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Posted by on Friday, 4 January, 2013

Ah! if it knew that in that night he would go to find something so wonderful, concerteza its vision, its commentary would have changed in relation the Carabas. As soon as he passed of the town of the Jibia, was twisting so that the driver for distraction or esquecimento passed of the delivery of Carabas and went up the mountain range most dangerous of the region: The mountain range of the mount of the Engano.Para its misfortune it entered the left where it had a plate in the high one with well visible letters: Either welcome the Carabas.At thought about being sleeping in the car, but its friends had soon pushed for are of the vehicle, making with that it was to tan the party. Perhaps the first thing that made was to go direct in the side of the barrage to make one prece or knows there what for Iemanj, the Queen of Waters. From there it Could see the Raft smells of fogos of artifices waiting the countdown to illuminate that so pretty Sky. When I was knowing that it was that way some minutes was thinking if it would not have placed a letter, or a ticket inside of a bottle (as happens in the films) and played inside of the similar barrage of that ' ' algum' ' it found it. But soon this reasoning was for water the low one, therefore it was impossible that it found, not to be that it was housed in the paused time and the wind or then in prainha of Anag.Ento because reason remained there? Which its mystery? It only stops unmasking this enigma. Already I made of everything to discover, but not to obtain to arrive at no necessary, convincing conclusion.

Already Marcelo

Posted by on Tuesday, 24 July, 2012

But the interest came exactly when they had been knowing of the treasure that was stolen of the dutches and that the coast to Recife was shipwrecked in the sea next. Francisco said that this treasure never was found, a time that had believed that the Spaniard had the led one even so, however a legend if had spread for the city of that the treasure if found in the deep one of the sea and that he was being watched for the tubares until the present. Francisco was proprietor of an industry of fishes, however the businesses were failing and walked worried half, since it believed that it would not obtain to leave the black phase that if found. Thiago was a person of good nature, demonstrated to be a good young man and always worried about the next one, he was dedicated and it nourished a special love for the father, always was worried about the businesses and for it the family was the thing most important. One of the things that more it marked its life was the loss of its mother has five years and that not yet it had surpassed. Already Marcelo, although twin identical, was completely different of the brother.

She was a person stingy endowed with a strange force, since it would be capable to vender its proper soul to obtain its objectives, and what more it valued in the life was the money and the corporeal properties. Thiago would be capable to pass over everything and of all, also of its father to reach its objectives. The brothers, never obtained to enter in an agreement, although the external appearance, its personalities were completely different. The industry of fishes called ' ' Fished Salgado' ' went of badly most worse, however what nobody wise person, was that Marcelo had made a desfalcation in the company, and whenever it could, put into motion unreported funds and the money was deposited in a bank in Switzerland, then what it really wise person was not that Rose, the secretary of the company, was along with all its imposture and one day started and to be chantageado by it, if compelling to keep it gold price, so that it was of closed mouth. Certain day, Thiago looked the brother and a society considered it. They had decided to make a diving course and had contracted a company specialized in diving in areas infested for tubares, to make a search in the sea to try to find the treasure and thus to save the company of the father. Marcelo accepted, however its plans were others, if they obtained to find the treasure, intended to be with the money all for itself. The divings had started without nobody knew, not to mainly cause alarm in the family and in the population. The searches had lasted years, until one day in one of the divings, Marcelo were attacked by a Tubaro and it almost died, however before being removed of the deep one of the sea, it perceived something that it seemed different, but due to the time that was in the hospital, finished if forgetting what it saw, abandoning the idea to dive again in those waters. The company of Francisco, ' ' Fished Salgado' ' termin