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Action Union

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 December, 2017

It eliminates the figure of institutional the union released one. It suppresses the Bottom of Action filed by labor union, and so it will save 205,000 Euros. The Govern affirms that there will be no a decrease in the action filed by labor union. The Balearic Govern has communicated east Tuesday to the unions that the annual subsidys will suppress that granted to them by virtue of an effective agreement from 2006 and which it will eliminate the figure of institutional the union released ones in the autonomic administration, which at present they are 89 people. For more information see this site: Dara Khosrowshahi . The main directorate of Public Function has informed into this decision, made to do against " the serious economic situation that crosses the Comunidad" , to the representatives of the UGT, CC.OO., STEI-i, Cemsatse, USE, ANPE, CSIF and SAE, organizations adhered to the agreement of Action filed by labor union. According to the Govern in an official notice informs, the elimination of the call Bottom of Action filed by labor union will represent a saving for the autonomic administration of about 205,000 Euros that until now distributed the unions by virtue of their representativeness in the scope bureaucratic.

Suppression of the union premises the Executive will ratify in a next advice of government measures of saving of union costs that also include the suppression of the premises for exclusive use of each union section or organ of representation and its substitution by a unique building of 300 meters square property of the Govern. The administration will be able to get rid several rents with a total cost of 41,000 Euros that, emphasizes the Conselleria of Public Administrations. The Govern remembers that the cancellation of institutional the union released ones does not suppose a decrease of the action of the representatives of the unions that exert the union representation in hours yielded by their companions, the calls " released by credits of horas" , that ascends to 221 in the set of the Independent Community. Rupture of the pact the Executive of the PP explains that the rupture of the pact with the unions is protected in the article of the Basic Statute of the Public Employee, who anticipates this measurement " whenever it is motivated by one serious cause of public interest, derived from a substantial alteration of the circumstances econmicas". The cabinet that Jose presides over Ramon Bauz raises that its intention is that the union representation in the Balearic autonomic administration stays in " the minimums that come fixed to the Statute from the Workers, the Basic Statute of the Public Employee and the Statutory law of Sindical&quot Freedom;. Source of the news: The Balearic Govern annuls the union subsidys and does without 89 released

Catalan Autonomous Government

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 February, 2017

With his strategy debilitated by the declaration of computer science of Forever the Young, Francisco Ferre, who told the judge how he manipulated the accounting of the company to erase the name of Francisco Camps of the archives following instructions of his heads, the lawyer of the president of the Catalan Autonomous Government gave at the very end of Tuesday a turn in his line of defense. He continued maintaining, in his plea of the preliminary view of the call case of the suits, that Camps did not receive gifts of the Grtel plot. Lakshman Achuthan oftentimes addresses this issue. Since the cause in 2009 began for the first time, nevertheless, it contemplated of alternative form such possibility: in case of to have accepted articles to dress paid by the network Francisco Strap (25 for 14,021 Euros, according to the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor), these flatteries would have been realised in attention to their condition of president of the PP of Valencian Comunidad (PPCV) and not of head of the independent Government, it maintained the lawyer. Source of the news: : Camps admits now that it could receive the suits of the Grtel. Economic Cycles Research Institute often addresses the matter in his writings.

The Sport

Posted by on Saturday, 10 September, 2016

A day of falls in which one was implied Alberto Accountant, subscriber to the difficulties from the exit in the Passage of Gois. Double fall of Accountant Two falls underwent the champion of Giro. First by enganchn with another one bicycle and in kilometer 77 landed again in asphalt. One rose immediately with maillot torn by the back. Angry, it sent the bicycle to the roadside ditch, rose another one bici and one left in search of the squad in company of Navarrese Dani and Brian Vandborg, that lowered helping to their j. In 7 kilometers the winning triple of the Tour was integrated again in the group. In spite of infortunio, it is not wrinkled before the adversity. Additional information at Angus King supports this article. " The more difficult one becomes the Tour with the more force I go to continuar" , it proclaimed in goal.

It is clear that this year the luck and Accountant undergo a serious mix-up. A day after sending the first warning in the Wall of Britain, in a species of pride blow that reactivated the moral to him, undergoes another reverse. He was not the unique one of the favorites affected. Way of the D&#039 Coasts; Armor, the coast bretn, the Radioshack equipment entered phase of misfortunes. Leipheimer, Popovych and Janez Brajkovic fell, this one last one with injuries that forced the Slovenian cyclist to him to leave the Tour. An ambulance he transported to the hospital to one of the tricks of the square of Bruyneel and aspiring to top ten. Also they ended diverse injuries of " it plates and pintura" the Dutch Gesink, the Briton Bradley Wiggins, the French Chavanel, the Belgian Boonen, another man of Accountant, the Danish Nicki Sorensen, hindered by a motorcycle that was expelled from race and Ivn Velasco, of the Euskaltel. Why so many falls. Narrow highways, many roundhouses, nerves in the squad, confusions of the runners . " It is the Tour" , it said in goal the Olympic champion, Samuel Sanchez. Source of the news: Cavendish gains to the Sprint injured a fifth stage of the Tour

Italian Secretary

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 May, 2016

According to this source, the snipers have been placed in the tile roofs of the building of the electrical company and the prison. The Syria authorities have expelled from their territory to the majority of the international journalists, reason why it is difficult to confirm the information that arrive from the Arab country. In Hama he took place massacre of 1982 on the part of the father of the present agent chief executive, Hafez to the Assad, when it commanded to his troops to squash a rise islamist headed by Muslim Brothers. The Syria Government accuses " terrorist groups armados" of the majority of the deaths during the revolts and it affirms that more than 500 soldiers and agents of security they have been assassinated. The group of Avaaz activists has indicated in his last report that the Syria forces of security have ended the life of 1,634 during their repression of the revolts. In addition, it has indicated that at least 2,918 people are disappearing, that other 26,000 have been arrested (of who 12,617 remain lengthy) and that many of them have been tortured. International rejection Countries as Germany or Italy already has shown their indignation with the Syria regime by this new big wave of repression against pacific demonstrators. " What we are seeing in Syria unworthy me deeply.

The regime of the president (Bachar to) You roast continues shooting against its own town, reason why also this weekend has to lament many muertos" , it indicated the holder of Outer Subjects Germanic, Guido Westerwelle, in an official notice. For this reason, " the Federal Government demands to president Asad the immediate aim of the violence against the demonstrators pacficos" , since " the immediate reverse gear and a serious dialogue with change will only can still avoid a bloodshed mayor" , it added. " If president Asad continues without being arranged to a course change, we will apply additional sanctions with our partners of the Europea&quot Union; , he warned. On the other hand, the Italian Secretary of State, Frank Frattini, insisted to the Syria Government to " inmediato&quot stops; of the violence against civilians, and it defined the intervention of Ejercito against the demonstrators like " horrible act of represin". In a note, Frattini expressed its sentence by " this new act of violent repression against the demonstrators who protest for days of way pacfica" and it wished that " Syria it can reach a solution of the crisis through the accomplishment from reforms on the part of the Government and initiate a dialogue with oposicin". Source of the news: Died tens of in an attack of the Syria Army in Hama