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The Consciousness

Posted by on Saturday, 6 November, 2021

And this for the simple reason out, because this awareness is their own, that it is immortal, indivisible unit, which in a unendlichen stream of creative creative is always self configuring learn wants to know. This awareness has a continual impulse to unfold and without to evaluate the mother, is the self awareness to enjoy. The life formula you mean consciousness = joy. Learn more about this with Gale Harold. This development is open to all sides and richtungen and cascades down from the innumerable centres of the universe to infinity. Everything, what thereby born,. erschaffen, aware, is self awareness, and it includes equal to valuable information and experience that is in itself always positively conducive to the consciousness.

This awareness in the light and the darkness, in regions of experience of love and the absence of love moves from absolute creative freedom, to form, in all imaginable ways creatively. And without giving more to tilt the one or the other, this awareness is at the same time and equally aware everything. And in the becoming and passing of the experienced, it happens that it finds itself as an Abgespaltetsein of the whole. This is a temporary or even only apparent unconscious, a forgetting of self consciousness, a perceptual effect, which makes the awareness is still connected to the unit, that it is an individual consciousness. Because we perceive then us as independent, detached from the creator, while we maintain our even so much us Existenz alienate that we no longer identify with the seemingly split consciousness, but only with what forms this consciousness, designed, experienced and is experiencing. We perceive us then not more than awareness, which has schopfeRische quality, and get to know us as creation, one of us is what victims outside existing authority. This seemingly severed part of the consciousness, which obviously excursion into the dark realms of unconsciousness is a short, is on the road so only on behalf of the infinite consciousness, this perception to be temporarily separated, to collect his distanced, individual experience of the whole.


Posted by on Tuesday, 27 October, 2020

We take more drugs so from now on, work longer and more intense, train longer and more often, or find ourselves gewissermassen trapped in ever-lengthening and lingering time ABschnitten in the dream land of imagination, the Internet or television. In the first time, applied replacement fabric also acts as was previously required. In the form that we disconnect us by application of the same by our emotional contact our neediness and us thus the whole process of the VerdranGung, appears as a solution as being caused by pain and suffering. In the course of the development of addiction, which is now accompanied by a constantly anwachsendes suffering arises the need for strong and not much later, the urgent need for change. Many writers such as Vadim Belyaev, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. And already this change only with the actual Troubleshooting the UrsChe to achieve what in this case as a solution just yet not apply, which includes not take the unconditional renunciation of the substitute.

In the natural”addiction history are but you can already sagen in a file of the creative creation” sought constantly for other ways of change, because the obviousness of the renunciation having due to increasing dulling of Sensibilitat as not real is considered relevant. The change consists in General especially in vary, replacing the type of addiction and in controlling the amount and frequency of use. Here is clearly to realize that although the urgency and efforts to change is not to deny, but in no way the cause of all is changed. But only a Manipulieren of symptoms and thus influence the cause is invited by changing the effect. This test is similar to a competitor who starts the race at the finish and start direction runs without wanting to see, that this is unacceptable and keinesfalls leads to the desired destination. Instead of the addiction as such to look at and than to admit State, is attempting by affecting the addict behavior almost backwards a positive influence on the addiction, which is cause to take.

The Human

Posted by on Friday, 24 August, 2018

Public opinion is an assessment by the selected opinion completed cognitive and social processes of opinion formation targeting future decisions and actions aimed at these objectives. Preferences of decision makers and affected decision of strategic objectives, decision for a certain way and the related efforts enter or exit a social relationship decision to change social relations with inharenter change in future decision-making situations. Social dynamics contact, recess, break with other decision-makers with formation of a dyad or group. Contacts, acceptance of an offer, closing a contract, entry or exit from a relationship of cooperation future decision-making procedures establishing organizations laying down procedures to decision-making Vitalistic viewing human decisions are often unconscious and instinct-like automated. A man meets typically think about thousands of decisions every day without long, are often done in fractions of a second. In the scientific analysis of the decision-making process proves mostly multi-level. Basically, the behavior of the people due to a sequence of decisions in fractions of a second or minutes apart.

He can consciously or unconsciously, immediately or in the form of a lengthy process of weighing cases, you can have activity or passivity resulted, can correct ‘ or false ‘ be assessed pattern (such as I leave a mediocre party or I’m staying yet?). As an alternative, can the brain think in contrasts only use information that have been learned and stored in the store. In addition the influence of numerous unconscious factors (moods, body condition, experiences of friends Internet). Every single decision can be considered a balancing process in the neural networks of the brain. The weight”of the arguments (on the neuro-scientific level) carried out biochemical or bio-electric operations.

“On the psychological level, Antonio R. Damasio has proved that the human person is a each concept and each memory kind of emotional marker” maps. As a result he knows such as always, what drink, what kind of music or what other people he may or not may at which memory, he made a pleasant or unpleasant experience, whether in a Like to trip on the mountain or in the Museum or in the tavern.