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You must avoid remain dependent on imports that significantly affect the productive sector, promote commercial dependence, alliances which can seriously impair the national commercial activity. Companies, they must also give step to new trends in markets that include the effective use of Internet, technology that has changed radically and in a meaningful way the role of marketing, helping many in the penetration of new markets, satisfying the needs of consumers, in the restructuring of the new planning of markets that invites you to evaluate differently than the traditional which has represented the 4 p, as well as the product life cycle. You should consider the role of environmental marketing, marketing one by one, in addition to everything related to the satisfaction of the consumer and the tools that this has originated, in order to give life to strategies, actions, plans that favor him, as for example, everything concerning neuromarketing, purchase behavior, needs, among others. The Manager of marketing in the Venezuelan scenario requires another profile that it counteracts the traditional, needs of an entrepreneur, visionary, innovative, creative professional, with the endorsement of the modern knowledge which have been derived from the new trends of markets; a professional who knows how to take advantage of opportunities, the new opening to foreign trade policy, brought about by the current Government of the so-called Bolivarian revolution presents, where there are many who should know evaluate, analyze their scope and impact, as well as the role of competitiveness, which can successfully collaborate know you interpret in the development of enterprises that participate in this opening. New trends in marketing, also forced to restructure the Department of markets in order to plan your SIM (market information systems) taking advantage of what Internet brings and create a favorable data bank that allows you to make effective decisions, delve into the needs and behavior of the current consumer. Improve the management quality of service, appearance that leaves much to say in the current culture of the Venezuelan company, this being a great weakness and that has much disadvantage to the management of markets, as well as everything related to the logistics of distribution that requires and demands radical changes. You must once and for all, the marketing management more identified with his role and promote actions that will allow the company to play a role that not only encourage you in its operation, development and survival, but guarantee actions, strategies with favourable competitive advantages that are derived from the behavior of the markets, their demands, performances by other companies. Original author and source of the article..

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