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The Sun

Posted by on Thursday, 9 March, 2017

This conversion was with very rightness and property called for the Church Catholic of transubstanciao cn. People such as Angus King would likely agree. 2. Clarification: Joo XXIII was elect Pope in 1958, succeeding Pious one XI, and, therefore, he did not participate of Conclio de Constana in 1414, and yes Joo XXII. Communion in a species For questions of zeal and care the Church decided to manage to the fidiciary offices the communion only in a species, abstaining them, usually, of the one it wine, granting to them only under the species it bread. Ademais, this does not mean that they are private of the Santssimo Blood de Christ, therefore, it does not have body without blood, and therefore, who comunga the hstia, comunga also Blood, Soul and Deity of Christ, that is, comunga-O all entire, as it teaches the Igreja Saint well. The symbol of the Sun ' ' When at the time of the party of Corpus Christi, ' ' Santssimo Sacramento' ' the sun is taken to the streets in procession inside of a patena of gold representing. In this, an instant can be evidenced analogy with the heathen religions of antiguidade.' ' As well as the Church it converted heathen Rome Christian Rome (Catholic understands itself), also an icon of the symbolism is the symbol of the Sun Catholic. Christ is ' ' The Sun of Justia' ' , that it will judge and condemn the pecadores and it will premiar the right ones, thus, also the Church, for teaching the Doctrine of Christ, is the Light of the World, to that takes off the man of the blackout of the sin and it makes it target as the snow, converting it the Light (Doctrine) of Christ. In the same way that without the sun all the life land is extinct, everything dies, thus also the man without the Doctrine of Christ is extinct, therefore, delivers the World to it, to the Demon and the Meat, and, consequently, it is led to the sin, and fatally is condemned to the Hell, having lost the Perpetual Life.

UMBANDA Religion

Posted by on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013

Many had arrived next to part of the knowledge of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ others had passed far to the true intention of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ but all had undeniably been strengthenn to give to its contribution the religion. The Umbanda if firm as a charismatic, tolerant, loving religion and as a mother divine always made use to receive us, therefore the deities of God, Sacred the Orixs, know that we are divine flashes and as a shoal of fish that if lost of its group, we are wanting to return to our Genitor The holy ghost, but to return already awaken in conscience to be a part of the exteriorizao of it and represents it with faith love and life. The Umbanda, It yes victim of as many preconceptions of its sisters who are the flowing religions Christian and of it, follows a bigger order of the Christ Jesus who is ‘ ‘ You love you ones to the others as I you amei’ ‘. But the Umbanda in front follows growing and if multiplying, and follows walking with slow, but firm steps as of Black color-Old that exactly suffering to the captive and the preconception, ahead followed pardoning and perseverando with its immense tolerance, wisdom, faith, love and resignation. The Umbanda is of what I can synthecize in a paper, is not much more that all the preconception that it suffers, and as religion It has the basic one that it is the respect for all the forms of cultuar the God. That they come all, therefore Religion of Umbanda this opening to that they want to find of natural form the link of its lost chain.