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Posted by on Wednesday, 31 October, 2018

A crucial aspect for achieving big goals is to think in time that will take us, when we look at this situation from a logical point of view and perspective of the conscious mind then the road seems unattainable or too long, say someone wants to accumulate a million dollars, if in the last year alone he managed to save $1000reasoning will say, well in a year is equivalent to $1000, to reach the million then dealing with thousand years, but that doesn’t work that way, even from the logic it is known that it is possible to make changes to speed up the process, however the power of a limiting belief can direct that way. A factor that influences for achieving our objectives is our own perception of the facts, the faith and conviction of what we are undertaking, of home this just vague ideas are, IE is more optimistic that a State, but to the extent that we go along then single information is transformed into energy, which is crucial to achieve any objective, in the book by modifying our beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar system will find the way in which your conscious mind must work to accumulate high levels of energy, in this book you will find great strategies for the conscious connection with the infinite power of the subconscious mind, will clear slowly and systematically and continuously limiting ideas which have it tied shortly. We see that the change of inner perception is very important to move forward, it is more if we had a highly developed faith things may occur instantly, this normally we call it as miracles and you’re in the ability to perform them, of course that this situation is not easy to run, usually is required long trial to overcome our limitations and access to power more efficiently. Then comes the second important strategy and is closely linked with the first and is the attention that we pay to our goal, it is interesting to note that all persons have exactly the same initial energy, regardless of condition have born, when we see marked differences, why is only one, on which we have focused activities, it is true that there may be some favorable conditions for some, but that is not justification for not achieving any goal by big to be. In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find many techniques to make optimum use of the senses, will condesar your mental set in a solid manner so that your conscious desires can be fulfilled, more compact is the mental set powered by the senses then the time of materialization will come much more quickly. If you work in something you will always have some type of retribution, the universe is perfection and always returns what we sow, for higher yields obviously think that it is necessary to sow more and so it works, so if you have high aspirations also should give the best, think big and work on large, doing so She is ensuring excellent results. Remember that everything has a cause and an effect, you must fight to make the realization of its goals the gorgeous effect of what you planted, here is where the time is vital, as Steve Alpizar tells us even making a correct use of the techniques always is needed a little patience because the state change will taking some time, but once it is reached, everything flows dramatically. original author and source of the article..

Inflationary Pressures

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

The recession will “continue to significantly rising inflationary pressures in the world and Mexico, which is a growing cause for concern. ” Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, governor of the Bank of Mexico said a few days later: “There are still inflationary pressures in the pipeline, and that could continue up the prices of processed foods, however, that since there is a stability in the price of grain.” Inflation worries Mexico and a possible economic slowdown … But there is another issue which also worries and is related to energy reform. Read more here: Jim Rogers. PEMEX reform is at the center of much debate in Mexico. State oil is of great importance for the Mexican economy, given the magnitude of income generated and are intended for public spending in sensitive areas like education, security and social policies.

The first quarter of this year, the contribution of the national treasury Mexican PEMEX represented 45% of total revenue. The truth is that beyond the increase in the contribution to the tax that makes Pemex income sources of oil are in jeopardy. Oil production is falling and proven reserves have declined significantly in recent years. PEMEX Production peaked in 2004 and since then began to decline steadily. Oil production fell 13% in 2006. In 2007 oil production fell 5.3%, and in the first quarter of this year, oil production in Mexico registered a fall of 7.8% in annual terms. But more worrying is that between 2000 and 2007 proven oil reserves in Mexico fell by 54% (this according to the Statistical Yearbook PEMEX).

And while the price of oil continues to break barriers (and exceeded that of U.S. $ 130 a barrel), Mexico is losing a great opportunity. Lack of investment by poor Mexican government policy behind this result. But it is still time to reverse history. Although it takes large amounts of capital to invest, which should resolve the Mexican people is how they seek to obtain the volume of investment. Mexico is not the only case that exists in the region countries that are missing a historic moment for growth. Argentina and so is the same I’m going to talk tomorrow, discussing the main conclusions of the seminar which takes place today at the Sheraton in Buenos Aires, where leading economists debate the prospects for Argentina’s economy.