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Solar Water Heaters

Posted by on Tuesday, 1 October, 2019

What kind of maintenance you need a solar heater? This type of solar water heaters do not have any mechanical or electrical operation, which makes equipment with minimal maintenance. Maintenance consists basically of two cosas.1. Clean evacuated tubes at least twice a year with a soft cloth dampened with white vinegar. This cleaning is done in the morning or afternoon in February. Change magnesium rod which includes the computer every two years. What happens if you break an evacuated tube? If a tube is broken, this should be replaced with another. The kit includes a plug that is placed in the water heater to work while replacing the damaged pipe.

What size equipment do I need? In Mexico it is considered an average of 40 liters of hot water per person per day, so we must multiply this number of gallons by the number of people living in the house where we installed the equipment and the recommended size. the best selling computers in the domestic market, have capacity between one hundred and two hundred liters. Can you have installed solar water heater only without conventional backup system (boiler)? If you can, given the weather conditions of the Mexican Republic and the high rates available in the country. The solar heater cover more than 85% of hot water demand in the year to ensure 100% consumption is recommended as backing a conventional boiler. Is amending the plumbing of the house where the heater is installed solar? The installation is indoors does not change at all, will have solar-heated water at those points where normally have. The only points where the hydraulic changes are out of hot water boiler (if you have one) and the mains cold water tank is large (gravity systems).

Does the solar water heater works in winter? This type of solar water heaters, if they work in the winter and do not require extras to operate safely. The temperature of hot water delivered is 50 C, approximately around the country. Does the solar water heater works on cloudy days? Depending on the intensity and the period of cloudy water equipment delivered hot to cold. If the cloud is partial and lasts a few hours will have hot water, but if the cloud is severe and lasts several days, will warm to cold water. What is the proper guidance? In Mexico the equipment installed on the roof facing south geographic deviations of plus or minus 20 to the east or west are eligible. The average angle is 20 . What is the lifetime of the solar heater? This type of equipment has a useful life of more than 15 years.


Posted by on Wednesday, 31 October, 2018

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