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Posted by on Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

The current society meets in total disharmony, in a process of social chaos and litigations before the necessary inclusions so that it can become more joust and igualitria. We cannot work on the basis of what not yet we have, but have that basing in them on the necessity to disnaturalize concepts taxes for the society, therefore, the ethics and the moral, as well as the liberty of speech, must be related to the Human Rights so that the same ones are applied. In synthesis, we can say that: Ha a disregard to the human rights and a uselessness of the equality concept that the same idealizes. Men and women are beings, that, as the proper Evolucionista Theory says is evolving! This is inevitable and necessary, as much for the man how much for the woman, either in the psychological or social area mainly for the women, who are in the way of ‘ ‘ igualdade’ ‘ of sort. The existing divergences can be related to the capitalism, but as? The capitalism has for objective the monetary rotation in favor of the form system individualist, thus creating social classes, the division of the capitalism is made in phases, that in some countries are in the first phases, and in others they are more advanced. Then we can observe that ha intense inaquality of parents for the other, no matter how hard the system is the same. Then this becomes the different world in all the aspects, has different countries, that inside we have different states, different cities and most complex of if dealing: different human beings, with different points of view, personalities, attitudes and opinions that portray the context where it find.

Through this everything if can say that, the equality can inside yes be utopian of the capitalism (in a general vision), still more if treating to sorts. A solution would start for the proper man, so that if it reaches its society, its city, its state, its parents, the continent and thus the world, with an idea of evolution in fraternais aspects and solidarity with changes for all so that if one day arrives at a equalization of application of the human rights, as much for men as for the women. No matter how hard let us evolve, so that the true changes occur, still we need to perceive that the world will only be a good place of living, when to understand that we are not alone. It is important to know to coexist and for this, to respect the differences.

Federal University

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

We have that to evaluate the people not for the color of its skin, but yes for the content of its character. With the system of quotas the academic merit is in second plain. ‘ ‘ Cor’ ‘ ‘ ‘ raa’ ‘ it does not justify potential and intellectual capacity. 5. The fact to exist an enormous contingent of poor blacks in Brazil results of historical circumstances, of a predisposition of the whites not to hinder the social ascension black them in the society – as already it was the case of the United States and the South Africa. 6. To separate the Brazilians and to define rights on the basis of ‘ ‘ raa’ ‘ it is a scientific nonsense.

In accordance with the geneticista Maria Ctira Bortolini, of the Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul, ‘ ‘ the genes that determine the color of the skin of a person are a lowermost part of the human genetic set only six of almost the 30,000 that possumos.’ ‘ In partnership with the geneticista miner Sergio Penalty, Ctira Maria is author of a recent study that sample that the Brazilian blacks on the part of father on average have more European genes of what African. Therefore, to identify who is white or not-white, black or not-black in Brazil are very dangerous; this can provoke an unjust and discriminatory judgment. 7. The quotas are going to stop at the hands of the black elite, who had the same chances that many not-blacks, what she characterizes a privilege to these people. ARGUMENTS CAPABLE TO BASE EACH POSITION In favor of the system of quotas necessary Brazil to adopt quotas to advance in the construction of the equality of rights, relatively to its some etnias. This system also is necessary to raise auto-esteem of the people afro-Brazilian, reflected in the right to the education, the health and the leisure.