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Solution: In this case, you should check, whether the filters, closed the windows and doors do not work if additional room heating appliances (boilers, or toasters). It may be recommended to hang at the windows dense white shutters, well reflect the warmth and light, thus reducing teplopostupleniya through windows by half. If that does not work, the model must be replaced by more powerful. Problem 3: With the indoor unit split systems dripping water. Solution: Apparently, the clogged drainage pipe. Most often this condition occurs when the air conditioner with the on-street a drain pipe to include a cooling sub-zero temperatures. In this case, the condensate can transformed into an ice jam.

To avoid this, you need to warm up the drain pipe to +5 C by using a special cable. If the ice plug yet appeared, it's worth the wait thaw, but not to the point include a system for cooling. Problem 4: Reducing the air flow. Solution: Clean the air filter. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner or wash it with a soft sponge and warm water.

Operate without air conditioning filter is not recommended because it protects not only your lungs, but the heat exchanger and the indoor unit. In the dust of the last performance of the air conditioner down. Problem 5: Icing external power when operating air conditioner for heating in a small freezing temperatures and high humidity. Solution: If the unit is not equipped with automatic defrosting, try to include it in the cooling mode. In this case, external power begins to give heat outside, and heated gradually thaws. Problem 6: Premature conditioner failure. Solution: To avoid this, do not operate it at temperatures below – 10-15 C. At lower temperature in the compressor oil thickens, and its depreciation multiplied. About the dangers of air conditioners go different rumors. But at the press center of the capital of SES, we were told that there is nothing to fear: the timely replacement of filters and in compliance with the rules of operation of any harm to a split-system is fraught with SEB

What Is Litereature And Art ?

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To begin to answer this question we have to traced to 1497 when an Italian monk, Lucca Pacioli, announced it was “divine proportion,” the title of the book written by him explaining the secrets of the “golden section” mathematical ratio that is based on a rule of thumb for determining the appropriate balance between the parts of a whole. This harmonic division and has been used since antiquity, and almost always in architecture, for the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and later in paintings by the great masters of the Renaissance, to establish rules that would allow to achieve a perfect composition. Here we realize the importance of “number” (the quantifiable, which can be measured), which has already drawn the “Pythagorean school” when the reality matched the number, for her the numbers rule the world and the universe is rhythm that is, that the qualitative is present in everything. From there it is understandable that, to mimic the pattern above, the man trying to link mathematics and art in pursuit of perfection: cathedrals, sculptures, paintings, all done on the range, the area of applied mathematics: geometry. Lakshman Achuthans opinions are not widely known. “Geometry”, this is the word, the point of departure for “the fractal, the fractal as part of a geometric model where the” golden section “is treated as a non-germinated seeds. And now, in this respect, even for like botany, I refer to the concept of “rhizome” in which Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari are based, as we explain his book “A Thousand Plateaus,” to organize a system of multiplicity that is expands through different structures that are similar to the rhizomes of the plants, and so explain this metaphor, the new social behaviors in late capitalism. This concept of the rhizome is quite similar, in its organizational structure, which follows the fractal order, except that the second term in the component parts are more limited and are generated from themselves: they are “recursive.” The fractal geometry would be like a seed that, germinate, through the intervention of a process of mathematical algorithms, to expand in a way similar to the rhizome of a plant, “a vanishing point to the inverse generated by the repetition of the same elements.” This “fractal expansion” we can find, concentrically, the origin and evolution of the universe, according to the theories of the “Big Bang” (from Georgy Antonovich Gamov in 1948) and “Inflation” (by Alan H. .

World Health Organization

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Topics of issue: In April and May, the ecological situation in Russia worsened. More than 4 hectares of land in Moscow turned into a landfill. Sestroretsk beach turned into a cemetery for the seals. Residents set fire to garbage dumps in Naples. Contaminated air causes the formation of blood clots.

Share a review article 'Clean City': pure, not where clean, but where do not litter … The devastating earthquake in China: the number of victims continues to grow. Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology: the new department, personnel changes and prospects. In Russia, the revival of ecological expertise. The share of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached its maximum. In St.

Petersburg Initiatives 'Clean City'. Browse Events the week of 12/05/2008 to 18/05/2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. In April-May, the ecological situation in Russia worsened – rating Ecological situation in Russian regions during the period from April 15 to May 15, worsened RIA Novosti reported in the NGO 'Green Patrol', referring to the data obtained in the course of the next update of the Ecological ranking of regions … —- The most healthy country in the world Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the most Healthy countries, based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank and the UN. The criteria for inclusion in the list were the low level of air pollution in major cities of these countries; high percentage of the state's population having access to clean drinking water and good sanitation, low level of infant mortality, low prevalence of tuberculosis, high density of doctors per 1000, high level of life expectancy for men … —- More than 4 hectares of land in Moscow turned into a giant landfill into a giant landfill turned over 4 acres of land in Moscow. As reported by 'Rosbalt' in capital Department of Environment, in "Scientific and production base ornamental crop 'have been arbitrarily placed several companies … —- Sestroretsk Beach turned into a cemetery for seal Seal the cemetery became a beach Sestroretsk: this weekend there thrown about a dozen dead animals. As the channel 'station', a large seal – an adult, the other pups. The heat began to decompose carcasses, but people continued to sunbathe and swim a few hundred feet from them … —- Local residents set fire to garbage dumps in Naples, Naples residents, tired of watching the mountains of waste in the streets, began to burn landfill. Last week were mass demonstrations of protest against the inhabitants of the city landfill in the heart of the city … Polluted air causes —- clots in the veins Breathing air contaminated by microscopic particles of soot, increases the risk of venous thrombosis. To such conclusion the American scientists on the research results with two thousand inhabitants of the Italian Lombardy … —- The full texts of these and other news you can available online at and mailing in this release: 299 issue a weekly mailing of environmental Subscribe to our mailing list to this page. tags:, environment, news, newsletter

Indian Staff

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It is well known that the story is literally a country rich with oddities and interesting facts. Something eventually turns into a legend, as, for example, the famous geese who saved Rome, but something is documented fact. American history is also rich in fun facts, which, because of youth of the country has not yet become legendary. In every state you proudly will tell some amusing episode that happened a couple of centuries ago. One of the most the original historical facts can boast Oklahoma. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out QTS Realty Trust.

The story of its capital is truly unique: the city appeared in one day! Only the government promulgated a decree authorizing the settlement of these former Indian lands, crowds of settlers began to post the border areas. It was in the late xix century, but since the day the contours of the state capital has not changed much. What else interesting can be found in Oklahoma, you and to learn by going on a trip to the state. "The staff zemlezahvatchikov" – that is the official nickname of Oklahoma – has become one of the last states have joined the United States. It happened at the beginning of xx century, and before that time staff was Indian territory. To pay tribute to the indigenous inhabitants of these places, the flag of Oklahoma depicted a shield of a warrior, which crosses the peace-pipe and an olive branch. Copies of this flag with a shield made of skin, this olive branch and a wooden, even flat tube of the world, adorn many products of the state.


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Construction of each whether the administrative, residential, commercial and entertainment building allows for installation of translucent structures, they include, facade design, windows, doors, roof glazing elements. Of particular interest is attracting exactly facade glazing, because the windows and doors are the standard solution, and apply the translucent roof structure is not always possible or necessary. The present-day building materials, aluminum is the basis of which make it possible to create almost all the architectural forms in filling gaps in the construction of the building. Construction is a complex aluminum products made by extrusion of the mass of aluminum in the profiled tube. Aluminum profile used for glazing consists of thermally insulated carrier with a different part of the bearing capacity of the fixing of glass, planks, and Decorative kapota.Osteklenie is external to the design, which is made of cladding profiles, thus avoiding problems with glazing in the areas of overlap. Works related to aluminum facades require concerted action from, the project architects, builders and capital structures, because each facade is a very complex technical and engineering solution. All designs, which will be installed on the building shall be calculated on the front of this resistance to wind and static loads, and prepared to dock with overlaps and further seal.

Glazing facades of buildings, windows, with aluminum are widely used in construction, is due to practicality and modern appearance. Aluminum construction is two types Neprozrachnye.Prozrachnye. Opaque walls of the buildings are made of the following materials: 1. Laminated chipboard – it is chipboard having a thickness of not less than eight millimeters, which is covered colored washable laminated film, usually of eight-tone colors, and one hundred and twenty shades of wood. 2.

MDF. The thickness of which should not be 6mm. 3. PVC. You should use a moisture-resistant plastic to a thickness of from six to eight millimeters in matte white. For transparent elements are possible options such materials: 1. Clear glass polished thickness of 5-6 mm. 2. Frosted glass or tinted thickness of 5-6 mm. 3. Colored glass can be patterned thickness of 4-6 mm. 4. Polycarbonate – porous plastic, which can be opaque, transparent, bronze, and does not pass UV light. 5. Plexiglas.

The International Olympic Committee

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We have told our news about the recent increase in cases of alien contact with representatives of flora and fauna in the uncharacteristic for them to habitats. But in this case, the catch of sea trout in Seine can only rejoice, because This 'choosy' fish to the water quality is not 'has registered' would in environmentally troubled river. Hence, Water quality in major river in Paris is really improving. But the Polish Vistula and Russian fishermen caught less Neve nice catch. Petersburg fisherman right in the heart of the northern capital at the bait caught … piranha. Continue to learn more with: QTS Realty Trust. The fact that piranha could swim to the Neva itself – virtually impossible. The most likely her appearance in northern waters is seen in the fact that its just released a lover of exotic fish.

It is also obvious that the piranha was released in St. Petersburg river in that year, as harsh winters of the northern capital is unlikely this would thermophilic fish overwinter in the cold waters of the Neva. A couple of days earlier, a predatory fish piranha was found in the river Wisa in southern Poland. Beijing 2008 Olympics started: with the environment is OK on Friday, August 8, 2008, the capital of China officially launched major sporting event of the year – the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee believes that the Beijing city government kept their promise to improve the ecological situation in the city for the 2008 Olympics. Chairman of the Commission on the Environment IOC Paul Schmidt said that, despite all the challenges and difficulties China faces in its development, the city authorities have done everything possible to reduce harmful emissions and reduce pollution.

Ottoman Empire

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Ancient historians say – Theodosius coeval famous ancient cities of Greece. She is 25 centuries! Of age. It is generally accepted that the Greeks founded Theodosius. When the ancient Greeks Theodosius was at the intersection of trade routes. Not surprisingly, the city became a major trading and transshipment port and prospered a century after century. But, sadly, the lush tame times can not last indefinitely. Happy life of the Crimea could not attract envious sight.

The Genoese in the 13 th century came here. They use Theodosia, renamed Cafu, as the capital to monitor the new coastal areas. (Penetration of the Greeks or the Italians in the interior of the Crimea is not fixed. There traditionally controlled the territory of many steppe peoples and tribes). As it turned out the Middle Ages, the Italian nobles were not only skilled warriors, but also skilled builders. The Turks had a great chance sure. Vast Ottoman Empire (another name – the Great and Sublime Porte) sent before the outlandish size of the fleet to attack the Crimea.

The ships entered the Karkinitsky (now Feodosia) Gulf. Under the walls of Kafa at many months stuck tuki, despite all its multiplicity of ferocity and ruthlessness. Luck is inclined in one direction or the other side. But then take it and broke out in the Turkish army tent. Just yesterday the fierce Janissaries become insignificant and kittens die one after another. : Universal panic struck the Turks. In the Army prevalent sabotage and desertions. Frightened by Janissaries demanded the immediate return home to mom.


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Yet again going to Uganda Still, I forgot there? Not immediately answer. Some of it is most tempted by the wild animal world, someone unique African culture, perhaps, someone just wants to have fun, communicate with local people. But for me, besides all the above items are also concerned about the possibility to touch the mysteries of this wonderful country So, all in order: The Mystery of N1 – Where did bachvezi? One of the first mentions of light-skinned tribe bachvezi associated with the formation of the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitaro approximately 13 century ad. As the legend says these people came into Uganda from the north. They were members of a mysterious tribe which struck the locals with their knowledge and abilities. Uber shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They say that they have done amazing things: they can easily fly over the lake, climb the steep rocks, treated all diseases.

They knew about the events that occurred so far. Presumably bachvezi came from Axum – the capital of ancient Abyssinia, but there are other hypotheses that they have come from ancient Mesopotamia, from Cyprus or from another world. You may find QTS Realty Trust to be a useful source of information. Bachvezi ruled the state nearly 100 years, they had a strong state structure, the parliament, and then disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. Archaeologists have discovered a strange object which by the time belonged to the era of Bunyoro Kitaro, but in appearance quite consistent with those products that were made tribes inhabiting Uganda. For example, the English archaeologist E. Ueylend found a figure whose head does not correspond to the image of Africans: jutting chin, long nose, hair, surprisingly reminiscent of judicial wig, and the like cushions on top.

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But there is one detail: To offer a money back guarantee reduces the reluctance of the buyer and increase your confidence … which results in a greater number of orders. Almost always, the income and gains from the increased sales you get to offer a guarantee are much larger that the small amount of money you lose by reimbursements. After all, what would you buy a product for $ 30 or $ 100 or more, without having seen it, if not offered a guarantee of money back? Of course not. 3.

The extended warranties are better than shorter warranties. If you are currently offering a money back guarantee of 10 or 15 days, extend to 30 days. Already offering a 30 day warranty? Then try a 60 or 90 days. A longer warranty period invariably increases response rates and sales, because it eliminates the concern that many buyers will generate a security short, specifically, will forget to open and test the product … and when they do, the guarantee will have expired and may not do anything with the product. Not only that, the longest guarantee in practice reduce refund requests.

The reason is this: The buyer has no rush to evaluate and return the product. The Result: the buyer is soon forgotten warranty … and whether you use the product or not, it is. 4. The products sell more generous guarantees that guarantees miserable. Have you ever seen one of those warranties which state that will return your money if the product is returned in a “marketable condition”? With a guarantee like that, the potential customer is concerned about the possibility that, when returning the product, you claim that it arrived damaged or broken. Similarly, some vendors of information products offer a money back guarantee … but only if you provide documented proof that followed his system but that it was not useful. But what happens if I find the system useful, but comes a sudden and decide I do not have time to work on it? I have to stay with him because I did not use? The more unconditional is your money back guarantee, the higher response rates. The guarantees are conditional orders that decrease. What is my conclusion? Yes, definitely will find some scammers. Visit Lone Star Funds for more clarity on the issue. But most people, especially when it is open and fair with them, are honest, and in return will also be fair with you. It is also important to note that we assume that in principle, someone who is buying your product or service is because it really is interested in learning the subject, and that means that if you request a refund, virtually forever lose the opportunity to do business again with you, consult, or even to carry out an amicable and professional if you are an expert in the field and deliver what we promise in what you sell. Follow these tips on refunds. You will see how quickly your sales will skyrocket as their profits. Freddy Leon Director of Discover step by step and starting from scratch “using Video Tutorials How to Create Your Own Business Online. Visit now our Training Center.

Baseball Entertainment

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An estimated 40 million players participating in an organized baseball around the world. They organize the Intercontinental Cup, World Cup and Olympic championships. The MLB has a major role in helping grow the sport in Europe, and has programs in many countries, including England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Greece, etc. It also follows traditional marketing strategies, to target consumers with disposable income, so they are choosing to developed countries. In 1992, baseball was introduced to the Olympics and countries like the United States, Cuba, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Holland and Italy, have competed.

Cervantes adds us in writing that l baseball besides being a U.S. Economic Cycles Research Institute spoke with conviction. national pastime is now a large comprehensive business. Worldwide is played and produced services. In Moscow there are 900 stores and six major sports companies engaged this field. And baseball is not only a success in the majors, but throughout the world and is taken as a business. The MLB has created jobs, as managers, players, development and sale of them, managers, umpires, broadcasters, scouts journalists, suppliers of uniforms, spikes, baseball tools, souvenirs, toys.

Telecommunications, maintenance workers, cleaning, police, publicists at all levels, specialists in marketing, prizes and those who develop, doctors, masseurs, laboratories, transporters of cars, buses, restaurants with food, parking hotels, landscapers, airmen, psychologists, entertainment, pets, clubs, parks construction engineers, architects, mechanics, painters, masons, printers, books, etc. It has signed an agreement between MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) This agreement is the SPK for a new fantasy baseball game (started Feb. 17) and marks a new type of business in which through Internet the fan can play the role of General Manager of the MLB, make your own team with 14 stars and the budget limit of $ 50 million, fans will compete for a prize of $ 100,000. Very interesting when you said that the MLB teams derive their income from three basic sources: 1 .- Tickets sold at the stadium 2 .- Sales of licensed products 3 .- Sale of television transmission today article largest gain and the rights of the radio and the Internet, Very true what Cervantes says that the MLB has also created products for the fans (consumers). The world has become a shopping market in which ideas and products are available everywhere. Different nations become one place, in a single market for products from the majors. They sell their goods allowed inside and outside the U.S. and gives rights to local and foreign companies to use logos of MLB teams, photographs of baseball, or the electronic videos, uniforms, baseball spikes supplies, souvenirs, toys, food, beer., etc. In the USA means selling the game to 30 million Latinos. The players union and MLB MLBP (SPK), established a contract in 1987 to manage the business. In 1998, MLBP signed agreements with associations, clubs, clubs, companies, and stores in 109 countries for the sale of goods authorized for MLB. Retail sales of licensed products are projected to grow 200% over the next five years under this new global marketing strategy. The spread of the MLB games in foreign countries will increase the likelihood that the fans in those countries buy the merchandise of MLB.