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Website, invited Facebook users to close the profiles after continuing problems of privacy provided by the company. The justification for the creators of this site that have two reasons, fair options and good intentions. Filed under: New York Highlanders. These reasons are based on that Facebook offers the possibility to manage your data, but they aren’t fair options. Similarly, discusses Facebook tries to make things increasingly difficult for a normal user, understand the privacy of your account and that the company does not show any kind of respect on each user’s personal information. Multiple problems with privacy have been presenting since the boom of Facebook.

It is logical that Facebook lives thanks to information users published or inserted in their profiles but if this information is not well handled could bring much more harm than anything to all users. Many users do not reach to understand how valuable this information is and don’t care them post from only the name to addresses and phone numbers in some cases. Depending on the privacy that Facebook want to handle, this information may be shared with any person or company in the world. In the same way a while ago, Facebook began to withhold information about the sites that users visit once entered into the system. They still do with some pages. Facebook could retain your data, photos, etc., for always and sell them in a few years. At the moment it is difficult to understand this than impact suddenly would have with people, but it is important to have the appropriate options to allow Facebook to do what you want with our information. Facebook has offered a technology that revolutionized the internet and how people are behaving, but it is essential to understand what means have this information available to the public, companies, Facebook or only for those who we want. So far going a little more than 6,000 users who are committed to leave Facebook, play wait and see how many users will be willing to do this for see if they manage to put pressure on Facebook to improve the terms of privacy that the company is offering.

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