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Russian Federation

Posted by on Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

Higher Military School in the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is facing a difficult and painful process of renewal. One of the objectives of reforming the educational process in the military college – the maximum bring training to the demands of the times, the disclosure of all gifts to help the individual student and, ultimately, to prepare a specialist that combines the broad fundamental scientific background with a deep in-depth knowledge specific specialty, convinced of the necessity of good service to the Motherland. The relevance of these transformations is the fact that kordinalnye changes in socio-economic structure of our society and system of social relations, business and interpersonal relationships, make high demands on the person of the future military expert. Details can be found by clicking Chevron Corp or emailing the administrator. In addition to owning a high levels of military and engineering skills, he must be a person independent, proactive, able to think outside the box, make better decisions and not only to adapt quickly to changing situations, but also have the ability to transform its creative, that is to be competitive, non-standard figure. All this forms the basis of updated modern military education. However revealed a number of objective difficulties that significantly impede the reform of the educational process in the military college. Among them should be called the contradictions between the inertia and conservatism of the military educational system whole and its need for rapid development of mobile-changing society, the existing stereotypical attitudes in the minds of the staff of the faculty of military schools and the need to introduce new approaches to problem-solving training military specialists; real needs of society in the renewal form and content of training based on the priority of the personal component and a slow restructuring of the educational process in the military college with that in mind. . . Rogers Holdings wanted to know more.

Anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro

Posted by on Wednesday, 22 February, 2017

The young education of adult is regulated by article 37, of the law n9. 394 of 20 of December of 1996 in the LBD. Whenever Economic Cycles Research Institute listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Section V Of the young education of adult. Art.37. The young education of adult will be destined those that had not had access or continuity of studies in basic and average education in the proper age. 1 the education systems will gratuitously assure to the young and the adults, who had not been able to effect the studies in the regular age, appropriate educational chances, considered the characteristics of the pupil, its interests, conditions of life and work, by means of courses and examinations. 2 the power I publish it will make possible and it stimulates the access and the permanence of the worker in the school, by means of integrated actions complementary it is entered.

3 the young education of adult will have to be articulated, preferential, with the professional education, in the form of the regulation. Art.38. The education systems will keep supplementary courses and examinations, that will understand the common national base of the resume, qualified to the continuation of studies in regular character. 1 the examinations the one that if relates this article to become fullfilled it: I In the level of conclusion of basic education, for greaters of 15 years; II In the level of conclusion of average education, for greaters of 18 years. This modality of education passed for diverse empecilhos, on the part of some politicians. Anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, then Senator in 1977, so only believed that eradication of the illiteracy give-itself the investment of the education of quality for the children. For the illiterate adults, destination already would be traced, to wait the death. It affirmed that the lack of studies would result unemployment and consequentemente the illiterates would die of hunger.

Problem Situation

Posted by on Friday, 5 August, 2016

For those. who have problems with the writing of the relevance of the research, made explanations. Any thesis is relevant because it raises any new (bad or insufficiently) the problem. Angus King : the source for more info. The very same problem always arises when old knowledge is found to be ineffective, and the new – not yet adopted the advanced form. It turns out that the problem in science Is a contradictory situation that requires their permission. That's it for this contradiction, and pay attention while working on writing up to date. Referred to the situation often arises in the light of the discovery of new facts, which clearly do not fit into the old theoretical ideas, ie when one of the theories can not explain the newly discovered facts. Thus, if the applicant is able to show where the boundary between knowledge and ignorance about the subject, then it is easy to clearly and unambiguously identify a scientific problem, and hence formulate its essence, what is the desired relevance of the study.

It is known that the applicants often avoid taking narrow topic. Many writers such as Mark Berger offer more in-depth analysis. This, in our opinion, is wrong. The fact that the works devoted to broad themes, often superficial, and little independent. On similar themes written ton of literature and even a cursory view it will take a lot of time. Narrow same theme worked out in greater depth and detail. At first it seems that it is so narrow that and write something about. But as the familiarization with the material of this fear disappears, the researcher opened by such problems that he had no idea.

The Face

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 June, 2016

etc. Such activity does not lead to the goal state and society, distorts the concept of citizens' of justice. Unfortunately, I will have to admit that in the years of Soviet power and the past decade, post-Soviet period, the problems of ensuring road safety is not adequately paid little or no attention, and today the legislative and executive branch continues to implement the old policy of cane system, tightening the mechanism of state-legal . what is the annual increase in the number of complaints of judicial misconduct on them, about 60% were satisfied. Given that the seminar is impossible to discuss key issues and recommended solutions would be considered a example we inherited from the totalitarian state: the detention of a driver's license as a measure to ensure the proceedings of an administrative offense, pending a decision on the case.

Country and language itself, the detention of a driver's license until a decision on the case. It is not known whether the person is denied the right to control or not but the fact but a driver's license is still delayed. Face, liable to administrative penalty is issued is not recognized abroad and the international convention on road traffic, such as pass the time resolution, is depriving him of the legitimate right to travel outside the Russia at the time of the hearing. BP is valid until the entry into force of regulations. Supporters of the bureaucratic reforms argue that the detention of a driver's license in violation of traffic rules is guarantee of avoiding the face stripped of the right to operate vehicle, surrender his driver's license at the time of deprivation.

Mentally Play Project

Posted by on Tuesday, 8 December, 2015

In addition, if you get a few real projects, it is desirable take up one with your position the most feasible. Why? The fact is that when you bring a new project, the key to success here is knowledge "how to do it", which, subject to the originality of the project you will not be enough. The closer the project to your business, the specifics of the work, to your knowledge, the more likely you will be able to do it. Conversely, if the project will be "cut off" from your overall experience at the moment, he probably will remain your dream. That's why dreamers are not popular "among the people." It is better to move slowly, covering its activities in more innovative and original projects. With each successful executed project your confidence will grow, as well as material well-being. So there you have a step by step plan for implementing the ideas.

Better yet, make a "mental movie" of how you implement your idea. Mentally Play this movie several times. After all, thoughts tend to be! Now we come close to a very important key point. The closer you approach the project, the more you'll be away from their dreams, and plunge into real life. This process is absolutely normal. At some stage, turn on your critical "I", which will return you to continue to restrict the installation or mental patterns, and hence will try to return you to "original location".

What do you do? On the one hand criticism is necessary, it helps us to make well-considered actions. But on the other hand, it also keeps us in moving forward. In the previous issue we wrote that all work done for the people. Rely on them in this matter! If they accept your sample project is positive, it inspire you. If not – you will know, is something you work. It is desirable to track only the motives criticize people and their category. Your project is focused on this category of people? Criticism is not out of envy and the desire to annoy and constructive? Then shakes his mustache on! In this case it was a good pilot project – it is the least cost, and easier feasible. Do as much as possible pilot projects!

Master Language

Posted by on Friday, 9 August, 2013

The purpose of this stage – to learn more or less freely communicate on basic conversational topics. Meter goal – the presence of not more than 10% of unfamiliar words in the vocabulary to basic themes. The main tasks – to continue to listen to native speakers, develop basic communication skills, work on vocabulary and gradually move forward. Now that you’re accustomed to the language, must learn to communicate. Language no longer seems so strange and incomprehensible, and you can already see a certain percentage of that the carriers say in everyday conversation. At this stage for the study used a longer audio – 5 minutes or more, and listen to them should be less, but the aim now – do not just listen, and to work heard material, take out all the information vocabulary. In this case, the more words you learn, the easier it becomes to learn new words – information accrues, as if a snowball.

Material is desirable to select those topics which are more or less you close and clear. It is logical. After all, we teach the language to communicate later on it, hence, the language material should be based on the most relevant topics for us. In addition to listening materials, find someone who can develop spoken language, whether teacher or friend, a native speaker on the Internet. The third stage – the way forward.

Duration of the stage – from 180 hours of study endlessly. The purpose – to enjoy the language, gradually becoming a master in it, expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, learn about the culture of the country where the language is spoken. This is the most fertile stage. You already understand everything, can nicely be expressed with the correct good intonation and pronunciation, are not afraid to talk to the media and could well live in the target language country. At this stage you start to easily listen to specialized programs, know how to write personal and business letters, and can even go to university and learn the target language. Beautiful stage, is not it? But here, according to Kaufman, the most important thing – do not stop there. After all, what is not developed – Gradually coming into disrepair. Continue to engage in language and achieve ever new heights! And to help you in this, my course “Universal Methods for improved foreign languages!”. The course provides detailed, step by step methods of learning the language – applying them, you’ll see the main stage described by Kaufmann, in action and learn a foreign language in stages, but effective! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign Languages: – Want to watch instructional videos to learn foreign languages? Come here – here you will find videos for learning several languages. Language blog – English. Sincerely, Sergey Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) ‘Generic methods improved foreign languages!

Brazilian Language

Posted by on Wednesday, 31 October, 2012

thus we treat the Brazilian Portuguese, the Portuguese of the bootblack, the salesman of Apolo, the laundrywoman and the cook. We deal with the Portuguese said for the majority the population of delayed , indecent murderous, adjectives that more tend to subestimar and to menosprezar the language of an entire nation, and above all, discloses a deep preconception social. In general, the lingustico preconception is exerted by the people who occupy the dominant social classrooms, that had had access to formal education e, therefore, to the prestige norm-standard. Thus, they believe that its way of speaking is more correct , more formoso that of the people without formal instruction or with little escolarizao. In the truth, the lingustico preconception is only a camouflage for an intense social preconception: it is not the language of the person who is discriminated, but the proper person in its individual and social identity. Following this reasoning, Bagno, (2005) it says, the less sanctioned socially is an individual, the more low it will have in the pyramid of the social classrooms, more crassos errors (and errors) the members of the privileged classrooms find in the language of it.

When we speak of lingustico preconception e, over all social, he is because we perceive how much the Brazilian people is menosprezado concerning its speaks, and some grammarians make this without a minimum of responsibility, and worse, without cause knowledge, treating the language in the majority to its grammars as homogeneous and instrument of use only for cultured people. (RASP, 2002) To sound, (2005) tells that the writing is a different process of speaks, even so to these two abilities human beings strict are articulated. It speaks, reading and writing is domnios of the human being which obtained to develop a more sophisticated language of what other animals. Although to be presented entailed, the act to write demands more complex abilities of what the act to read and to speak.

Leader of the Movement

Posted by on Friday, 12 October, 2012

In general, however, the receptividade of them is in accordance with the treatment who receive. This is the section that makes and undoes the known ones? works? on to daily profane, the material one, such as: to moor? () the boyfriend () or husband (wife), to pay debts, protection against envy, among others. A differentiation of the Exus in Ortiz is made (1999, 73), that, based in the dichotomy it enters well/badly, with its respective missionaries, considers that the Umbanda is the practical one of the good and the Quimbanda is the practical one of the evil and the Exus would belong to this last practical religious one. 6 FORMATION OF the PLACE OF FETICHISM IN CHAPADINHA the foundation of a new house, in accordance with Birman (1985, P. 74), generally if of the one for the disagreement in one marries already consecrated. The opponents establish a new house and start to take care of. To the times, still ' ' is one mdium that it is considered? chemical preparation? , that she has made head, and more, some clientele estabelecida' ' (Birman, 1985, P. 74).

The leader of this movement will be the father or mother-of-saint and its guides are most important entities e, therefore, responsible for the more difficult obligations the biggest or works, starting there the process of hierarchy and consolidation of the house. The organization hierarchic of the house of Umbanda it follows the hierarchy standard? spiritual. It has at least three degrees of hierarchy. The first one is the leader, already cited. Berkenbrock (1998, P.

159) quotation that in as the degree is father-small or the mother-small one, that is helping of the leadership and assumes the functions of it in its absence. Later it comes the body of mdiuns, that is, the people who incorporate during the cult. In the last degree they are the assistant.

Federal Advice

Posted by on Thursday, 27 September, 2012

Seeming 252/69 opened, still, the perspective of creation of other qualifications that the Federal Advice of Education judged necessary to the national development. (VESTIBULE OF the MEC) the Pedagogo that before considered the cuidador, the professor, person who orientates, manager overseer today is considered multipurpose and the responsible one for the educational formation, wants in formal spaces, not formal and/or informal. Thinking about education, makes in them to think about the scienter of this education, to educate so that, for who? To educate infers to humanizar the citizen, when is thought about education inside of a company, makes in them to think about the humanizao? Knowing itself that the company is faced as main lcus of competitiveness, where the humanizador aspect enters of pedagogical? Namely that the main resource of the pedagogos would be the qualifications that have par excellence to promote knowing to galgar space of the companies inside, where is then the humanizao and the awareness of that its force of work is for company what of better this professional it can offer. In the most diverse qualifications inside of companies the word of order is the proativez and empreendedorismos, we are at all moment thought while capital human being and never as human beings. However Towers and Hiss (2007), understand pedagogo as agent who favors the learning, where this must be made through its meaning to understand the process of its work, of this form its production would not have as before the alienation to the molds of the industrial revolution and of the ascension of enterprise the Teylorista.A theory pedagogia it delineates fronts for the development of the professionals, favoring a significant learning and the perfectioning of the capital intellectual. Moreover, it develops new abilities to take care of the market of work ahead of the requirements of the enterprise world.

Foreign Language Courses

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

Thus, we begin to understand. As a kind of fulcrum identify your specific goal, from which depend, and teaching methodology, and the time required to achieve it. It is not so important if the price of courses that you are perfect to be slightly higher, and will go a little further. To start to define the level of ownership of your chosen language: not taught this language at all; taught in school, then college or technical college, he taught language in school, high school, then – in graduate school or on some short courses, taught in a special school, and then – on the rise. Variants of goals: to be able to explain (or at least a basic level); to be interviewed by language in recruitment, work with foreigners, talk on the phone to transfer faxes; podshlifovat grammar, learn to speak fluent; get translation skills, and more – on the rise. Next question – to engage in a group or individually? It depends on your preferences and budget.

One should not forget that the conversation in a group can more quickly, but do grammar or something to sharpen better when people less. Typically, more than 15 language courses are not gaining, but such a group is able to 'pull' only high-quality teacher. Which course to choose: traditional or intensive? Traditional courses generally do 2 times a week for 2-3 academic hours, with an emphasis on reading and writing. Their advantage is that here are taught to write, and also trained at those universities where there is an exam in a foreign language.