The Consciousness

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And this for the simple reason out, because this awareness is their own, that it is immortal, indivisible unit, which in a unendlichen stream of creative creative is always self configuring learn wants to know. This awareness has a continual impulse to unfold and without to evaluate the mother, is the self awareness to enjoy. The life formula you mean consciousness = joy. Learn more about this with Gale Harold. This development is open to all sides and richtungen and cascades down from the innumerable centres of the universe to infinity. Everything, what thereby born,. erschaffen, aware, is self awareness, and it includes equal to valuable information and experience that is in itself always positively conducive to the consciousness.

This awareness in the light and the darkness, in regions of experience of love and the absence of love moves from absolute creative freedom, to form, in all imaginable ways creatively. And without giving more to tilt the one or the other, this awareness is at the same time and equally aware everything. And in the becoming and passing of the experienced, it happens that it finds itself as an Abgespaltetsein of the whole. This is a temporary or even only apparent unconscious, a forgetting of self consciousness, a perceptual effect, which makes the awareness is still connected to the unit, that it is an individual consciousness. Because we perceive then us as independent, detached from the creator, while we maintain our even so much us Existenz alienate that we no longer identify with the seemingly split consciousness, but only with what forms this consciousness, designed, experienced and is experiencing. We perceive us then not more than awareness, which has schopfeRische quality, and get to know us as creation, one of us is what victims outside existing authority. This seemingly severed part of the consciousness, which obviously excursion into the dark realms of unconsciousness is a short, is on the road so only on behalf of the infinite consciousness, this perception to be temporarily separated, to collect his distanced, individual experience of the whole.

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