that the rationalism called the man to the challenge to construct center of the proper universe, with effect, while the rationalism believes in wider, situated more solid supports and horizontes in the superior truths of the reason to the man and demarcators of the direction of its existence, the empirismo leaves to the man the task to invent this universe from the multiplicity until certain chaotic point of the world of the events. 6,1 CHARACTERISTIC the empirismo affirms that the knowledge is gotten by means of the experience of the directions, of the sensations. FINAL CONSIDERAES were concluded that the empirista doctrine was of utmost importance for our learning, knowledge and development in the classroom and the personal life.

The knowledge and experience is on to the human being, therefore it is through our experiences of our day the day that we acquire more and more knowledge, thus contributing for our intellectual development as in such a way personal. .

The Problem

Posted by on Monday, 9 January, 2012

And whether it was an insult? Maybe you simply wanted to buck up, find out the relationship, and thus raise all minor conflicts throughout the week, but what would happen if two favorite people will remember all the hassle, because they are near me, then, resentment can be listed over the years. My opinion remains the same, people need to talk about their problems with each other, integrity is what will help you relations, speak directly about the disadvantages of not allowing them to proliferate, with support and help to fix them. It brought together by you, will trust in your relationship and help to open up and not from complexes to each other. Here's my advice. Find a common problem (for example: he devotes much time on friends, and you're not invited to the "smoker"). Seems like to be? After all, he forgets about you, maybe he wants so forget about your existence? A Here and there, I say! Here's a way out of the problem: You have to understand why this happens, take a moment to talk about it with loved ones, try to understand it and think why these people he is friends that connects them. Write whatever you not satisfied in relation to you. And sort through the guy.

Ask several times to walk with them, go somewhere, build relationships, climb into their "man's collective." And then you finally realize that it is they say so Club of common interests, jokes on subjects that you are not familiar, they are in fact men, so they are combined in order to speculate what would prove to themselves and what they are strong, courageous, ideological and incendiary, to whom they still boast. After all, we have never dealt with in the question: where better to hide the socks, how can a whole day to play and football, and how you can laze away the years. You will not be very interesting to them, soon you will realize that should not forget about your girlfriends, take the time to go shopping, call a girlfriend for tea, do yourself a make-up and great hair, wear elegant dresses and make a couple of shots to be happy, believe me, the world is filled with paint. Show yourself and your photos, in all its glory, my favorite, with a bunch of your favorite flowers you provided. Take everything from life, filling his love bright colors and surprises