The Concepts

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This allows to contribute suitable and right ideas them and to recreate the concepts from its meaning. the logo and isotipo are the graphical identity of a company; its face, its appearance, and largely, its personality. They generally comprise of a graphical system, that as a whole works reaffirming and maintaining the integrity of the mark and its elements visual, which contributes to a major and faster recognition on the part of the public and of the consumers. At the time of dressing a product triggers a sequence of decisions that take to the final image: broad bottle or? box or stock market? pote or pomo? on or case? it labels surrounding frontal or? opaque or it is transparent? Many answers are going to be given by the typology of the product, others by the functionality of the package and some by incidence of costs. Once decided the base, the process of the graphical design begins, and a new sequence of decisions is triggered.

a form valuable to improve the performance of the communication is the interactivity. The interactive multimedia is funny, practical, direct, didactic and extremely novel a form to arrive at a potential client. It allows to incorporate animation, video, locution, effects, virtual reality, and an enormous amount of resources that improve and enrich the message that is wanted to transmit. The graphical design is a great tool and is within reach of whatever it requires of his services. For more information on the matter, we recommended to you to visit professional schools or graphical design original Author and source of the article

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