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First Farmville Steps Author Yhohn Chach

Posted by on Saturday, 10 December, 2016

To concentrate in the experience: Points of experience in FarmVille definitively will help to where you want to him to go in Farmville, much more ahead that the others. You that also can gain more XP, aside from which know gains to the sandarac tree the parcels and the plantation of its seeds? When expanding his farm, you also will gain XP. Nevertheless, the greater yield comes from the purchase of buildings. Purchases for the special decoration or of any structure and purchases in the market of Farmville also will make him gain experience points. For even more details, read what KBS says on the issue. When selecting what cultures plantar, also must consider the number of experience points that it will obtain for each parcel. The cultures that are less than to grow obtained generally are only 1 XP whereas the cultures that require more time give 2 XP. When going more stop, the peas, beans can be harvested in 24 hours, will give 3 XP you.

Nevertheless, also you must make your calculations to decide which are the best harvests than they are due to plant to gain more daily XP. Aside from the experience points, it also considers the number of hours that you can harvest. Cultures as the strawberries a day gives him more than 2 XP because you can reap every 4 hours. It is very important that it remembers when you need the harvest in order to avoid that their plants are marchiten and they are wasted. The positioning of the buildings continues being the best form to increase your points of experience, you you must save its FarmVille currencies. Surely it is going to be in the fastest way at the following level and to dominate the Farmville game. You wish to know more of the world farmville? in the Link of down you find more. First Farmville Steps Author Yhohn Chach.

FARC Fronts

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 December, 2013

For 1978, overcomes the barrier of a thousand, adding then 1165 troops and growing during the last 4 years in a 51%, being additionally 12 fronts and creating your first mobile column. In the Government of Turbay Ayala this pool reaches the 1840 (58% of growth) combatants and wide to 15 the number of fronts. During the administration of Belisario Betancur and despite the process of peace that same impulse, the FARC are growing at an amazing rate, i.e. that of 1840 men passed to 5159 (180% increase) and distributed in 33 fronts. In the next four years this insurgent group focuses on the expansion of its presence at the national level, which does increase the number of fronts and having 6778 troops in 46. The national presence of the FARC in the Government of President Cesar Gaviria increases because they have 68 included fronts 9324 men and 7 mobile columns. This growth is accelerated during the quadrennium of Ernesto Samper, because by the end of this period 12545 combatants compose it being distributed in 99 fronts including 5 columns, 23 companies and a mobile block. The frustrated peace process ahead by the Andres Pastrana administration stimulus growth of this grouping because at the end of the year 2002 the FARC had 17000 men and 108 fronts included 29 Mobile columns and a new mobile block (8). The administration of Uribe Velez after eight years and through the implementation of the policy of democratic security forced this organization replegara strategically, which resulted in a high level of casualties and desertions and the inability to renew with the same ease his paintings of command and combat, moving towards the end of the year 2008 to 11000 mendisappearing 5 of their fronts to be dismantled by the armed forces, having been heavily beaten other 33 and losing 7 of their 20 mobile structures.