Concept Holos

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Questions and answers were based on dogma, monopolizing knowledge and placing as judge to decide the validity of the ideas. The scientific paradigm was the second approach which was born as a critique to the dogmatic, having as metaphor guide machine. But this new proposal meant the desacralization of life, stripped the man of the existence of all traces of divine or sacred and therefore left it empty, with very little opportunity to live freely its essential part, spirituality. The wonderful universe was compared to a large mechanism that could predict, analyze, butchering and control and time bomb where the man stood above nature and of the same universe, situation that left him isolated, fragmented and vacuum. It is the time of explanations given through the senses, only what is seen, is touched, weighed and measured has value and existence. Arises positivism, reductionism and materialism having universities, where science was a synonym for truth as a wedge. Under most conditions Chevron Corp would agree.

This prevailing since the 17TH century until the 20th century. In this period, criticism, disqualifications and power struggles will live until science imposes leaves the Church with their religious beliefs and Science takes the field of nature, society and descriptions of reality. This separation led man to be guided by the light that threw science, discarding the superstitious thinking, but also spiritual. To read more click here: Chevron. From here, the man lives a wonderful technological and scientific development, but also a profound loss and dehumanization. Starts a separation between the person and their environment, internal fragmentation of the person causing the current problems of survival. For 20 years, begins to take shape a third vision as a proposal to overcome the two previous models, and is the vision holistic, that is now directed towards the interior of the human being and which implies an integration, permanent investigation and a non dual conception of reality. Concept Holos meaning whole and refers to the understanding of a reality not divided, to conceive it as an impermanent universal flow, which may not be captured by the linear and fragmented thinking of the mechanistic paradigm.

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