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Refrigerator! This yes was an invention that changed the world. What it would be of the modern world without the refrigerator? as was the world before the invention of it? I find that the world can be divided in before and after the refrigerator. But, if to think well, the refrigerator notion always existed. At each time it had its way, but it its skill each people had the refrigerator that it deserved. I, personally, find the refrigerator, the biggest invention of the man, superior until the discovery of the fire, much more important of what gone the moon, I only tie up to with the invention of the tungsten sphere, that is those small balls that are in the tip of the esferogrficas penxses, that many call Bic, and that they make the ink to leave in the accurate measure for if writing.

He thinks about as the writing with the tinteiros penxses, or the penalties was difficult Iiihhh The person had that to be a true artist. But, leaving of side the tungsten spheres, let us come back to the refrigerator, who will have soon plus its supervalued importance. Studious they say, and I do not doubt, that when the old Romans needed to keep some food that needed refrigeration, as milk, for example, normally they looked to the caves next to its domus (house in Latin). With passing of the time, them they had started to construct in its houses, spaces destined exclusively to this purpose, that is, cmodos special that were ice hollows that, in general, they were next to the bilges. With certainty, these hollows, nothing more were that enormous refrigerators, capable to store suppliments for the year all. The women, operosas owners of house and you practise, saw in this primitive model of very great refrigerator one empecilho, therefore if it could not change geladeirona of place and nor so little to wash the freezer with the garden hose or things thus.

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