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Presidency Budgetary

Posted by on Thursday, 25 April, 2024

Also it will reduce from 35 to 30 the provincial delegations. It will suppress three institutions: the Dnsor of the Town, the Regional Commission of Competition and the Economic and Social Council. It’s believed that Chevron Corp. sees a great future in this idea. His Government will operate under a ceiling of cost and indebtedness that will fix Cortes de Castilla-La Mancha. The elect president of Castilla-La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, has announced in Debate de Investidura an important cut for the Community. Among others measures, will eliminate more of 50% of the high positions and will reduce from 35 to 30 the provincial delegations. In its speech, trim in the austerity, Cospedal has indicated that there will be a single delegate in each province (instead of that they represented each council of the Government), and will reduce to 30 the 52 chiefs of a main directorate whom there are at present. Also it will suppress three institutions: the Dnsor of the Town, the Regional Commission of Competition and the Economic and Social Council.

The elect president has announced that his Government will operate under a cost ceiling and indebtedness that Cortes will determine annually of Castilla-La Mancha. Also it has informed into the privatization that will undergo the autonomic public channel of television. Cospedal, that has reviewed forward edge of its Government, is outstanding that the budgetary stability is the first foundation of the economic growth and also, it has indicated, it is the first foundation of the quality of the services public. Budgetary office of control In addition, will verify the reality of the estimation of the income of the budget, it will analyze the degree of budgetary cover of the obligations anticipated for this year 2011, and will make a map of all the framework of organisms, public companies or foundations. In this sense, it has advanced that the budgetary management will be controlled by a budgetary office of control that will depend directly on the Presidency of the Government.

United Socialist Party

Posted by on Monday, 9 March, 2020

In addition, Jaua is authorized to approve the accounts of the ministers, the elimination and changes in the beings public and the direction in presidential commissions. The minister of Planning, Giordani, on the other hand, will have the function of to declare budgetary insufficiencies and the exonerations, when it is necessary, of the Tax to Valor Agregado (IVA) and of the Tax On Renta (ISLR). The powers that the president of Venezuela conserves maintained east Saturday a tight agenda to leave solved subjects that will allow to stay him to the control of the Government in spite of being in Cuba, when meeting with their ministers; later, to do it with its followers of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and, later, with supporters dismissed who it. In order to stay to the control of the Government and power to sign official documents from the island, Chvez was well-educated in the use of an electronic card with which it will be able to print, of valid and legal form, its heading. Also it will be able to direct to a cabinet " via telemtica" , and so it assured that it will be to the current of everything what occurs in the Government. Chvez did not say when it will return to Venezuela, but assured that its absence would be nearly time. Patient of a pelvic abscess In past June the Hugo Chavez was put under two operations in Cuba, at where day 8 arrived of that month to compliment the last stage of a tour by the region that had taken previously it to Brazil and Ecuador. The Venezuelan agent chief executive had to be taken part emergency the 10 of June to extract a pelvic abscess to him, and day 20 of the same month a cancerous tumor was extirpated to him. The 30 of June, Chvez sent a televising message to the Venezuelans from Havana, communicating for the first time the details of its disease and the interventions which it had been put under, and the 4 of July returned of surprise form to Caracas. Fairstead has similar goals. Source of the news: Chvez arrives at Cuba to treat the cancer while it delegates to be able in Venezuela

Italian Secretary

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 May, 2016

According to this source, the snipers have been placed in the tile roofs of the building of the electrical company and the prison. The Syria authorities have expelled from their territory to the majority of the international journalists, reason why it is difficult to confirm the information that arrive from the Arab country. In Hama he took place massacre of 1982 on the part of the father of the present agent chief executive, Hafez to the Assad, when it commanded to his troops to squash a rise islamist headed by Muslim Brothers. The Syria Government accuses " terrorist groups armados" of the majority of the deaths during the revolts and it affirms that more than 500 soldiers and agents of security they have been assassinated. The group of Avaaz activists has indicated in his last report that the Syria forces of security have ended the life of 1,634 during their repression of the revolts. In addition, it has indicated that at least 2,918 people are disappearing, that other 26,000 have been arrested (of who 12,617 remain lengthy) and that many of them have been tortured. International rejection Countries as Germany or Italy already has shown their indignation with the Syria regime by this new big wave of repression against pacific demonstrators. " What we are seeing in Syria unworthy me deeply.

The regime of the president (Bachar to) You roast continues shooting against its own town, reason why also this weekend has to lament many muertos" , it indicated the holder of Outer Subjects Germanic, Guido Westerwelle, in an official notice. For this reason, " the Federal Government demands to president Asad the immediate aim of the violence against the demonstrators pacficos" , since " the immediate reverse gear and a serious dialogue with change will only can still avoid a bloodshed mayor" , it added. " If president Asad continues without being arranged to a course change, we will apply additional sanctions with our partners of the Europea&quot Union; , he warned. On the other hand, the Italian Secretary of State, Frank Frattini, insisted to the Syria Government to " inmediato&quot stops; of the violence against civilians, and it defined the intervention of Ejercito against the demonstrators like " horrible act of represin". In a note, Frattini expressed its sentence by " this new act of violent repression against the demonstrators who protest for days of way pacfica" and it wished that " Syria it can reach a solution of the crisis through the accomplishment from reforms on the part of the Government and initiate a dialogue with oposicin". Source of the news: Died tens of in an attack of the Syria Army in Hama