The Concept

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From the current absence of true hope out we have us a licence hope built, a model that is based on that we are helpless beings and we are in an unjust situation in which we rely on rescue by a higher instance of authoritarian and on which we wait unaffected by actual reality and hope. “Here is equivalent to the concept of hope” the statement I find myself in a situation for which I can’t do anything and from which even without strange Help will not come out. I am and remain passive, because I can help me stop myself, and I hope now just still waiting for that miracle, which freed me out of this awkward situation”. I deny a so my personal responsibility for the situation that I’m in the, as well as my own responsibility that needed to do, what situation is only enables a change of mine. And finally, to release me from my responsibility, I pass my own responsibility of an authority that exists outside and far away from me.

I am connected, now with the genuine hope in me and in the divine presence so I am fully aware of my own responsibility, and I’m also not helpless, but quite able and willing, things to do that are necessary in order to enable a conversion. And I have the confidence, that things are good as they are, that they have their sense and that they generally slightly positive for stand by me. This inner instance hope allows me to connect to my knowledge, that the divine in all, eternally present, that is the divine in me and I in turn in the divine. I become so worn from a surge of confidence and certainty and understanding that I need to change anything or do, but have the freedom and the power and the potential to change it, to do what I want to do and change. Hope is absolute certainty that everything is already good. And just not the wallowing in the uncertain maybe, which makes us dream of future potential goodness.

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